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Keyceo is an IDM provider that solves pain points for buyers
Our vision is to become the most trustworthy designer, engineer, manufacturer, and inspector to eliminate customer worries.
IDM services support a wide range of applications
Keyceo is also actively involved in the design and development of various medical, banking, and military computer accessories.
Strong design team
Our creative design and rendering team, lets the buyer's products lead the pace of fashion.
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We value your request
Sound reliability laboratory, and chemistry laboratory to ensure that products meet design requirements.
We respect standard processes
Perfect information system management, to ensure that each process is efficient and accurate.
Efficient design and prototyping team
● Design within 48 hours
● First sample within 72 hour
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We are Keyceo

As one of a leading professional custom keyboard and mouse manufacturers, Keyceo aims to create value for customers, increase added value for keyboard mouse brands, make people's work and entertainment easier and more convenient, and make life better.

Keep up with the development of the times, master market trends, and provide customers with perfect solutions through technological innovation and resource integration.

Our vision is to become the most trustworthy designer, engineer, manufacturer, and inspector to eliminate customer worries.

Why market leading brands choose Keyceo
We fully implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, each process is strictly matched with the quality system, and the advanced supply chain management system runs through the whole process.

Our products match the requests of CE, ROHS, FCC, PAHS, REACH and so on. With the pursuing of innovation, precise about the details, adhering to the standard, our product quality tends to perfection.
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R & D team
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Design time
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Days.Project duration
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Research and development OEM/ODM keyboard and mouse
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We support you today and tomorrow.
KEYCEO is here to consult and help you build a profitable and reliable gaming accessories brand. We provide product design and packaging designservices so that you can do a good job in marketing. We can also provide you with China's supply chain management. We keep our warehouse inventory adequate so that your supply chain will not stall.
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We have strong relationships with manufacturers and have earned their trust by providing comprehensive support throughout the solution development and sales cycle - from unit 1 to unit 1000… as efficiently as possible.
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You only need to provide your design drawings to explain your core requirements. Our engineering team will meet all the details until the product is trial-produced, mass-produced, and marketed. We will escort all engineering technology and quality requirements.
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We will provide a complete ID design, as well as product development concepts, functions, target audiences and product selling points. We will complete engineering prototype verification, mold manufacturing, injection molding, PCBA production, reliability testing, and safety testing through a 3D printer. service.
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Stay in touch
How we're different
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Over 20 years industry experience help us more easy working on each Process to help our buyer save the development and production time.
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Around 20 designers and engineers aiding our customers product development for better cost efficiencies performance, and speed to market.
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In KEYCEO, buyers don’t need to bear the tooling cost for our IDM Project, we will pay mold expenses and buyer will only need to invest in marketing and sales of the product.
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We have our own complete life test equipment and ROHS Test equipment , and work with CNAS qualification lab to make sure the certificate comply with international standards.
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Expertise across multiple industries
We have invested in the highest quality and standards.
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Keyboard and mouse brands cooperation cases
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Adjust the position of the side button to meet the majority of right-handed people
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Silicone pad soundproof, removable mechanical shaft
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Compatible with capacitive microphone and movable coil microphone, suitable for outdoor, indoor, portable;
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Ergonomic Keyboard Bluetooth Rechargeable WirelessErgonomic Keyboard with SynthetioLeather Wrist Rest, Multi-Device FullSize Split Keyboard Layout forWindows/Mac OS/Android
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