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How Clean in Your Keyboard and Mouse?

Wipe it down with Clorox wipes

How Clean in Your Keyboard and Mouse? 1

1. I need advice on what type of keyboard to buy?

Look for one with 88 keys that are weighted and velocity sensitive for a realistic feel. Yamaha, Roland, and Casio are good brands. Check music stores and look for second hand ones as well -Corey

2. does my keyboard on my laptop light up?

Go to the website (or the store) of where you bought it. They will tell you. I can not tell because HP usually offers backlit keyboards as an upgrade, meaning your laptop may or may not have this

How Clean in Your Keyboard and Mouse? 2

3. What are some useful keyboard shortcuts? [closed]

ctrlaltl(lock) to lock your desktop

4. Setting special keys as keyboard shortcuts

Read about Keybindings dconf-editor > org > gnome > desktop > wm > keybindingsKey bindings are now stored in the dconf registry.You can install dconf-editor to be able to view and edit them: or if you have universe repositories already installed get the package from PPA's: You can also use gsettings command line tool. For example, to get key binding on the command line:or to set a key binding on the command line:Keybindings that are handled by the window manager are persisted in the org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings section of dconf. The Navigation, and Windows categories of shortcuts are stored here. In the past, each window manager was responsible for storing its own shortcuts under its own schema. Now both the metacity and compiz window managers use this central, unified set of bindings. There are mapping files in /usr/share/gnome-control-center/keybindings/ that show how these key bindings are used by each window manager.The keybindings that are handled by the window manager support multiple keys that will perform the same action. The gnome-control-center GUI does not support it, but you can make it work using dconf-editor. For example, to have Close window use both the traditional AltF4 as well as an easier to hit Pause/Break button, change: org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings close to ['Pause', 'F4']Shortcuts from the Launchers, Screenshots, Sound and media, System, and Custom shortcuts are stored here.Custom shortcuts are stored in dconf using a "relocatable schema". The schema name is Each custom key binding has three properties: name, command, and binding. Because of the relocatable schema, it is harder to use gsettings with custom shortcuts. Here is an example of getting the name of the first custom keybinding: Four additional buttons are managed in org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power, they are: button-hibernate, button-power, button-sleep, and button-suspend. Possible values are suspend, sleep, hibernate, interactive, and nothing. These buttons are NOT currently managed by the gnome-control-center.If you want to reassign the sleep button on your keyboard, you MUST currently use dconf-editor to assign the button in this section to nothing.Also read about Text Entry Shortcuts with xbindkeys And Mapping Windows Key with xmodmapBest wishes,

5. What are good ways to clean your keyboard?

You can use an old teeth brush

6. Gmail's "Show trimmed content” - is there a keyboard shortcut?

As a sort of workaround, if you select-all the text (CtrlA) as you start composing, Gmail will unveil the trimmed text.As a side note, as a Thunderbird user I like its quote-only-highlighted-text feature, and it seems it can be enabled in Gmail Settings Lab as well-read here

7. What's up with my damn keyboard?

you have the american keyboard setting on, change it by going into control panel, keyboards. from there select UK and it shud get changed my keyboard is lyk that i just cant be bothered to change it lol


The [Shift] seems to get stuck. On most keyboards it has metal clip held by fragile plastic clips. Press it a few times, check if it feels stuck, or, does not fully return. Either he metal clip snapped out, or one of the plastic parts broke.

9. For games, do you recommend a laptop or a tablet with keyboard?

the laptop but for best gaming a desktop

10. Using a Windows Keyboard with a MacBook… and TeamViewer

System Preferences should allow choosing different modifier key mappings for each keyboard:I have used settings like this with KeyRemap4MacBook with no issues:You could also try using ControllerMate

11. Some of my laptop keyboard keys are sticking?

take keyboard out buy a good electronics cleaner (radio shack has it at $12.99)clean the goo off keyboard let dry problem fixed

