KEYCEO-Design, Manufacturing And Development Services Of Custom Gaming Accessories Supplier & Game Peripherals.

IDM Means , ideadesign , manufacturer. It's a special custom gaming or pc accessories & peripherals service for KEYCEO VIP Buyer . 

What pain points can we solve for the quality buyers through the IDM project ? 

1): Your competitors are selling the same products as yours, which makes your profits lower.

KEYCEO gaming or pc accessories & peripherals IDM Project supports exclusive market. 

2): It is not clear how strong the factory is in technical development, your some good ideas will never be realized.

In KEYCEO , We have a very strong R&D department that can coordinate this .

While witnessing the rapid development of this industry with the trend of the times, our team has made long-term exploration of the gaming or pc accessories & peripherals industry, and accumulated experience from it. We constantly pursue innovation, and always provide the best products for customers with professional R&D capabilities and excellent research and development results. 

We are welcome you to share your new product plan, Our R&D department will make the designs according to the market and our buyer’s demand. Each month, we will complete over 40 designs and select the 2 best design to arrange the mockup .

We will send the complete product design documents and specifications to the buyer, the buyer will replies whether it is necessary to jointly develop this product, as well as comments and suggestions for modification 

3):The ODM Will require to pay for the mold. If the product doesn’t sell well, the cost of the opening tool will be wasted 

In KEYCEO, buyers don’t need to bear the tooling cost for our IDM Project, we will pay for all mold expenses and buyer will only need to invest in marketing and sales of the product 

4): Requires a large order quantity to open the mold, it is difficult to start a new product.

In KEYCEO , 2K to 3K is also acceptable for us to start a new tooling. 

5): The long development period leads to missing the peak selling period

We promise to complete the shipment within 100 days.( 45 days for tooling +25 days for golden sample+30 days for production) 

6): The product development was not in accordance with the industry and international standards, resulting in the buyers' efforts to improve the products in the later period, thereby increasing the cost of procurement management for customers and delayed the launch of the products.

We will cooperate with the best mold companies in this field to develop products according to market demand, so you don’t need worry about tooling quality and time needed.

We have the complete life test laboratory, complete and standardized quality department and system, so you don’t need worry about the quality of yours.

We fully implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, each process is strictly matched with the quality system, and the advanced supply chain management system runs through the whole process.

We have our own ROHS test equipment, and work with CNAS qualification lab to make sure the certificate comply with international standards.

Our products match the requests of CE, ROHS ,FCC , PAHS ,REACH and so on. 

7):The design documents from factory is incomplete, or the format is not matching, The product pictures and other graphic promotional materials are in poor quality

In keyceo .We will do renderings for our IDM project, and will provide full details in one time once you interesting this model . 

How does KEYCEO IDM Product process work?

1):Market research

2):make 40 designs each month

3):Select 2 designs for VIP buyers .

4): Get the feedback form buyers, such as opinion, suggestion, whether to join

5): Buyers only need to pay 5% deposit of the product to start a new product with exclusive selling rights.

6):Keyceo Start tooling

7):Keyceo send Golden sample to buyers for confirmation.

8):Buyers confirm the golden sample

9):Buyers will pay another 25% deposit .

10):KEYCEO start production


What’s the result after the VIP Buyer cooperation the IDM project with KEYCEO

1):The purchase price is confidential

2):Hostile competition is gone

3):The idea came to fruition

4):Your brand is up to you. You don't have to wait or look for it

5):Sustainable growth is a reality

6): The brand image has been improved

7):There’s more money in the pocket


Brand : Insight into market trends, grasp the market hot spots, and strive to be the leader of the industry

Developer: Focus on product design and development, focus on the realization of new technology, focus on mass production, ensure product quality


Through this program, outstanding people will become more outstanding and regional brands will grow into international brands.

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