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Office Mouse

Office Mouse
The KY-M807 is a wireless mouse, designed for office use. With the ability to connect to three devices simultaneously, it offers convenience and efficiency. Featuring a rechargeable battery and compatibility with both 2.4G and Bluetooth, this mouse is perfect for laptops.
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The office mouse is a mouse specially designed for the office,
High comfort: The Keyceo office mouse adopts an ergonomic design, which can better adapt to the curve of the user's palm and reduce hand fatigue caused by long-term use. The mouse material is made of high-quality ABS material, which feels smooth and sensitive to touch.
Precise positioning: Keyceo office mouse is equipped with a high-precision optical sensor, the highest resolution can reach 8000dpi, and it has 6 levels of adjustable dpi value. This enables the mouse to position the cursor more precisely, improving the precision of the operation, which is very suitable for operations such as image processing, design and programming.
Multifunctional and convenient: Keyceo office mouse has multiple shortcut keys that can be customized, such as: forward/backward, browser switching, macro functions, etc. At the same time, it has a programmable function, and users can customize the functions of the mouse buttons according to their own needs, so as to complete the work more conveniently and quickly.
High durability: Keyceo office mouse has a lifespan of about 500,000 times, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary mice. At the same time, the optical sensor used on the mouse has higher durability and reliability than the mechanical induction trackball, and has a longer service life, so there is no need to worry about the mouse malfunctioning after being used for a long time.
Low noise: Keyceo office mouse button design adopts a soft physical structure, the click sound is small, and will not affect the work and life of the surrounding staff.
Keyceo office mouse has the advantages of precise positioning, low noise, high durability, multi-functional convenience, etc. It is a mouse very suitable for office workers, which can greatly improve people's work efficiency and reduce hand fatigue. Whether it is from practicality or work efficiency, Keyceo office mouse is a good choice.
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