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How Do You Fix a Computer Keyboard That Won't Press Certain Buttons?
How Do You Fix a Computer Keyboard That Won't Press Certain Buttons?
how do you fix a computer keyboard that won't press certain buttons?Buy a new one. They are not expensive and most have a membrane behind the keyboard that can not be repaired------How can I clean Computer Keyboard?Use Q-tips to clean bitween the keys------I spilled a bit of orange juice on a computer keyboard, and now keys are sticking--what can I do?Try pushing on them lots of time hardly. i think it should work this way. not that hardly just push bad on each of the key. hope that helps becuase it did for me.------My computer keyboard isnt typing the correct symbols?All modern computer systems come with a number of virtual keyboards that can be installed for different languages and variations of different languages. It looks like someone (as a joke?) has replaced your normal virtual keyboard by another. How to change this varies slightly on different operating systems and different versions of operating systems. Search on "keyboard" and "language" in your system help file. On Windows, this will lead you to Control PanelRegional and Language Options.------Spilled pepsi on my laptop computerKeyboard no longer worksUBS keyboard not recognized Is it worth saving?It's a little late now. You've allowed the acid in the soda to do more and more damage. Remove all power from the laptop. Disassemble the area above the keyboard so you can remove the keyboard. Carefully disconnect the flat ribbon cable. Wash the keyboard in water and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer. When it's 100% dry, re-assemble the laptop. Be very careful when re-connecting the ribbon cable. While you have it open, look for any sticky residue or any areas of the circuit board that look dull or discolored. If you find any, clean them with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. Be very gentle.------My 7 year old daughter has to make a computer keyboard, any suggestions on how to make one?Cardboard - cut in to a rectangle Marker pen - Write all keys/logos out in to squares (button shapes) willah keyboard done n hasnt really cost u anything------How to get rid of ants attacking my computer keyboard's interior?In addition to using various pesticides, you may want to pick up a can of compressed air. Use the air to spray out from under the keys. This will help to get rid of any tiny crumbs or debris from the keyboard. Compressed air can be picked up at places like Circuit city for around $10.00.------How do i fix the keys on my computer keyboard after spilling tea into it?You can give it about 48 hours to completely dry out and then try it. But most likely you are just going to have to get a new keyboard. And it's always a good rule to have that kids never have any beverages near the computer. Sorry------Is reading music similar to typing on a computer keyboard?Yes sheet music and computer keyboard typing are in essence both just typing letters.For computer keyboard typing the letters are the letters of the alphabet.For reading music the letters are three variants of the notes C D E F G A B. These first variant are the 7 ivory (white) keys on a piano keyboard.The letters assigned to the 5 ebony keys are C# D# F# G# A# known as C sharp D sharp etc. They are also assigned Db Eb Gb Ab Bb known as D flat, E flat etc. That's a bit technical but C D F G A sharp are the same notes as D E G A B flat. It's just a different way of naming the same note like the way French and English Alphabets have slightly different alphabets. The sharps and flats are assigned depending on the type of music that is being played. Also in relation to the answer - reading and playing from sheet music is more complicated than typing on a keyboard because reading sheet music and playing an instruments requires both left and right hand are typing two different sets of letters at the same time where as with computer typing the left and right are typing the same letters which is easier------How do you clean out a computer keyboard?Well yes, Unless its a laptop, all the keys should be removable, just make sure you know where to put them all when your done. If you do not want to get too carried away you can use a can of compressed air and spray in between the cracks, you can find those at a computer shop. Or a few pats on the back of the keyboard to knock all that stuff out of there.
Why the Alphabets in Keyboard Is Not in Serial Way.?
Why the Alphabets in Keyboard Is Not in Serial Way.?
why the alphabets in keyboard is not in serial way.?The keyboard we use is called...QWERTY it was the result of early studies that grouped the most used letters under the users fingers when the hands are centrally placed over the keyboard. they told me this in school 45 years ago, in what was then Typing class, No computers then. Yours: Grumpy------Is there a way to create new desktop spaces from keyboard only?It is possible to create a new desktop space with the keyboard, but it's really cumbersome:------Can I turn on my laptop after disabling its keyboard?the keyboard is connected separately from the on button, so yeah you can still power on your laptop if you disconnected the keyboard. Or just get a usb keyboard, theres a setting that disables the keyboard when an external keyboard is connected------Cat slept on keyboard, somehow changed settings. Help?Try going to Start - Control Panel - Keyboard. From there you can uninstall your diver and then re-install it. That should reset the default keyboard settings. You may have a button to click that will do that without messing with the drivers. The clicking thing may be the worst of this, though. you know how laptops blow out all that hot air at the bottom? Well that air comes into the laptop from somewhere. A lot of times that somewhere is under the keyboard. Mr. Kitty may have blocked that flow of air and you may have overheated the whole thing. Not much to be done now, really. First fix the keyboard. Then let's hope nothing else is wrong. Good Luck!------Why do certain keys on my keyboard start and stop working?Try putting the keyboard upside down on your lap (keys facing the floor) and literally slap it a few times to try to dislodge it. If that does not work, you may need a new keyboard.------How to simply record music from my keyboard to my PC?The simplest way is to connect a cable from the headphone output of the keyboard into the mic input on the computer and record using Windows sound recorder. The sound quality probably wont be too great. Also, adjust the volume of the keyboard to adjust the volume going into the computer so the signal is not too loud and gets distorted. You should be able to listen to what you are playing through the computer speakers while you are playing------how the hell you put (that on top of this ) N in a english keyboard!!!!!!!!!!?Press the key Alt0241 in the numeric keypad. (lowercase) or Alt0209 for Capital letter. (You press the Alt key and keep it pressed while you type the numbers in the numeric keyboard (on the right side of the keyboard)) Alternatively there is an application in Windows usually found under Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map (or for the more computer literate ...WINDOWSSYSTEM32charmap.exe) And with that you have all the characters, accents and all you will need and you just copy and paste. By the way is called a 'tilde'------Why can't I pop the keys out from the keyboard?I really, really do not recommend removing keys from keyboards, as they are not really designed for removal and cleaning. Using a moist cleaning cloth to wipe the surface of the keyboard along with a vacuum brush to pull things out from between the keys is a much safer approach. If you must, the snaps are located at the top or bottom (usually top) of each key. Start with a non-critical key just in case you damage it trying to figure out where your particular key snaps on.------Keyboard/Piano. How do I get better?I am sorry but for $30 the only kind of keyboard you will be able to get is maybe a Baby Grand Piano. from Fisher Price. Toys R' Us, KB Toys, Target, and KMart all do not offer quality instruments. Those are the cheap ones that are more like "toys" than they are instruments. Learning from one of those keyboards will become very frustrating and your child will probably end up quitting. You can always try searching Musician's Friend for keyboards. Make sure its 88 weighted keys w/ proper action. You can pay with a credit card on their website so you will only be paying $20 something a month. Anything below 88 keys w/o proper weighted keys is substandard. You will never get the feel of a real piano with anything less. Not to mention your son wo not be able to learn lots of pieces with a limited amount of keys. Anyways. if you do manage to find one for under $30 odds are it's going to break anyways. at that kind of price you can rest assured your getting what your paying for. . Also if your son intends on slamming the keys and breaking the keyboard perhaps he is not ready to play
