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With the continuous development of the smart hardware market, the IDM business model combining creativity, design and manufacturing has gradually attracted people's attention. Among them, I stands for IDEA, D stands for DESIGN, and M stands for manufacturer. By understanding a series of needs such as product descriptions and consumer groups that customers need, we can provide customers with tailor-made products, and provide one-stop services such as product testing, after-sales service, and logistics distribution.

1. The development history of IDM The IDM (Intelligent Device Manufacturer) business model has been popular in the capital industry for many years. Its main purpose is to establish a service system mainly based on processing and manufacturing business through customer demand-oriented, to meet the needs of different customers. need. In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent hardware, the IDM business model has received more and more attention. The original intention of the IDM model is to solve the old problems in the ODM business, that is, ODM manufacturers need to make a lot of investment and development in the process of designing and producing new products, and in this process must solve the quality control of products and the entire manufacturing process monitoring issues in . In order to solve these problems, the original IDM business model mainly adopts the ODM OEM model, that is, on the basis of consultation and cooperation, produce and design its own brand products according to customer needs. This model is an upgraded version based on the ODM model.

In order to adapt to the continuous development of the market and technology, KEYCEO uses this IDM cooperation model to provide a comprehensive service model centered on customer needs. KEYCEO under the IDM model can provide more comprehensive, fast, professional and flexible services to better meet customer needs. , thereby occupying a larger market share.

2. Advantages of KEYCEO's IDM:

1. All-round service: The IDM cooperation model can provide buyers with all-round services, from creative design to manufacturing, to after-sales service and logistics distribution, etc., to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Quick response: The IDM cooperation model can quickly respond to market demand, take customer demand as the guide, launch new products quickly, and seize the market.

3. High flexibility and customizability: By providing buyers with tailor-made services, the IDM business model can better meet the needs and tastes of different customers and improve customer satisfaction.

4. Strong creativity and design: KEYCEO attaches great importance to R&D investment and design, so as to continuously launch more high-quality and personalized products to meet the different needs of the market.

5. High production efficiency: KEYCEO internally optimizes the manufacturing process, improves production efficiency, reduces costs, and quickly responds to market demand by establishing a reasonable supply chain relationship.

3. We firmly believe that the future prospect of KEYCEO's IDM cooperation model is very broad. First of all, with the rapid development of intelligent hardware, the market demand for IDM will increase, and with the continuous development of technology and the improvement of production efficiency, the value of the IDM model will also continue to increase. Secondly, the IDM mode can quickly respond to market demand, and this mode will have more advantages in the fields of KEYBOARD, MOUSE, and HEADSET.

Not only that, but I believe that KEYCEO's IDM model will further develop and expand the scope of business to meet the needs of more buyers.

4. Conclusion The IDM business model is customer-oriented, and can provide all-round services such as creativity, design, and manufacturing, and solves old problems in the ODM business. With the continuous growth of market demand and continuous advancement of technology, KEYCEO's IDM The model will further develop and grow, and occupy a greater advantage in market competition. Although IDM will still face a series of challenges and opportunities in the development process, it is foreseeable that it will become an important part and core competitiveness of the Smart keyboard, smart mouse, smart headphones industry in the future.

As buyers choose high-quality, efficient and thoughtful suppliers, service providers are an important part of brand and sales success. Professional things are left to professional people. KEYCEO is not only a manufacturer of keyboard, mouse and earphones, but also a pioneer in this field. , innovator, realizer.

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