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Daryou a Series Theme Mechanical Keyboard Is Coming

Even pure love

With the highest technology

Even strong performance

To every player

——Dalyou a series peripheral equipment

Dalyou a series peripheral equipment

The technology inheritance, tens of thousands of fine adjustments and excellent high-level game performance are all condensed in daryou a series E-sports peripherals.

Dalyou a series peripheral equipment is only for every player who pursues the ultimate game enjoyment and even the pure and true peak work.

Dalyou a series mechanical keyboard

Dalyou a840 mechanical keyboard full key position 104key key position layout and simple color matching show players the minimalist high-end game touch; The 87key portable dalyou a series themed mechanical keyboard "Guiyan" & "Mengyu" gives people a unique personality choice with its unique theme appearance, just as "Guiyan" makes people feel like being in the beginning of the beautiful four seasons, and as "Mengyu" contains infinite romance and dreams.

Dalyou a series mechanical keyboard

·Cherry cherry MX mechanical shaft · multi-mode ice blue lighting system

·Simple standard key position layout · high purity PBT closed key cap

·Full key impulse free design · type-C outlet

·Replaceable magnetic adsorption upper cover · 1000Hz / 1ms return rate

The new masterpiece of dalyou a series is coming

Dalyou a series themed mechanical keyboard "Guiyan" & "Mengyu", a new 87key portable version. The original theme painting is made by daryou design team with pure hand drawing, and the artistic conception and touch of "return to Yan" and "dream encounter" are highly restored with exquisite theme elements, painting style and color matching. With the hand-painted style of the theme, the "return to Yan" and the dreamy "dream encounter" in early spring are fully displayed on the keyboard, giving dalyou a series of mechanical keyboards a unique aesthetic sensory experience.



In the lake and mountain, the boat came slowly from the horizontal wind and cut through the sky

Peach blossoms, willows, green sky, green lake, white Guiyan, everything you touch is awake

"Guiyan" depicts the returning swallows through the silent winter with elegant ink wind. After the lonely lake and mountain scenery, the breeze blows across the lake and ripples, weeping willows sprout new buds, and peach flowers are dotted with bright red. Everything recovers wherever Guiyan goes. Guiyan symbolizes the arrival of spring and perfectly depicts the artistic conception of spring on the keyboard.

"Dream encounter"

"Dream encounter"

Run like a mountain, soar like a river of stars, and swim like a river in the sea,

Between the elegant purple and pink, it's like a fantasy in a dream,

We will break through the fog and meet in this world with free will.

"Dream encounter" is composed of dreamy light purple and light pink colors. Around the green girl, there are dreamy pink and purple clouds. In front of her, there are white pigeons flying in the air, implying free will, which makes people fall into a dream. Clouds, girls and white pigeons are all placed in the dreamy sky, and the dream is deeply engraved on the keyboard, leaving the dream in your hands.

Daryou a series themed mechanical keyboard "Guiyan" & "Mengyu"