What's the Best Way to Sanitize a Laptop's Keyboard, Screen and Mouse?
What's the Best Way to Sanitize a Laptop's Keyboard, Screen and Mouse?
What's the best way to sanitize a laptop's keyboard, screen and mouse?Disinfectant wipes are my preferable sanitizer. If you using rubbing alcohol, you might damage the keyboard------Can i hook a pc keyboard up to my laptop?You can as long as it has the correct port. If the keyboard has a USB connector, just plug it into one of the USB ports on your Laptop. If the keyboard has a PS2 connector, your Laptop must also have a PS2 port for the keyboard. Sometimes a PS2 to USB adapter will work. Good Luck and keep your computer away for young children; they can choke on small items such as the keyboard keys and some also have small springs. The Laptop keyboard keyboard can be replaced - check this option out from a reputable computer store.------Why is my keyboard not working?It has nothing to do with the motherboard. Your problem must be either the keyboard or the usb driver since a wifi and usb keyboard use the USB port to communicate. Not having anything to go on regarding your system, P. C. , desktop, Mac, laptop? You may have to change the usb port settings to legacy setting for it to recognize the keyboard using that port. Still, if everything is the same in your bios as before this adventure, and If you already destroyed the old windows that you had, your best bet is to use a keyboard that uses the standard keyboard port since it is the only way for the system to recognize a keyboard before a windows installation------are keyboard and piono the same thing? do they have any differences?Yes, of course keyboards are smaller than pianos. Keyboards are electronic, because they are plugged in. But a major thing to note is that though the range of a piano is much larger because it has more keys (usually it can go higher and lower than a keyboard), the keyboard can give you different tones. Usually you can press a few buttons and voila, your keyboarding can sound like a church choir. Press a few more buttons, and you get a drum. My old keyboard from the late 90s even has fireworks, so any new keyboard should probably have cooler tones. Another major difference is that in most cases, a keyboard's keys are not as hard to play as a piano. With a piano, the strike of a key makes a hammer hit a string on the inside, which makes the sound. On a keyboard, one touch of the key simply registers an electronic pitch stored into the "computer" of the keyboard. I started piano on a keyboard, then graduated to an upright piano. For beginners, it is usually more cost-effective to buy a $50-$100 keyboard that can easily be donated or thrown away if the student chooses not to continue than to purchase a $10,000 beautiful baby grand piano that would be heart-wrenching to get rid of. If you plan on learning to play the piano, I recommend that you start with a keyboard first so you do not end up wasting precious money if you do not continue. Other than that, the keys are the same, and people do not have a problem transitioning from keyboard to piano or vice versa, aside from the weight of the keys. Good luck!------Apple Adjustable KeyboardThe Apple Adjustable Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard introduced by Apple Computer, Inc. in 1993 for the Macintosh family of personal computers. The keyboard attaches to the computer via the Apple Desktop Bus port. The last Apple computer released compatible with this keyboard without using a USB to ADB adapter was the Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White), as it was the last one with the Apple Desktop Bus. It aimed to solve repetitive stress injuries resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome, after several computer keyboard manufacturers were sued for poor design. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard came with contoured plastic wrist rests, and a separate keypad with function keys and arrow keys. This was the third and last time Apple offered a separate numeric keypad. Unlike its predecessors, it was not sold separately. The keyboard also included volume buttons and a record button on the right side of the keyboard. It was hinged at the top, allowing the user to adjust the angle between the right and left sides of the keyboard. The split came between the key pairs: 5/6, T/Y, G/H, and B/N. The space bar floated midway between the two parts. Although the keyboard addressed several ergonomic problems, it was reviewed poorly due to using a large amount of desk space, mainly because of the optional palm rests. The keyboard uses Alps SKFS switches, which provide tactile feedback with a slightly "clicky" feel.
Is There a Program That Will Prevent Changing the Numlock State? Closed
Is There a Program That Will Prevent Changing the Numlock State? Closed
In the registry, oen HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelKeyoard.The entry InitialKeyoardIndicators can have the following values:0 NumLock is turned OFF after the logon.1 Disale NumLock.2 Numlock is turned ON after the logon.EDITIf I understand your dilemma correctly, you like one NumLock setting and your oss likes another. So why don't you create another user account for your oss? You can also use a screen-saver with your assword, to force him to logon in order to use the comuter. I elieve that's a etter solution than monkeying with the registry.Regarding the registry key, there are actually two of those. Here's how it works:After oot and efore login, Windows readsHKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelKeyoardInitialKeyoardIndicatorsand sets it u as default. After Logon, Windows Alies the setting fromHKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelKeyoardInitialKeyoardIndicators (0Off, 2On).This setting is stored indeendently inside each user rofile, and the state from the Windows Session is saved at logoff. This means if you turn your NumLock on, a value of 2 is written at logoff, and NumLock will e toggled on at next login. Related QuestionsCan myetherwallet e hacked from the rowser extension?If you have given a rowser extension ermission to do so, it can access all data on all ages you use, including MyEtherWallet. You're lacing trust in the rowser extension.You can increase your security y only accessing MyEtherWallet on a rowser without extensions, for examle Chrome's incognito mode.The only way to e 100% certain of your security is to generate your rivate keys with dice rolls (or another hysical method that you know to e random). Only enter the rivate keys on a comuter without network connection and without wireless networking caailities (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, infrared). Also make sure no other eole or cameras are watching your screen, keyoard or dice. Also, make sure no microhones are listening to your tying atterns, ecause on most keyoards every key has a slightly different sound. (you can roaly hear it)If you're not doing all that, you're lacing trust in the manufacturer of your hardware, your oerating system, your rowser, rowser extensions, the software you use to generate rivate keys and other software running on your comuter.It's a matter of comromising etween security, trust and convenience.