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KEYCEO es una empresa de alta tecnología que se dedica al teclado de la computadora, el ratón, los auriculares, los equipos de entrada inalámbrica y otros productos.

Fue fundada en 2009. Después de años de desarrollo e innovación técnica, KEYCEO se ha convertido en un fabricante profesional con tecnología líder en este campo.

La fábrica está ubicada en Dongguan, que se conoce como la "fábrica del mundo",  Cubre más de 20000 metros cuadrados. El área práctica del taller de producción alcanza los 7000 metros cuadrados.
Una escala de planta tan grande y altas especificaciones, garantizar el máximo grado de productividad de la empresa y la calidad de producción.
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Tiempo de diseño
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Producción mensual de millones de productos
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We have a high quality R&D team.
While witnessing the rapid development of the industry along with the trend of The Times, our team has been exploring the industry for a long time, and accumulates experience from it. we constantly pursue innovation, and always provide the best products for customers with professional R&D capabilities and excellent research and development results.

●  We fully implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, each process is strictly matched with the quality system, and the advanced supply chain management system runs through the whole process.

●  Our products match the requests of CE, ROHS ,FCC , PAHS ,REACH and so on.

●  With the pursuing of innovation, precise about the details, adhering to the standard, our product quality tends to perfection.
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Línea de producción
curso de desarrollo
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Más de 80 modelos privados Expandiendo el IDM, creó con éxito 2 diseños para compradores VIP
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IDM iniciado oficialmente Expansión del ODM e inicio de IDM
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Inició oficialmente el ODM; Laboratorio propio invertido en fábrica para el equipo de control de calidad; Más de 300 trabajadores en producción y 40 empleados en oficina; Más de 100 millones de facturación; Creó algunos modelos para compradores ODM
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Concéntrese en herramientas privadas OEM hasta 50
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Exposición para OEM Construir un equipo para producción.
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Establecido en 2009 Desarrollo de herramientas e inyector y venta de plástico
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En todo el mercado mundial
En la etapa actual, nuestro mercado de servicios cubre principalmente Sudeste de Asia, Rusia, Europa y América , y los productos de alta calidad y el servicio perfecto han permitido que nuestra facturación anual crezca rápidamente.
Clientes cooperativos
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We have the industry leading automated production equipment, such as

●  2 set of automatic keycaps assembly equipment group.

●  2 set of automatic electronic component insert machine.

●  We have four major production lines and ample equipments. Owning 28 injection molding machines, 1 set of silica gel production equipment, 5 sets of fully automatic integrated keycap assembly equipment, 6 automatic assembly lines (including automatic screw machine), 5 sets of intelligent laser engraving machine, 1 set of leather bonding equipment.

●  Those efficient automated production equipment and professional transparent production process ensure KEYCEO to achieve the high-quality products and fast delivery.

●  In KEYCEO, every product goes through a set of testing, every detail will be scrutinized.

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As long as the product is printed with our LOGO
We will wholeheartedly, seriously responsible, and strive to do the best
We always help customers with the inspection with comprehensive service, to make them be easy at our service and our products.
Besides, we are close to Yantian, shekou, HK port, so the advantageous geographical location can support the superior traffic conditions.
At current stage, our service market mainly cover Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and America, and the high-quality products and the perfect service have enabled our annual turnover to grow rapidly.
We develop more than 300 new products every year, with an annual output of more than 12 million. Our computer keyboards, mouse, headset and other wireless input devices have been purchased and widely used by famous domestic and foreign brands such as Genius/START/Trust/Hama.
Our sales team has left footprints in exhibitions and events around the world.
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We have a variety of team-building activities, looking forward to being with you.
We respect the rights and dignity of all people. As a company, we also act as employers, partners, service providers, etc. We hope we can benefit more people and help improve the community and social environment through our efforts.
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