——Please look forward to meeting you

Daryou a Series Theme Mechanical Keyboard Is Coming 1

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The Price of Microsoft's Face Keyboard and Mouse Is Exposed at 788 / 388 Yuan, and the Double 11 Jin
The Price of Microsoft's Face Keyboard and Mouse Is Exposed at 788 / 388 Yuan, and the Double 11 Jin
At the new release conference of windows 10 devices at the end of October, Microsoft launched a new surface studio all-in-one machine, and a new surface keyboard and mouse product appeared together with the new machine.Today, Microsoft officially announced that the new surface keyboard and mouse will be launched in China in the upcoming double 11.Among them, the new surface keyboard adopts a unified silver gray appearance in combination with surface pro and surface book. The keyboard draws lessons from the design and structure of Microsoft's fashionable and representative designer Bluetooth keyboard, and has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of materials and technology.The surface keyboard body is made of aluminum alloy, which is lighter and stronger. In order to improve the user's typing experience, the surface keyboard redesigned the sound, hardness and texture of keys to provide users with a comfortable and quiet typing experience.Similar to the keyboard, the design inspiration of the new surface mouse also comes from the designer Bluetooth mouse. However, the surface mouse has a higher curve in shape, which can better adapt to the hand shape and make the user's wrist more relaxed when using.At the same time, taking into account the use needs of different users, the flexible and symmetrical design enables both left and right hands to operate comfortably. In addition, the left and right buttons and wheels of the mouse are specially optimized. The mouse wheel can provide 24 touch force feedback for users, so that users can realize precise click and scroll whether on the surface or external display.It is worth mentioning that both surface keyboard and surface mouse support intelligent Bluetooth technology 4.0 / 4.1, desktop devices and mobile devices including windows 10, Mac OS X and Android 5.0, with a life of up to one year.According to the plan, the surface keyboard and mouse will be listed and sold through the Microsoft China official mall and the Microsoft China official flagship store of tmall mall from November 9. From November 11, consumers can also buy through JD mall and Microsoft authorized stores. The suggested retail price of surface keyboard is 788 yuan and that of surface mouse is 388 yuan.
The Evaluation of Rapoo V500rgb Ice Crystal Mechanical Keyboard Shows Its Due Strength
The Evaluation of Rapoo V500rgb Ice Crystal Mechanical Keyboard Shows Its Due Strength
A popular game peripheral product needs its own high appearance value, which is higher when the backlight is turned on. If you just look cool under the backlight, turn off the power and return to the original shape. I believe players will only regret buying it. Recently, rapoo, an old powerful manufacturer, launched a dazzling RGB ice crystal weapon. When players see RGB and ice crystal, they know how bright it will be. Yes, it is rapoo v500rgb ice crystal magic color backlight game mechanical keyboard, which adopts the aesthetic ice crystal key cap and has a variety of magic color light effects. Today, let's enjoy the beautiful style of rapoo v500rgb ice crystal version.2 overview of packaging and appearanceOverview of packaging and appearanceRapoo v500rgb ice crystal mechanical keyboard has four shaft bodies: Black shaft, green shaft, tea shaft and red shaft. The outer packaging is still the consistent design style of black background and front product drawing. Due to the magic color backlight design, the multi-color keyboard is more attractive.The main functions and features of this keyboard are introduced on the back of the package, including "supporting 18 different lighting modes", "crystal transparent key cap", "anti splash design" and "full key without impact".Rapoo V500 ice crystal magic color mechanical keyboard adopts standard 87 key design, exquisite streamer silver aluminum alloy upper cover and CNC Apple metal trimming process last week. Matched with the acrylic ice crystal key cap with two-color full injection molding process and full coverage, it is crystal clear, not wearing and fading, and feels silky and delicate.The metal radium carving logo of vPro is still above the direction key.The overall key adopts the suspension design, and the commonly used keys in the game area are specially optimized to strengthen the key structure, strive to avoid false touch and false press to the greatest extent, and speed up the speed of blind key search. The front extension of the keyboard adopts the narrow frame design, so that players have more operation space, which is not only beautiful, but