------Not debouncing on a MIDI keyboardI guess the 1us RC lowpass filtering tries to keep off false keyhits caused by phones and other radio transmitters. The debouncing is performed with software. Do not add slowness to the circuit which detects if a key is pressed. Players hate delays. There's enough it already (MIDI transmission,communication between the MIDI interface and the computer application, sound generating DSP, sound system DSP, distance to the loudspeaker). As much as 20ms total in circuits ( the distance to the loudspeaker) is well achievable by bad design and it makes a MIDI keyboard painful experience for a competent player.Make your system to react as soon as possible to a keypress. Leave debouncing delay for the key scanning software and let it affect only to the time when the releasing of the key is taken into the account. Playing a sound a little too long is much less annoying than a delayed start. A simple debouncing strategy in software is to scan the keys say in every 3 millisecond if the caused 0...3 ms extra delay is not a problem. The maximum value 3 ms is equivalent with about 1 meter extra distance to the speaker which can be acceptable------What photograph-manipulation application matches my specific feature wishlist?I'm curious why you think Photoshop doesn't meet what you want, when it clearly does match everyone of your requirements:Fast. How fast is fast? CS5 runs really well for me. This question reminds me of: Adobe Camera Raw is updated constantly to support the latest raw formatsHDR: CS5's HDR capability is fantastic (ihmo)Macros: Photoshop supports VBSCript, Javascript, and AppleScript. Javascript has it's faults, but given how performant the stackexchange sites are, there is no denying in the right hands, it's incredibly powerful (LIKE A NINJA RIDING ON THE BACK OF A PIRATE)Image Processing: It's photoshop.Images Search tag, yada yada: Photoshop comes with Adobe Bridge with integrates seemlessly with what you want.Mac support: Yep. Runs on a mac.I suspect you are looking for something that is very specific to how you work, and it's very unlikely that you are going to find something. The good news is, if you're inclined, GIMP is open source, so you could add the features you want to the source, and commit them for addition to the mainline------Get bluetooth keyboard working identically to built-in keyboardTroubleshooting is a process of elimination and often requires patience.As a starting point, I'd try to reset both the macOS Bluetooth Device List and Bluetooth Controller. IMPORTANT: This will reset all connected Bluetooth devices, including any wireless keyboard or mouse, so they will need to be reconnected.Before commencing, you will need to have the Bluetooth icon showing in the menu bar. If it is not there, open System Preferences > Bluetooth and enable the option Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar.Resetting the macOS Bluetooth Device List and Bluetooth ControllerFollow these steps:After doing the above, test your keyboard for a while to determine if it's now working better.If it's not, there are other things we can try/test for on the MBP side of things. However, before doing that, the next step should be confirming the keyboard itself is okay. If possible, test the keyboard with another computer and confirm it's working okay with that. If it isn't, then replace your keyboard batteries of make sure they're fully charged and test again.Let me know how you go up to this point and if necessary we'll proceed further------Learning piano via MIDI keyboard questionsQuestion 1) I use an 88 key Roland stage piano with midi out when I need it. Stage because it saves space and fairly portable (still 25kg) and have sometimes packed it away in flight case when not being used. Still requires a dedicated space in any room.Question 2) I got fully weighted because its main purpose was to learn how to play classical piano, but as user15664 says in his post there are different purposes. Also see this previous post: How to gain velocity feelQuestion 3) A good brand piano will feel and sound good. You can listen to demo's yourself on-line but you will probably have to rely on reviews of the hammer action for the feel (since you are new to it)In your original statement, you said you wanted to toy with music production. Majority of cases for which it will be better to use good software pianos. The whole skillet is different and not as necessary to have fully weighted keys (i.e. arranging and tweaking velocities and notes as oppose to flawless playing in a recorded take)And finally, I would reccomend second hand as Digital Pianos depreciate in value like cars.------What features are cursor controlled on the A380 Navigation Display?As far as I know the whole FMC (or as it is called in an airbus: MCDU) is controlled by this cursors. So you don't have the limited options by just using scratchpad and line select keys, but you can graphically interact with the items on the screen by using the cursor.A flight management system (FMS) is a fundamental component of a modern airliner's avionics. An FMS is a specialized computer system that automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks, reducing the workload on the flight crew to the point that modern civilian aircraft no longer carry flight engineers or navigators. A primary function is in-flight management of the flight plan. Using various sensors (such as GPS and INS often backed up by radio navigation) to determine the aircraft's position, the FMS can guide the aircraft along the flight plan. From the cockpit, the FMS is normally controlled through a Control Display Unit (CDU) which incorporates a small screen and keyboard or touchscreen. The FMS sends the flight plan for display to the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Navigation Display (ND), or Multifunction Display (MFD).Wikipedia - Flight Management System------How to test which button is stuckIn the first instance, maybe give the keyboard a damn good blow with a can of compressed air, in case there is debris under the keys. Biscuits are GREAT for screwing up keyboards.Failing that, I would give Dell technical support a call and explain your problem as it is still under warranty. It would save you some time if you ran through the diagnostics (F12 on boot up and then select the diagnostic option) before calling. It might save them getting you to do it while on the phone.(sorry if this does not apply to you-) Over here in the UK, if you tell them that you're comfortable changing the keyboard and ask nicely, they will just send the part and let you do it yourself. Not sure whether this will work in your neck of the woods but worth a go nevertheless, nothing to lose right?Trying to fix it yourself might end in a completely broken key. If you are lucky enough to remove the key without snapping the plastic, the scissor mechanism is a pain the backside to put back together again------How to change keyboard layout by USB dongle?There are several parts to this question.1) Can you make some kind of hardware that permutes keys from an USB keyboard as if it were a customized Dvorak keyboard?Yes, you can. You can use any embedded computer that has both an USB host and a USB client port. However, you will have to write the software for that yourself: It's very unlikely that ready-made software for that exists. The software will have to translate HID events from the physical keyboards to the HID events corresponding to the Dvorak layout, but that is not very difficult.2) Will you be allowed with your own private keyboard or your own piece of hardware that you can put between an existing USB keyboard and a PC in a high security place?If the people who are responsible for security are not completely stupid, they will allow no extra hardware at all - no keyboards you carry with you, no commercial "dongles", no custom self-made "dongles". And you'll get on the watch list for even asking.So if you are asking because you need a Dvorak layout in such a place, this is not a viable solution------How windows boots up in hibernate mode using keyboard?The Wikipedia article was imprecise, and I already fixed that. It's true that hibernation ends up with exactly the same device power state as when regular shutdown is applied. But while that state is called a "shut down", in modern computers some basic electronic modules still function. It's the motherboard that decides what to do, once it gets in that state - according to it's construction and features designed by manufacturer.These features are eg. powering up by WakeOnLAN, keyboard shortcut, mouse move or time-preset launch. Or even pressing the front power button, which is not a real circuit breaker like in "the old times", but just an electronic, low-power "sensor" that, when pressed, allows that inner electronic module to know you want to power the rest of modules on.To completely shut the computer (motherboard) down, you still have to completely unplug it's power sources or, in case of some desktop PC-s, use the power switch on the PSU.Mind though, that RAM is truly powered down when in hibernation state. It's content gets stored on the hard drive right before shutdown and then gets recovered when you start computer again.
What the Best Cheapest Computer Keyboard?
What the Best Cheapest Computer Keyboard?
