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Provide buyers with all-round services from creative design to production and manufacturing
Are you currently facing these problems?
Concerns of IDM customers include:
Security issues
Customers may worry about how the IDM system can ensure the security of user identities and sensitive data.
Data quality issues
Customers may worry about whether the data quality in the IDM system is high enough and whether the data is accurate.
Integration issues
Customers may need to integrate many different applications in the IDM system, so they worry about how to solve this complex integration issue.
User usability issues
Customers may be concerned about whether the IDM system is easy to use, and whether users can easily access and use the system.
System stability issues
Customers may be concerned about the stability and reliability of the IDM system, and whether the system can be expanded to accommodate future growth.
Adaptability issues
Customers may worry about whether the IDM system is suitable for their specific business needs and processes, and can meet their future needs.
Performance issues
Customers may worry about whether the performance of the IDM system is high enough to support the high load and high concurrency of their business."
Tooling fee
Be required to pay for the mold. If the product is not sold well, the cost of the grinding tool will be wasted
You need to commit to the sales volume and if not complete the same product sales to your competitors.
Long develop cycle
The long development period leads to missing the best selling period.
Want A Get B
Structure, mold, surface treatment is not professional, resulting in the product is look cheap.
Efficiency and Productivity
Worried that smart devices will affect their production efficiency and productivity, IDM smart device manufacturers need to consider their performance in comparison with traditional devices when designing and manufacturing smart devices.
Keyceo IDM (intelligent device manufacturer) service
KEYCEO IDM manufacturer services include:
We will open molds for your design and manufacture
We will open molds for your design and manufacture, provide you with a complete set of business plans, provide customers with tailor-made products, and provide one-stop services such as product testing, after-sales service, and logistics distribution
Product certification
We fully implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, each process is strictly matched with the quality system, and the advanced supply chain management system runs through the whole process.

We have our own ROHS testing equipment and cooperate with CNAS certification laboratory to ensure that the certificate meets international standards. Our products comply with CE, ROHS, FCC, PAHS, REACH and other requirements.
Device management
IDM smart device manufacturers can provide remote management and monitoring services for devices to ensure normal operation of devices and timely repair of faults.
IDM smart device manufacturers can provide multi-level security measures for devices to ensure data security.
 Intelligent operation
IDM smart device manufacturers can add artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology to the equipment to provide intelligent operation services.
User experience optimization
IDM smart device manufacturers can provide user experience optimization services for devices to improve user interaction and user experience.
Data analysis and mining
IDM smart device manufacturers can use big data technology to analyze and mine device data to provide in-depth insights.
Conclusion The IDM business model is customer-oriented, and can provide all-round services such as creativity, design, and manufacturing, and solves old problems in the ODM business. With the continuous growth of market demand and continuous advancement of technology, KEYCEO's IDM model will Will further develop and grow, and occupy a greater advantage in the market competition.
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R & D team
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Scope of enterprise applicable
As a leading professional custom keyboard and mouse manufacturer, across multiple industries, gaming industry, medical industry, education industry, office field, etc.,

Custom keyboard and mouse manufacturers like KEYCEO play an important role in helping companies succeed in different industries. With expertise in designing, engineering and manufacturing high-quality keyboards and mice, they create a better user experience, increase productivity and give customers peace of mind. By constantly innovating and delivering reliable technology solutions, custom keyboard and mouse manufacturers help their customers stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving technology environment.
Types of IDM products
IDM innovatively designs and manufactures customized game accessories and office computer accessories services, that is, it provides not only simple processing and manufacturing, but also a complete service that integrates key components, core technology innovation, software and hardware into a one-stop industrial design station, and integrates computer accessories The most upstream components of the industry chain are connected to both ends of product demand.

We provide product design and packaging design services so you can do your marketing well. We can also provide you with supply chain management in China. We keep our warehouses well stocked so your supply chain never stops.
IDM keyboard
1. KEYCEO can be customized according to customer requirements, from the structure of the keyboard, the material of the shell, the touch of the keys to the color scheme, and even the packaging software can be customized according to the buyer's requirements, so as to meet the different needs of different buyers. It can meet the individual needs of consumers from different regions of the world.