also greatly improves the performance of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.Rapoo v500rgb ice crystal plate also has anti splash function, and the back is equipped with two circular drain holes to allow the spilled liquid to flow out naturally. The 5 large-size anti-skid foot pads at the bottom of the keyboard and the anti-skid support covered with strip foot pads comprehensively improve the stability of the fuselage.The gold-plated USB interface and the protection of electrostatic magnetic ring can have a long service life and ensure the stability of performance during the game.3 overview of key cap and key shaftOverview of key cap and key shaftRapoo v500rgb ice crystal mechanical keyboard adopts two-color full injection molding process and all inclusive Acrylic Ice Crystal key cap, which is crystal clear, does not wear and fade, and feels silky and delicate, showing a noble and cool temperament.As the core of the mechanical keyboard, the axis body has a long service life, which is also an element concerned by players. Rapoo v500rgb ice crystal version adopts the axis body independently developed by rapoo's core R & D team, with a single axis service life of 60 million times, and rapoo Black / Green / tea / red four distinctive axis bodies can be selected by players. The version of this evaluation is green axis.4. Full key punch free designFull key non impact designPassmark Keyboardtest is a keyboard key detection tool, which can quickly detect whether the keys in the keyboard can be used normally. Generally, newly purchased keyboards can use this software to check whether the car is normal. In addition, it can test your typing speed and the advantages and disadvantages of keyboard performance.Passmark Keyboardtest testPassmark Keyboardtest is very important for a mechanical keyboard focusing on games. Rapoo v500rgb ice crystal mechanical keyboard supports full key non impact. We used passmark Keyboardtest to test the actual anti impact performance of keyboard keys. From the actual test results, the non impact performance of the keyboard is satisfactory, there is no problem to meet the use needs of daily games, and there is no conflict of all buttons under the USB interface, so that players can display their combat effectiveness.Introduction to 5v500rgb ice crystal driveIntroduction to v500rgb ice crystal driveRapoo v500rgb ice crystal version has a dedicated driver, which can be searched and downloaded on rapoo's official website. The driver supports 86 key programming design of the keyboard and can be loaded through the on-board memory. It does not need to be reset even if the PC is replaced.Open the installed rapoo v500rgb ice crystal driver. We need to switch the keyboard to the game mode and press the FN Pb key. When the Pb key is in the state of white light, we enter the game mode. All settings must be made in the game mode. In the interface, we can see "profile 1", "profile 2", "Profile 3", "macro editing", "lighting", "restore default settings" and "USB report rate". V500rgb ice crystal version provides users with three different sets of settings, and each set of configuration files can save different settings.Full key programming is a major feature of the v500rgb ice crystal version. Let's simplify the operation and always be one step faster. We turn off the light and click the key to be programmed. Here we take "Q key" as an example. Click Q key to pop up a dialog box where we can set "single key", "macro setting" and "multimedia". In the single key option, we can assign the Q key to other keys. For example, we change the Q key to the CTRL key, and click OK to change the Q key to the CTRL key. Macro, also known as macro command, simplifies a series of actions through special custom writing. It is a batch program with one key output to simplify game operation.By hooking up the light, you can see that there is a drop-down menu and a variety of settings such as "Brightness", "speed", "color" and "direction". Click the drop-down menu to see that there are 19 lighting modes, namely "drift with the waves", "colorful clouds", "twists and turns", "trial of light", "breathing mode", "constant light mode", "flowers compete for beauty", "snow ushers in spring", "meteors catch the moon", "ripples", "no trace in snow", "no trace in snow", "good luck in both directions" "Unite as one", "speed passion", "Mirs spread their wings", "accumulate a lot", "Digital Age" and "guide the country".Under different modes, different options can be set. The more special mode is "pointing the country" mode, which has four lighting modes for players to choose, namely "FPS mode", "MMO mode", "MoBa mode" and "RTS mode".6 lighting effect displayLighting effect displayAs a magic RGB mechanical keyboard, rapoo v500rgb ice crystal version has 16.8 million colors of magic RGB backlight system, emitting infinite magic. The keyboard supports