What the best cheapest computer keyboard?If you go down to a place like best buy, or order online at a place like newegg you should be able to find basic, wired keyboard for under 15-20 dollars. I found a "slightly ergonomic" microsoft keyboard for 15 bucks or so. Good Luck -Joe------How do you clean out a computer keyboard?If it is a regular type key board then actually you must not be bothered about the dust as it does not affect the internal parts of the key board and the performance at last, but if you are concerned that it does not look good then there is a zero cost solution... You can surely pick out every key of your computer, just make sure to do it one by one or two or three at a time to remember there exact place. ,It is a time taking and energy consuming task but effective for a sticky dust difficult for a vaccum cleaner or other things. You can use vaccum cleaner or soft brush meant for keyboard like things also. Have fun.------Why is my computer keyboard not working?None of the prongs are bent or broken...guessing this is a PS2 keyboard. The keyboard itself could be bad, could have a loose or broken connection from the PS2 connector to anywhere inside the keyboard. Or the port on the computer has gone bad. You can get a PS2 keyboard for about $20.00 these days, i would try connecting a different keyboard and see if it works or buy a USB keyboard in case the PS2 connection is messed up. If a friend has a spare keyboard, i would try borrowing it and see if that works. As for what would cause this to happen, could be age on the keyboard as in wear and tear mostly. It just gets worn out after a while or depends on how good the keyboard was made, a good keyboard lasted me years. The only reason i replaced my last keyboard is because the movers that moved my stuff, stole the box that had my wireless keyboard and mouse in.------On your computer keyboard, what is the SysRq key for?a special key to directly invoke low-level operating system functions with no possibility of conflicting with any existing software. It was brought by IBM, you can take a look at the story on wikipedia------What is the best way to clean my computer keyboard?If you do not have canned air, use hair dryer (in cold air mode) using the air concentrator cone. --- Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days When there's a will, I want to be in it.------do you know a good silent or quiet computer keyboard?logitech sells one or two. The brand name Razor sells one too. Its an intense gaming one comes in black. Good luck------Which computer keyboard would you buy... EASY 10 POINTS...?First, all your links are broken. I personally would just buy a cheap $10-$20 keyboard, but I know some people are fanatical about having a great keyboard. I mean, keyboards vary in terms of what kind of extra function keys they have, how they feel when typing, the amount of noise they make, etc, so to me, keyboard choice is more a matter of preference------Poll: When did you learn to type on the computer keyboard?When I was 11 or 12------how do I clean my computer keyboard?can of compressed air to blow crap out, a damp cloth to wipe it over and a dry lint free cloth for drying it down. Unplug it first.------can you hook a computer keyboard to a cell phone?Uhm, great question. 4 possabilitys. Your best bet. If you can connect your phone to the keyboard using USB. Some phone wall chargers connect to a USB port then back to your phone. Your keyboard would have to have a USB port. Next. Having a converter, that makes a USB port from a different port on your keyboard. Another would be bluetooth. But I do not know how that would work out with the information from the keyboard to transfer to the phone. With a lab top. Connect your phone to the lab top using the USB from your charger. I hope one or more of these possabilitys work. Good luck.
Tea Was Spilled on My Laptop, now Keyboard Won't Work...?
Tea Was Spilled on My Laptop, now Keyboard Won't Work...?
Tea was spilled on my laptop, now keyboard won't work...?replace the key pad. You can probably get one on line for about $50. I had to replace my wife's because she spilled a glass of Iced tea on it.It's not the Tea it's the Sugar in the tea recrystallizing. And unfortunately spilled tea IS NOT an warranty repair. Its pretty easy to change the keyboard. You may also want to have a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some Lint free cloths in case the area under the keypad is all sticky. Put the Alcohol on the cloth then wipe the mess up.------Spilled Coke on laptop keyboard. Help!?Get someone to unmount the keyboard and spray it down a bit with water. Coke will get sticky and attract ants and then you will experience a different type of computer bug. Just use a spare USB keyboard and let the other one dry. I screwed up a keyboard once but it worked out fine (even though I got kinda PO would and threw it down the stairs after....)------I dusted my desktop keyboard and now I have no volume.?I did not use compressed air or a feather duster, rather, a cut up tee. The board was very dusty and while attempting to clean it I swiped multiple keys at once and then had no volume. I did not press the volume/mute buttons. I've tried everything I can think of, but to no avail. Is there a combination of keys to press to cause this? Or is the keyboard dying? Thanks------how to turn off my pc without a mouse and keyboard?The mouse and the keyboard are your only input devices. Cut the power off. It wo not damage the computer if you are not doing it very often. Besides, it's just like getting an unexpected power interruption on some occasions.------Wireless mouse and keyboard won't work together... can you help?we've had some fulfillment with this, interior the college i paintings. the instructor has a fixed (under pressure out) keyboard and mouse, at their Whiteboard gadget, yet additionally has a mixed prompt keyboard and trackball that they use whilst at different end of the room. We used a splitter to combine the under pressure out keyboard (Ps2), and the prompt keyboard & trackball (Ps2) so the two plugged into the comparable port (keyboard). The trackball (prompt) section plugged into the Ps2 mouse port. Then a typical usb mouse grew to become into plugged in to the pc. whilst the splitter detected the keyboard getting used variety the two source, it types to the exhibit. The mouse merely seems to handle which one is getting used itself------Which keyboard would be better for a beginner?Well those are pretty different keyboards. The YPT-220 is much better. Its really funny, before I even opened up the question and saw your question. I thought of the YPT330 or the Yamaha DGX230. I have a 230 and love it. Best of luck, you really can not go wrong anymore out there. they are all fine now a days. its mostly about preference. Are you going to be playing it through speakers or not? (This will determine if you want nice speakers on the keyboard itself) do you want light up keys. do you want the ability to connect to an amp or computer. etc. (it can get complicated but mostly any keyboard out there will work for beginners. Hope this helps.------Keyboard percussion instrumentA keyboard percussion instrument, also known as mallet percussion, is a chromatic melodic percussion instrument arranged in a similar pattern to a piano keyboard and played with hands or percussion mallets. Keyboard instruments for children, such as ones used in the Orff Schulwerk, may be diatonic or pentatonic. Despite the name, keyboard instruments such as the celesta and keyboard glockenspiel are not considered keyboard percussion, owing to the different skills required to play them. These instruments are percussion instruments in most senses but are part of the keyboard section rather than the percussion section of an orchestra. Keyboard percussion instruments do not possess keyboards as such, but instead follow the arrangement of the keyboard. Keyboard percussion instruments include marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel, and tubular bells.How can I get the smell out of my keyboard bag?First unplug it then pop out all the keys and clean it with a clorox wipe or something like that, then clean each individual key and put them back in the keyboard. Perhaps you should cover your keyboard and anything else so this does not happen again. I spilled soda on mine once and amazingly it still worked. Good luck.
How Do You Make This Symbol on the Keyboard?
How Do You Make This Symbol on the Keyboard?