2. KEYCEO has a complete production chain and a professional quality control team. Strict testing standards and accurate testing equipment can ensure the pass rate and quality stability of products.

3. The KEYCEO factory has a large scale, and can produce higher quality products at a lower cost and in a shorter cycle through advantages in scale and efficiency.
IDM Mouse
1. Professional customization according to customer needs, KEYCEO IDM mouse can customize the number of buttons, weight, size, sensitivity, material, appearance design, etc.

2. The mouse produced by the KEYCEO factory adopts strict quality control standards and is certified in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system. After testing, their data indicators are more accurate and reliable than similar products on the market.

3. The KEYCEO factory has a large scale of products, which can professionally manufacture important performance and details, use higher-quality accessory materials, and at the same time control the cost at a lower level and reduce the backlog of inventory.
IDM Headset
1. The earphones of KEYCEO factory adopt a series of high-end technical designs, such as tri-frequency balance technology, subwoofer part technology, music effect adjustment, etc., to bring consumers a better music experience.

2. The earphones of KEYCEO factory are certified in accordance with international standards such as RoHS and CE, which have more guarantees in terms of quality and environmental protection.

3. KEYCEO has a large factory scale and can use higher quality materials to manufacture products, thereby controlling costs at a lower level and reducing backlog inventory.
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We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our headset are current with trends and are of the newest technologies available.
Why choose keyceo IDM service
In order to adapt to the continuous development of the market and technology, KEYCEO uses this IDM cooperation model to provide a comprehensive service model centered on customer needs. KEYCEO under the IDM model can provide more comprehensive, fast, professional and flexible services to better meet customer needs. , thereby occupying a larger market share.
All-round service
The IDM cooperation model can provide buyers with all-round services, from creative design to manufacturing, to after-sales service and logistics distribution, etc., to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Quick response
The IDM cooperation model can quickly respond to market demand, take customer demand as the guide, launch new products quickly, and seize the market.
High flexibility and customizability
By providing buyers with tailor-made services, the IDM business model can better meet the needs and tastes of different customers and improve customer satisfaction.
Strong creativity and design
KEYCEO attaches great importance to R&D investment and design, so as to continuously launch more high-quality and personalized products to meet the different needs of the market.
High production efficiency
KEYCEO internally optimizes the manufacturing process, improves production efficiency, reduces costs, and quickly responds to market demand by establishing a reasonable supply chain relationship.
Keyceo IDM service solution
Verified reference design
With our 14 years of experience in the manufacturing of computer peripheral accessories products, our project executives have continuously summarized industry experience and insight into future trends, and have reserved a large number of forward -looking product creativity.

You can choose our arbitrarily high -quality reference design. We It will provide design guidance with your needs and re -develop your product design within 48 hours. This will reduce the main cost and accelerate large -scale production.
Rapid prototyping
From the prototype of ideas to launching products, it seems to be separated by a few light years. But high -quality prototypes can shorten this distance. The prototype transforms your ideas into the first functional and tangible form. Quickly processing and CNC processing through 3D printing and vacuum casting, injection molding, and CNC processing, the prototype is faster and the cost is lower.

We help you maintain the correct direction and meet your stage goals and time limit requirements. And we will perform operations that are vital nodes.
Raw material procurement and inspection
The main materials used in the process of keyboard production include plastic, circuit boards, rotation, keycaps, etc. The raw materials used in the production process of earphones mainly include plastic, circuit board, speaker unit, etc. In particular, it is important to note that not only the mouse production process includes not only includes the production process Plastic, circuit boards, components, etc., also include high -sensitivity optical head and other components, which are stricter to quality control. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that raw materials are in line with ROHS, PAH, Reach , No odor and so on.
Microelectronics packaging
We try to reduce the micro -electrical devices in your product and make it scalability. Our technical capabilities include high -density SMT, densely packed chip, precision chip sticky, leading and stable packaging technology, and pay close attention to the aspects of heat management, miniaturization, narrowing size and performance improvement.

We have rich experience in SIP (System in Package, system -level packaging) experience, which can provide you with miniaturized design, better features and faster listing time.
Advanced engineering and testing
We will test at the two levels of components and finished products. Your product will comply with regulatory standards, without paying a high cost of delay and suffering from setbacks, you can rest assured.