a variety of fantastic lighting modes, and there is always one that suits your heart. With the addition of one button customizable key lighting color, 87 key streamer magic color leaps to your fingertips, which is very beautiful.7 subjective game experienceSubjective game experienceIn the subjective game experience, the author uses the popular FPS game "watch pioneer" to test the rapoo v500rgb ice crystal mechanical keyboard.Watch the vanguard This game uses the WASD, left shift and space keys of the keyboard more frequently. The rapoo v500rgb ice crystal mechanical keyboard in this evaluation adopts the green axis key, and the sound is very clear, which brings a strong sense of rhythm to the players at the beginning. The unique and delicate touch on the surface of the key cap also makes the keys trigger more smoothly and freely in the game. In addition to the flexible movement of WASD keys, shift keys It is also outstanding, and the trigger of a single press is sensitive. The space button is also very particular. After all, jumping is a technical activity. You need to grasp the opportunity between a millimetre to jump higher. The space button of rapoo V500 ice crystal version has a moderate feel, and the continuous half press state will not delay, which improves the jumping control in the game.8 evaluation and summaryEvaluation and summaryThe current mechanical keyboard has a very rich selection of models and styles. Players who care more about the backlight effect will certainly not let go of those mechanical keyboards that can emit unique light. However, some players pay too much attention to the backlight and forget to see if the plain face is also bright, so after catching up with a cool mechanical keyboard with light effect, they usually put it at home without power on When you open it, you feel very ordinary, like no makeup, not necessarily beautiful.The mechanical keyboard of rapoo v500rgb ice crystal version in this evaluation will not have the above situation, because the design of ice crystal key cap itself is quite unique. The appearance explodes. Even if you don't turn on the light, you have to blind other people's titanium alloy eyes. Moreover, this is rapoo's latest RGB magic color backlight ice crystal version. The unique cool effect after power on is even more fascinating. Not only the appearance is attractive enough, but also the hand feeling is not good Carelessly, the surface touch of the two-color injection molded ice crystal key cap is more delicate. In addition, the handle of the mechanical key shaft developed by rapoo is commendable. I believe you can think of its unique handle even if you have not personally experienced this keyboard. In general, rapoo v500rgb ice crystal mechanical keyboard shows its due strength, and the price is a little higher than that of the monochrome version, which is also good value for money.
Titanium Summoner Tkm320 Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation Gives People a Comfortable Feeling As a Whol
Titanium Summoner Tkm320 Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation Gives People a Comfortable Feeling As a Whol
Unpacking and prefaceAccustomed to the gorgeous RGB flying all over the sky, this quiet and beautiful man is particularly low-key. Serious men are handsome, and serious men playing games are also handsome. Men who seriously use titanium Summoner tkm320 mechanical keyboard (hereinafter referred to as titanium Summoner tkm320) are the most handsome. What's it like to wake up every day? That is, when I wear war clothes and sit in front of the computer to blow all the enemies out of my head, I am the supreme king. (I'm flirting again). Let's see how ti Summoner tkm320 on the battlefield can help me.Ti Du, equipped with emperor sky halo, has introduced low, medium and high-end products into the mainstream with a persistent attitude towards E-sports from the beginning. To be honest, I am good at this keyboard, simple design, no bright appearance, which makes people feel not impetuous. In my heart, classics should be like this, and do my job of mechanical key plate.The outer packaging of Ti Du Summoner is also simple, which clearly shows the brand, model and attitude marked.The attachment is very considerate. The player has prepared the key puller, manual and three replacement key caps of to replace w / E / ESC respectively. The red key cap has a unique flavor. ESC custom pattern key cap adopts the cartoon head of the emperor. From the dust cover to today's multi equipped key pullers, there are many keyboards with instructions on the market, but the action of titanium degree should meet the needs of users as much as possible. It can be seen that titanium degree = attitude.Titanium detailsAccessory packaging is secondary. Although it can also reflect the attitude of a brand, the keyboard is still our main concern. Titanium Summoner tkm320 adopts