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The introduction of the whole process of keyboard, mouse and earphone packaging, using all environmentally friendly packaging materials.

1. The whole process of keyboard packaging

1. Packaging design The packaging design of the keyboard needs to meet the requirements of waterproof, shockproof, pressure resistance, etc., and at the same time, it should be beautiful and generous. To avoid waste, the packaging design should be compact.

2. Packaging materials When using keyboard packaging, environmentally friendly materials should be a consideration, for example, using less plastic and simple printing to reduce environmental pollution. Sustainable and biodegradable PP plastic can be used to make the packaging box, the material is stable and not easy to wear and tear.

3. Packaging process In the packaging process of the goods, the keyboard needs to be put into the box first, and then a layer of foam pad or carton is added outside the box. 4. After the keyboard is packaged during transportation, two rounds need to be shipped to ensure safety. Every corner is filled with ingredients, which can play a very good protective role.

2. The whole process of mouse packaging

1. Packaging design The packaging design of the mouse should conform to the humanized design, so as not to hurt people's hands. Also, using smaller images and restrained text can improve recognition in low-light situations.

2. Packaging materials Mouse packaging materials should also consider environmental factors, such as the use of biodegradable materials, such as renewable and recyclable materials. At the same time, simpler carton packaging can be used to reduce waste.

3. During the packaging process, the mouse needs to be placed in a tough box inside, and some foam can be added to it or the cardboard can be supported to effectively prevent it from being squeezed or collided during transportation. It can also be equipped with a protective case to further protect the product from potential damage.

4. During transportation When the mouse is packaged, it needs to be put into a waterproof protective case to protect it from moisture or other potential hazards. The packaging of the mouse is best shipped with two rounds for safety.

3. The whole process of earphone packaging

1. Packaging design The packaging of earphones needs to meet the requirements of humanized design and moisture-proof and shock-proof, and can increase brand recognition at the same time. You can choose a beautiful box design, then add back boxes, insert cards and elevators to promote the product.

2. Packaging materials Headphone packaging materials should also consider environmental factors. Biodegradable materials can be used, no excessive plastic, no excessive printing, to reduce pollution.

3. Packaging process When packaging the earphones, it needs to be placed in a durable box, and equipped with appropriate foam material and waterproof plastic bag to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation.

4. During transportation In order to ensure the safety of the product, the earphones should be transported for one or two rounds for added protection. During transportation, provide sufficient support and space as much as possible, and avoid contact with other heavy and sharp objects.

In the logistics process, in order to ensure product safety and protect the environment, we choose more sustainable packaging materials, and design and pack them according to corresponding specifications. In this way, the safety of goods can be ensured, costs can be reduced, environmental pollution can be reduced, and customers can be better served.

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