How do you make this symbol on the keyboard?you can make it with a white pen, or black, depending on the color of your keyboard. or you can print it out and glue it on your keyboard. there are many other ways. or do you mean make this symbol "from" the keyboard.------Disable Keyboard & Mouse input on unix (under X)I wrote this (in .zshrc, but should work in .bashrc as well) to do this, with the help of answers above. To do the corresponding with the keyboard, change the parameter in grep Mouse------How do they print the letters on a keyboard?Chances are they probably use teh Screenprinting tecnique to do it over a large piece of plastic, in wich they eventually cut our the keys to the keyboard------How to use two applications simultaneously, using mouse on one and keyboard on another?I do not think you can do this. I simulated this with Virtual Machines. I started Notepad in my host, left my mouse in this Kali Window, then used the keyboard to bring up the Host Notepad window. All worked to that point, but then the mouse clearly came with me to Notepad.VMware simulates this because there are two different machines. But it is done with one single monitor and the mouse still goes with the keyboard. You can see this happen on screen.So I really do not think this will work------How do I turn the power off of my Logitech LX710 Keyboard?I do not believe Logitech includes power buttons on their keyboard - mainly because there is not much power running through it at all times whereas there's a power switch on the mouse because the laser sensor is constantly on and drains much of the power. In other words, you would have to remove the batteries to turn the power off on the keyboard, but in reality it's not necessary because it does not draw much power on standby.------Keyboard matrix circuitA keyboard matrix circuit is a design used in most electronic musical keyboards and computer keyboards in which the key switches are connected by a grid of wires, similar to a diode matrix. For example, 16 wires arranged in 8 rows and 8 columns can connect 64 keys-sufficient for a full five octaves of range (61 notes). By scanning these crossings, a keyboard controller can determine which keys are currently pressed. .------In china how do they type chinese with computers when there are english letters on the keyboard?Well, I have seen and used a Japanese keyboard, and I am pretty sure Chinese and Japanese use the same system. And the keyboard I used looked almost exactly like the photo given by that earlier user------Spilled water on my laptops keyboard. More info below.?It is likely there is water still inside that is interfering with the contacts of the keyboard. (Provided something else did not go bad.) Unless you can hook up an external keyboard, I recommend that you take it to a repair shop that can open it up and remove any residual moisture------Jank keyboardThe Jank keyboard is a musical keyboard layout for a piano designed by Paul von Jank, a Hungarian pianist and engineer, in 1882. It was designed to overcome two limitations on the traditional piano keyboard: the large-scale geometry of the keys (stretching beyond a ninth, or even an octave, can be difficult or impossible for pianists with small hands), and the fact that each scale has to be fingered differently. Instead of a single row, the Jank keyboard has an array of keys consisting of two interleaved manuals with three touch-points for every key lever, making six rows of keys. Each vertical column of three keys is a semitone away from the neighboring ones, which are in the alternate rows. Thus within each row the interval from one note to the next is a whole step. This key layout results in each chord and scale having the same shape on the keyboard with the same fingerings regardless of key, so there is no change in geometry when transposing music. Furthermore, the use of multiple rows allows the pianist to more naturally follow the contour of their hand and accounts for the different lengths of the fingers. The configuration retains the colouring of traditional keyboards (white naturals, black sharps and flats) for pedagogical purposes. For an 88-note (full size) keyboard, there would be 264 keys in total, with each note playable by three keys in vertical alignment. In the picture above, the white keys have been coloured to show how the keys are interconnected. Instead of 123 cm (48 in) the keyboard is only 89 cm (35 in) wide, and the smaller key size allows reaching wider intervals. The Jank Keyboard caused a stir at the time of its invention, in large part due to its unique look and the intelligent design behind the keyboard. American piano manufacturer Decker Brothers put the keyboard into production around 1891, and the Paul de Janko Conservatory of Music was established in New York around the same time. There was even a manual written by W. Bradley Keeler called How to Play the New Keyboard. Despite all this, the Jank keyboard never achieved wide popularity. Music educators were not convinced that the benefits of the new keyboard were enough to challenge the traditional keyboard. Both reasons left keyboard instrument manufacturers afraid to invest in a redesigned keyboard which promised to have only marginal commercial success. Many embodiments of this keyboard have appeared since its conception. Jank himself (in German patent 25852, dated 14 January 1884) originally chose a key shape which resembled the slim, black keys on the familiar piano keyboard. A year later (in German patent 32138, dated 1 July 1885) the keys became wider and shorter. Other inventors have filed patents for keyboards which are substantially similar to his design, differing most often in key shape or instrument to which those keyboards are affixed. (For example: John Trotter English Patent 3404, 4 March 1811, William A. B. Lunn devised in 1843 under the name of Arthur Wallbridge a sequential keyboard with two parallel rows of keys, each in whole tones. Miguel Theodore de Folly, 1845,Useful Registered Design Number 448 for a geometrical keyboard for the pianoforte, Gould and Marsh , Edgar , Cramer , McChesney , Stewart , Adams , Nordb , Barnett , Reuther , and Firestone .) The most recent patents are for MIDI compatible instruments.
What's the Best Way to Clean Out the Keyboard of My Laptop?
What's the Best Way to Clean Out the Keyboard of My Laptop?
What's the best way to clean out the keyboard of my laptop?If you run a vacuum cleaner over the keyboard you wo not damage the processor but you will damage the keyboard the best way to clean it is to go down to you local computer shop they should sell cans of compressed air for cleaning dust and the like and in you case crumbs out of a computer the pressure is not too high so it wo not do any damage------When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in ChicagoWhen the Keyboard Breaks is a live album by progressive metal supergroup Liquid Trio Experiment. The album was recorded during a live show of Liquid Tension Experiment in Chicago, Illinois. The album came about when, during the track "Universal Mind", Jordan Rudess' Roland Fantom-G8 keyboard started playing half-step higher notes on every fourth key: So I am playing along, everything's fine, but all of a sudden I started hearing these half-steps. It was as if I was playing in C but somebody else was playing in C-sharp. I was looking at John Petrucci, like, 'What the hell are you doing?' But then I saw him stop for a second, and I looked down at my hands and thought, 'What is that?' I realized that every time I played a C, the keyboard would also play a C-sharp; every time I played a G, it played a G-sharp, and so on. It was playing everything in the worst possible dissonant way.Following the song, he went off stage to figure out a solution, since he did not have his usual technician nor a substitute keyboard. In the meantime, the other three musicians decided to improvise until Jordan was ready to come back. Jordan had to stay on the phone with Roland in Japan for at least 20 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong. The other three just continued to jam with drummer Mike Portnoy giving updates every now and then (the determining point for the track splices). In the end, Rudess took John Petrucci's guitar and started jamming, then Petrucci took the bass, since Tony Levin was playing the Chapman Stick. When that jam was over, Portnoy ended up taking Levin's bass and Charlie Benante ended up playing drums. The keyboard was never fixed that night. The production of the album was not official, as it was taken from a live stereo recording from the mix off stage. Thus there was no way for it to be properly mixed so everything is how the audience heard it. The name of the album alludes to the track "When the Water Breaks" from Liquid Tension Experiment 2.