KEYCEO-Design, Manufacturing And Development Services Of OEM keyboard and mouse brands.

Keyceo fully implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, each process is strictly matched with the quality system, and the advanced supply chain management system runs through the whole process.
Our products match the requests of CE, ROHS ,FCC , PAHS ,REACH and so on.
The factory are fully producton by our self about Electronic Assemby , mold making , silicone modling ,metal staming ,product packing ,quality control ,surface treamtment , laser carving etc . We have the industry leading automated production equipment,  such as 2 set of automatic keycaps assembly equipment group 2 set of automatic electronic component insert machine
We have four major production lines and ample equipments. Owning 28 injection molding machines, 1 set of silica gel production equipment, 5 sets of fully automatic integrated keycap assembly equipment, 6 automatic assembly lines (including automatic screw machine), 5 sets of intelligent laser engraving machine ect 1 set of leather bonding equipment. 
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