the American Standard 104 key position layout. The overall shape is simple and fashionable. The pure white key cap and narrow frame cover are generous and stable. White is deep in my heart. The pure color series is my love.It's not too much to describe it with pleasure. Gu Yun said: Yu Ailian can be viewed from a distance but can't be blasphemous. I said: Yu Tidu can be viewed from a distance, enjoyed near and played. It can not only play, but also play hard. Although it is a novel design with a narrow frame, it is not suspended. In this way, cleaning up has become a big deal for the lazy gang.Looking at the keyboard from the side, titanium adopts five kinds of height key caps to assemble the whole keyboard, so as to form an arc. Combined with the ergonomic design, the keys are more labor-saving, fit with the track of finger up and down, and the game is more exciting.Above the keypad is the logo of titanium screen printing technology. The color matching is not abrupt. Gray and white echo each other. Although it does not glow, the metallic English logo still has its own halo.The keyboard has a built-in thickened steel plate to protect the PCB from damage and stabilize the keyboard while prolonging its service life. Obviously, the overall weight of the keyboard has increased, but it can help to make a steady sprint in the game.The appearance is white and tidy, and the back is the same. Four anti-skid foot stickers made of rubber and two foot supports with adjustable height.Handle key cap and shaft bodyTitanium Summoner tkm320 gives me a particularly comfortable feeling. The white color matching, the font of laser etching process and the high-quality PBT material key cap make me enjoy every touch. I like this material key cap very much. Although the cost is high, it has solid materials, fine lines and no oiling, which is unmatched by the two-color injection molding key cap, Although the photos are not so good-looking, they have high wear resistance, increase the friction between the key cap and fingers, and make the game process more stable and non slippery. It is a good choice for sweaty little partners.The character side engraving is more playable due to the lack of sting. It not only does not have the feeling of being untidy, but also facilitates players and saves time and effort. General RGB keyboards use combination keys to adjust various lighting modes. Titanium Summoner comes with a variety of FN combination keys to cut songs / tune / return to the home page.The keyboard adopts inverted cherry MX mechanical shaft. I don't need to say much about the reputation of cherry shaft, which brings smooth, linear and stable keys. There are four axes of black green black tea available. The author received the black axis version. Although the black axis will not make a "pop pop" sound, black is more suitable for playing games. It is not recommended to use it for long-term codewords. The feel of the black axis is harder than that of other axes. The author once suffered with black axis codewords. I liked it very much at first, but later I felt a little tired.The classic feel of the black axis makes playing the game practical. The large key positions (shift, enter, delete, etc.) adopt the second-generation satellite shaft, which has a balanced and stable feel and will not be loose for a long time. Players who like DIY can also change the key cap.Fun and summaryTi Du Summoner tkm320 is not equipped with RGB or monochrome backlight, which is unique in the hyped RGB mechanical keyboard, but in the final analysis, the backlight is only a decoration. At a press conference, a host interviewed a team member and asked him whether he would pay attention to RGB. He said frankly that he would not. The war situation is so fierce that he doesn't want to enjoy the light.Direct game testing. The black axis game is more suitable. Although many people reflect that the black axis feels hard, the trigger stroke is short and the rebound is fast. For example, in FPS games, the direction conversion is faster and more accurate. In RTS games, zoom in and kill every minute.Although Ti Summoner tkm320 is low-key, it gives people a comfortable feeling both in detail and in the whole. Obviously, it is an attitude keyboard. The PBT keycap, the font of light etching process and the cherry axis of the original German factory all show ti's attitude towards E-sports. Minimalist design style, return to nature, be simple, and then be simple. That's how the keyboard should be. Consider the 399 titanium Summoner tkm320 mechanical keyboard.
Cool Supreme Sk621 Mechanical Keyboard HD Picture Appreciation
Cool Supreme Sk621 Mechanical Keyboard HD Picture Appreciation