------Voice control and keyboard shortcutsSpeech recognition usually refers to software that attempts to distinguish thousands of words in a human language. Voice control may refer to software used for sending operational commands to a computer or appliance. Voice control typically requires a much smaller vocabulary and thus is much easier to implement. Simple software combined with keyboard shortcuts, have the earliest potential for practically accurate voice control in Linux.------Logitech G110 keyboard randomly stops working while playing games?Check if you plugged the keyboard in an USB 3.0 port by accident. Those Logitech keyboards with a display act funny when in an USB 3.0 port. I had the issue with both my G19 and a G510 keyboard. If in a normal USB 2.0 port, it could be an issue with the Logitech software. They did away with their SetPoint software for having constant issues and their gaming keyboard software is not fully optimized either. Check for an update to see if that would solve the problem.------What does the " symbol mean in a keyboard piece when attached to a note?Check this out.Thumbing is the act of playing with one or both thumbs on the keyboard below the keyboard on which the rest of fingers are playing. This technique was developed in the late 19th century, and fell out of use after 1930. While at first an organist not used to this technique will only be able to use it to play isolated sustained pitches, organists accustomed to this technique are capable of playing moving lines, although the speed possible is less than that of using all five fingers. A composer who wants to use this technique would be wise to spend some time at an organ console to find out what is physically possible as far as the reach of a hand. Failing that, a composer should refer to a piano keyboard to verify that the requested hand positions are comfortably possible. When notating a passage using this technique, one should place the notes to be thumbed on a separate staff between the "right hand" and "left hand" staves. One should also mark the notes to be thumbed with a "" symbol.
Are Online Exam Proctoring Services Efficient and Trustworthy?
Are Online Exam Proctoring Services Efficient and Trustworthy?
According to an article of the German news site "Spiegel online": short summary of the article in English:There was a test exam that was supervised externally using the students smart phone and computer. The student used his own computer where he had to install a special software. After some technical trouble, the connection to the proctor had been established. The student had to identify showing his passport, he had to present the room to the proctor via his mobile phone camera. He ensured that there are no illegal tools (additional books etc.) or other persons in the room.The mobile phone was then set up to show the student as well as his computer and keyboard. The tool on the computer enabled access of the proctor to everything that is shown. Then the test started and the proctor appeared to continuously observe him. However, the student tried cheating and was VERY successful by doing so. The student was able to read from an undetected cheat-sheet that was pinned to the wall in some distance.The student managed to open some book and to read in his notes, despite this was not allowed. Finally he even stood up and walked around in the room. The proctor did not react. All this cheating remained undetected. The proctoring service has some statistics that mentions 4000 detected cheating attempts in more than 63000 online exams. The article finally raises the question how many more undetected ones took place. From my personal experience in IT security: A computer system (and especially a room) that is under the student control should never be used for such an exam since its security cannot be guaranteed.Clone the monitor signal, have a secial kernel driver in lace, have the exam running in a virtual machine, ..., there are many ideas. Some might work, some won't. It is a similarly difficult task as reventing cheating in online games: A lot of effort goes in ut you NEVER get rid of cheaters. As long as there is some motivation (there definitively is for university exams!), you will find eole heling you cheat. Related QuestionsHow to Modify Android Boot Sequence in Order to Boot From an SD CardI don't really know of a standard way of ooting from an SD card, how easy it is or isn't deends mostly on what Android device you are using:For examle if you have a Nexus device you can just download MultiROM from the Play store and you're good to go. It's never normally that simle; I currently am trying to get my Mediatek MT6575 ased device to oot from SD card as the internal eMMC memory is dead, and have not managed it yet, so I guess right now it's 'ricked'.What I'm trying to say here is that there is no ste-y-ste guide that will work with all devices as there large range of devices, each with different artition layouts, kernels, etc. I'll rovide some examles on how to oot from SD for a few different devices, and hoefully you'll e ale to see whats involved, also if you say what device you have I may have come across a working method for that device. Boot Android from SdCard wiki - This is on a site for 'sunxi' android talets, ut the info is helful as it contains info on editing the recovery and oot artitions, even if the SD card images will only work on sunxi talets.Use SD instead of eMMC on GS3 - Gives step by step on how to partitions the SD card and editing boot.img. I've tried this method on my MT6575 but just changing info on the fstab wasn't enough, it was still trying to boot from eMMC for my device but if you have a GS3 this is ideal.Multiboot for MediaTek devices - How to have 1 rom on internal eMMC and a 2nd rom on the SD card. Gives a rough step by step, may work if you have a mediatek device. Convert ROM to boot from SD card - Written with a Nokia X2 in mind, but I'm going thru this method right now, mounts both system partitions at once, mount point for SD system partition is /system-extThat's all I have for now, if you manage to boot from SD could you please post a comment saying what method you used and what device you used, thanks. :).------Is there any difference between wipe and wipe down?The use of down implies a physical activity, while omitting it implies a result or activity that's somewhat removed from the physical (deleting something). I am going to wipe the computer's memory. I am going to wipe down the computer's memory.In this example, it doesn't make any sense to use wipe down with computer memory, because that's not something that can be physically touched. I am going to wipe the car. I am going to wipe down the car.Here, I would have no idea what wiping a car isbecause you can't delete cars. On the other hand, wiping down a car generally means applying a cloth to remove dirt or water.(Note that we often omit prepositions in speech. if somebody actually said wipe the car, I would understand from context that they meant wipe down the car. As such, the expression without down is not actually wrong in regular discoursebut it wouldn't be quite as natural, and I'm trying to show the literal difference between the two.)To be more specific, compare the following situations.Sitting at a computer keyboard and typing commands: I am going to wipe the motherboard.  I am going to wipe down the motherboard.Holding a motherboard and cloth in your hand: I am going to wipe the motherboard.  I am going to wipe down the motherboard.The object in the question appears to be a blackboard, on which there is writing. This is a particular instance where the two different senses of wipe can be applied to the same thing.It can accept wipe in the sense of removing information. It can also accept wipe down in the sense of cleaning. I am going to wipe the board, so write down what I have written. I am going to remove (delete) the information from the blackboard. I am going to wipe down the board, so write down what I have written. I am going to clean the chalk off of the whiteboard.So, both are fine. Which you use is based on the specific sense you are trying to convey. Are you talking about the information represented by the blackboard or are you talking about the physical chalk marks? (Note that the final result is mostly the same, with the one sense impacting the other.)