All test data must be recorded and analyzed to adjust the production process parameters in time and improve product performance and quality.
Freight services from the door
KEYCEO always helps customers to conduct inspections with perfect services, making customers feel at ease about our services and products.

We are close to Yantian, Shekou, Hong Kong ports, so the superior geographical location can support excellent transportation conditions, ensuring KEYCEO to get high-quality products and fast delivery.

As long as our LOGO is printed on the product, we will wholeheartedly, seriously and responsibly, strive to do our best
Computer accessories IDM services for multiple industries
KEYCEO is also actively involved in the design and development ofvarious medical, banking, military computer accessories
Game competition industry
Gaming requires concentration and quick response times. Custom gaming keyboards and mice are specifically designed to deliver advanced features like RGB lighting, programmable keys, and advanced sensor technology to help gamers get an edge over their games. Additionally, ergonomics play an important role in gaming, and custom keyboards and mice are often designed to provide maximum comfort during prolonged use.
Medical industry
Medical professionals rely on technology to organize their files, maintain accurate patient records, and provide efficient care. Custom keyboards and mice for the medical industry are designed with features such as water resistance, antimicrobial coatings and quiet keys to help ensure medical professionals can work safely and efficiently.
Manufacturing involves repetitive tasks that require focus and precision. Custom keyboards and mice designed specifically for this industry often feature features such as hotkeys, programmable buttons, and ergonomic designs to help workers complete tasks quickly and comfortably.
Education industry
With the rise of e-learning, custom keyboards and mice can help educators provide students with engaging and interactive learning experiences. Custom keyboards and mice can be equipped with specific buttons for online learning platforms that can help students learn more efficiently and effectively.
Keyceo IDM cooperation process
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Keyboard and mouse IDM service cooperation cases
Our logistics system covers more than 150 countries around the world.Therefore, no matter where you are in the world can purchase our products, we can provide global distribution service and after-sales service.
KY-M620 IDM left hand vertical mouse
Market overview of left-handed vertical mouse With the development and popularization of computer technology
IDM CCTV keyboard and mouse combo
This keyboard and mouse set can solve the problem of using an independent mouse for each host on the existing monitoring host
KY-MK108 IDM ultra-thin chocolate keycap mechanical keyboard
The whole process of IDM development of ultra-thin chocolate keycapBest gamingofficemechanical keyboard
IDM waterproof keyboard
IDM case with waterproof and antibacterialIPX7 Officekeyboard for medical use
no data
What certificates do you have for keyboards?
CE  ,ROHS, REACH, PAHS ,POP ,etc. Also we can apply for any requested certificate as well as production technology required by it.
What quality control do you make during all manufacturing process?
Quality is our priority. We had fully implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. We start QC from the raw material supplied, each item we are checking before use it on production line. The production line has its own QC from the beginning to the finish of assemble before packing. Finished product have to be inspected before delivery as well.
What kind of PCBA is commonly used in your mechanical keyboards?
PCBA, the heart of the keyboard, is a printed circuit board where switches and everything else fits. It depends on customer needs but we advise to use double layer PCBA.
Do you offer IDM projects for mechanical keyboards?
Yes, we do. We are focused on IDM projects and able to service you during all the developing and manufacturing stages.
How to start an IDM project with you?
First, we have to get and confirm required products specification based on marketing research and technology capabilities.
Do you have R&D department?
We have an experienced R&D department. Our team has been exploring the industry for a long time, and accumulates experience from it. We constantly pursue innovation, and always provide the best products for customers with professional R&D capabilities and excellent research and development results.
Are you able do a layout with special requirements?
We have all required equipment to make any layout for our customers. How to make a backlit for my layout which is not commonly used? We can offer you to develop double injection keycaps which bring to life any of your requests.
What switches can be used in ODM project?
We can offer you wide range of switches, which generally are Linear switches, Tactile switches, Clicky switches. If you have special request, we are open to discuss it.
What kind of backlit can be used in your keyboards?
Static or dynamic illumination are available. Dynamic illumination can be controlled by software or stored in selectable memory of device.
Is it possible to customize the software with my Logo in OEM/ODM project?
Yes, we can do it by customer request.
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