At the beginning of last year, cherry released a new low axis "MX low profile RGB". The height was reduced from 18.5mm to 11.9mm of the standard shaft, and the key range was also reduced from 4mm to 3.2mm. However, the hand feel and quality remained unchanged, and the percussion life was still as high as 50 million times, making it possible to create a light, thin and high-performance mechanical keyboard.Since then, kuleng supreme, a major electromechanical peripheral manufacturer, has successively launched the sk630 with 87 keys, sk650 with 104 keys and sk621 with 64 keys, forming a complete family of lightweight mechanical keyboards. In particular, the newly released sk621 has reduced the mechanical keyboard to a new height, and the ultra lightweight body is only 293 × one hundred and three × 29.2mm, 424g, it's an artifact.Cool cold sk621 adopts a brushed aluminum upper cover, suspended keys, ultra-thin key cap and miniaturized design. It supports RGB light effect. With the new version of cool cold portal driver software, each key can independently customize the light (16.7 million colors). The side of the fuselage is also equipped with RGB light band. At the same time, the shuttle control is complete, and there is no need to drive. You can adjust the light and macro settings in real time through FN combination keysHybrid key anti-collision, support wireless mode six key non impact, wired mode full key non impact automatic switching. Bluetooth 4.0 can be paired with up to three devices, with a battery capacity of 4000mAh. You can also use a detachable type-C data cable.The keyboard is priced at 899 yuan and is now on the market. Here is a group of Meitu to feel its compactness:
Logitech Mk540 / Mk545 Keyboard and Mouse Set Evaluation Work Does Not Pay Attention to Form, and It
Logitech Mk540 / Mk545 Keyboard and Mouse Set Evaluation Work Does Not Pay Attention to Form, and It
You have to admit that although the crackling mechanical keyboard feels good, it is not necessarily the most popular host in the office. There are always quiet colleagues who squint at the noise source under your hands. Obsessive compulsive disorder people who like to take care of the desktop neatly are not very happy. Now most keyboard and mouse need to drag a long line to destroy the beauty on the desktop. Wireless is worried that the battery life will not last for a few months. Is there a way to do it once and for all? Logitech, which has made a breakthrough in wireless keyboard and mouse life, now wants to contract your desk - mk540 / mk545 advanced keyboard and mouse suit. I want to sign a three-year contract with you.Flat and simple low-key keyboardFor the keyboard in the combination of mk540 and mk545, k540 and K545 adopt a highly similar appearance design. The keyboard is pulled from the top to the wrist support in a wavy arc, and the key cap is round and not prominent. Compared with the hardness of the mechanical keyboard, the keys of k540 and K545 are more convergent and soft, which is very suitable for use in the office environment with simple style, especially the flat and simple style, Matching visual style. This is especially true for the black and white design of k540, but the bright design of the keypad background is not very dirt resistant.There is almost no difference between k540 and K545 in the direct hand feeling after starting. Both of them are membrane trigger buttons, and the knocking feeling is relatively soft. K545 may have a little more granular feeling. If you don't require that kind of bright and clear knocking feedback, instead of that kind of excited work style, you pay more attention to quiet and comfort, Traditional keyboards such as the k540 and K545 may be more suitable for those who do not spend a lot of money to finish their work gracefully in silence.In addition, k540 and K545's non detachable wrist support have different tactility. K540 is the direct ABS coating tactility, while K545 also uses fine mesh texture processing on the surface. Which one you like depends on your taste. Because the key heights of the two keyboards are low, the palm muscles and wrists at the root of the thumb are easier to contact the wrist support when typing, especially when the 4 ° / 8 ° support is opened, this feeling will be significant step by step. In terms of support, there is no difference between the two functions, but I prefer the texture friction of K545.Light and concise OfficeThe difference between the mk540 and mk545 mice is much larger. The mouse matched with mk540 is M310 and mk545 is m510, and neither mouse has independent sales information on Logitech's official website.Both M310 and m510 adopt symmetrical design to deal with different habitual hands. Holding them in the hand feels light and more like "pinching" than holding. A lighter design is adopted on the office mouse. Although the stability and accuracy of continuous multi-stage movement may not be as good as the game mouse, it can make the movement more labor-saving. It is already very tired at work, so don't unknowingly add a burden to the hand. The left and right mouse button