------Are ergonomic keyboards better for your health?Yes, there are many documented advantages.Copied from here and then adapted:...the adjustable keyboard was more comparison with the conventional keyboard.Tittiranonda, Rempel, et al. (1999) Workplace use of an adjustable keyboard: adjustment preferences and effect on wrist posture...split keyboards place the wrist closer to a neutral posture in the radial/ulnar plane substantially reducing one occupational risk factor... ulnar deviation of the wrist.Marklin, et al. (1999) Wrist and forearm posture from typing on split and vertically inclined computer keyboardsThere is increasing evidence that alternative geometry keyboards may prevent or reduce arm pain or disorders, and presumably the mechanism is by reducing awkward arm postures.Rempel, Barr, et al. (2007) The effect of six keyboard designs on wrist and forearm posturesAlternate keyboard designs can significantly affect tendon travel and may address reduced repetitiveness in typing by reducing the amount of tendon travel.Nelson, Treaster, et al. (2000) Finger motion, wrist motion and tendon travel as a function of keyboard angles...the tested split keyboard configurations are beneficial in promoting a neutral wrist position, which theoretically would decrease exposure to WMSDs such as tenosynovitis in the wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome.Marklin, Simoneau (2001) Effect of setup configurations of split computer keyboards on wrist results identified a reduction of symptoms, an improvement in functional status, preference for and increased satisfaction with the alternative keyboards, and maintenance of typing speed and accuracy for both groups.Ripat, Scatliff, et al. (2006) The effect of alternate style keyboards on severity of symptoms and functional status of individuals with work related upper extremity disorders....split keyboards with a slant open angle of 10 degrees to 12.5 degrees...are effective in placing the wrist in near neutral ulnar/radial deviation when typing...and tilting the keyboard halves 20 to 30 degrees is effective in reducing forearm pronation to approximately 45 degrees.Design features of alternative computer keyboards: a review of experimental data.Analyses of...six studies indicated that the Adjustable Open-tented keyboard had a large effect on pronation and ulnar deviation...The effect of three alternative keyboard designs on forearm pronation, wrist extension, and ulnar deviation: a meta-analysisNote that there are also advantages in using a soft-touch keyboard and a keyboard without a keypad.------ASUS EeePC FnF2 ruins wireless until restartI have an Asus EeePC myself too, the 1005PE, but im using Lucid 10.04 instead. Ive bought it soon after Lucid was released, and decided to stick with an LTS release. After all, netbooks have limited hardware, and i depend on it on a daily basis, for work and college, so bleeding edge is not needed, stability and long term support comes first.At least in my particular combination, the FnF2 key works perfectly. I can (and i do) switch wireless on and off several times a day. Sometimes I have problems turning bluetooth on and off, requiring restart, but since Eee900 has no bluetooth, it shouldnt worry you.Also, I didnt have to install any driver. The ones out-of-the-box recognized my harware, from touchpad to wifi and even bluetooth. So, my suggestions are:Why not try Lucid 10.04? Its LTS, so it will be supported for 3 years instead of 18 months.If you dont use Maverick's Unity, youre already missing the biggest change in that release. So Lucid will look very similat to what youre used to.Power consumption in Lucid is smaller than Maverick. For a Netbook, battery life is crucial.Ive downloaded and installed Jupiter. Not for the Fn keys, but for power management. I strongly recommend it. It really improved my battery life from 8 to 12 hours. HUGE improvement. Check out my answer on a similar question for some info about Jupiter. And yes, it also improved Fn control by enabling OSD Notifications for every Fn key, and it does have independent bluetooth and wireless enable, something my Fn keys do not.So, why not try it? Lucid 10.04 Jupiter may be your solution for the FnF2. Even if they dont, you wont lose much compared to your current setup (Maverick minus Unity is almost the same as Lucid), and you will get some side-benefits as well, battery life and LTS support to name a few.You dont need to touch your HDD to try it... use a Live Session to see if FnF2 keys work. You can even install Jupiter in a Live Session. Or repartition your HDD to have them both installed side-by side until you feel safe about it
Laptop Keyboard for Gaming
Laptop Keyboard for Gaming
There are many different types of gaming keyboards in the market and each has their own specifications. Some have programmable macro keys, while others have weight-sensitive actuation points.The specifications of gaming keyboards vary from brand to brand and often effects the price as well. For example, some brands provide RGB lighting effects while others don't. Along with a variety of features for different games such as MOBA and FPS games, these features can make it difficult to choose which keyboard is best for you.A gaming keyboard is a keyboard designed for people playing computer games. They typically have a more ergonomic design, with special keys and macro controls to enable rapid input of complex commands.Some of the features that are common in these keyboards are programmable keys, key-mapping software, extra buttons on the top right corner that can be used for macros or control lighting effects, and anti-ghosting capabilities to ensure that every keystroke has been registeredGaming keyboards are available in different colors and designs as well as varying levels of mechanical or membrane switches. Some gaming keyboards also feature RGB backlighting.Gaming keyboards like the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma RGB have a lot of buttons which might make it difficult to find the right keys. This section will provide some tips for finding the right keys on your gaming keyboard.Some people might find it difficult to use the gaming keyboard because of too many buttons. And they might not be able to find out what they need. But with a bit of practice, you can easily get familiar with the keyboard and its features. First, start by checking out its function key-layout and key-mapping, which is available in Razer's website and manual.This popularity is likely due to how easy it is for gamers to transition from their previous game to this one without having to retrain themselves on new controls or learn a lot about their new favoriteThe gaming keyboard has been around for a while, but it is now being used in many offices. Some people might think that the keyboard will be a bit too loud for office work, but it does not have to be. The key features of the keyboard make it perfect for work environments.The application of gaming keyboards in the workplace has been increasing because they are equipped with various features that make them helpful and efficient when working in an office. Some of these features are noise-cancelling technology, which makes typing quieter than with other keyboards and RGB lighting, which creates a cool atmosphere at the workplace. Another factor contributing to the increase in popularity of these keyboards is that they allow people to switch up their styles. The customization options allow them to have different keys with different colors that match their personalities or matchingThe following is a list of best gaming keyboards.Gaming keyboards are at the top of the list in terms of design and usability. They provide an excellent way to improve your gaming skills by giving you different types of keys to press.Gaming keyboards are an important piece of equipment for any gamer. But the choice of keyboard can affect the game experience to a great degree. The build quality is critical as well as the functionality and reliability of the keyboard. This article aims to provide you with some tips and recommendations that will help you pick out your ideal gaming keyboard.There are many different options of gaming keyboards out there, but which one is best? This section will help you find out.The gaming keyboard for FPS& RTS gamers can be either a mechanical keyboard or an optical one. The mechanical keyboards are made from the metal parts, which is stronger and harder to break, but they have a higher price tag. On the other hand, the optical keyboards are made of glass and between them you can find all kinds of different options like keyswitches or mechanical switches.The gaming keyboard should be suitable for both PC and console players. A key with a bigger weight than your finger usually helps in lessening the recoil from a blow on your hands while playing FPS games such as first-person shooters (FPS). The main reason why we play these games is to shoot at our enemies, not to type on a computer with fingers that are not used in typing tasks. So if you want
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