click feedback and wheel rolling texture belong to the category of normal work, and there is nothing remarkable.To be honest, M310 is smaller than m510 and shorter on the butt, which makes people feel that a piece will be left at the root of the palm when using M310. People who pursue the feeling of perfectly fitting the palm may not like it, and m510 may meet the requirements of these people. However, the compactness of M310 may be very popular with female white-collar users, so there are different opinions.However, if you are a heavy side key user, m510 is the only choice. If the left and right toggle keys of the scroll wheel are included, m510 has a total of 5 programmable keys (the left and right keys are not included), and there is no personal preference in terms of practicability. Moreover, the left and right sides of m510 are also equipped with dotted rubber anti-skid pads, which may be a more suitable choice for users with sweaty hands.Of course, the greatest advantage of mk540 / mk545 does not lie in its feel and design. Logitech's unique unifying technology allows a set of keyboard and mouse shared wireless transceivers to occupy only one USB type-A interface; And two No. 5 batteries on the keyboard for 36 months, and a single No. 5 battery on the mouse can support a full year's battery life, which are their advantages in reducing the burden on the office.Work does not pay attention to form, and only after a long time can it see valueIn fact, let's just talk about the wireless keyboard and mouse suit. Logitech mk540 / mk545 has no fancy form in function, that is, it is very simple to do its own work, and it can be done for three years. For those user units who consider the purchase cost and carefully calculate the service term, 369 yuan is calculated by pinching their fingers. If wireless is the bottom line, it is actually quite cost-effective.
Li Nan, Senior Vice President of Meizu Technology, Left to Start a Business in the Direction of Mech
Li Nan, Senior Vice President of Meizu Technology, Left to Start a Business in the Direction of Mech
On July 17, it was rumored that Li Nan, senior vice president of Meizu technology, had left his job to start a business as an e-cigarette. In this regard, the media said that Li Nan was contacted for confirmation. He neither denied nor acknowledged it, but said: "wait a while".Yesterday afternoon, AI financial news agency reported that it was learned from people close to Li Nan that Li Nan, CMO and senior vice president of Meizu technology, confirmed that she had left her job and was ready to start a business. The direction she chose might be a mechanical keyboard.Subsequently, Li Nan responded on her microblog, saying that she did not go on a rampage to be the chief flickering officer, nor did she go to Taki to make e-cigarettes. For leaving to do mechanical keyboard, Li Nan responded that "false news is still there".However, last night, Huang Zhang made relevant remarks on "Li Nan's resignation" in Meizu community. Huang Zhang said, "for the company, what can make money is talent, and what keeps losing money is money.". Huang Zhang also said, "Meizu's rough development in the past few years traded losses for scale. When the capital tide receded, Meizu's business committee, including me, had to change the company's strategy. In the process of change, it was inevitable to stall and lose. Of course, it also included the use of some younger and more stayhungrystayfoolish backbone. We are all mortals, and self expansion is the devil".From Huang Zhang's statement, it is obvious that he is dissatisfied with Li Nan's performance in Meizu. Li Nan may soon leave Meizu technology and start his own business.This afternoon, Li Nan, former senior vice president of Meizu technology, posted a long article on his microblog, saying that he had gradually faded out of Meizu technology a few months ago and has now officially left the company. In his long microblog, he also mentioned that it is inconvenient to say more about the future. He just determined to focus on young consumer groups.Li Nan mentioned that he has gradually faded out of Meizu's work after the Meizu 16 press conference. He was also very pleased to see that Meizu launched several excellent products. I wish Meizu to do better and better. There are difficulties, but as long as the steps forward do not stop, the road - will extend.Li Nan said that he can't say more about his future, but he is positioning himself as a young consumer group, making a real brand and gaining mental share. He also mentioned that made in China has dominated the world, but the rise of Chinese brands and the competition for mindshare have just begun. The important thing is that I hope to do something different with a group of interesting people.The following is the full text of Li Nan's microblog statement:
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