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Regarding Electronic assembly . Our factory have 2 set SMT and 6 set automatic insertion Machanice for switch , Unique design of temperature rise and homoeothermy The cooperation of fast infrared heating with output work 800 W and homoeothermic fan makes the temperature accurate and even and the whole process automatic and accurate in accordance with the preset temperature wave. No need of extra control.Comprehensive functions With functions of reflow soldering, drying, heat preservation, finalizing the design, fast cooling, etc. Capable of soldering single and double PCB panels with all kinds of encapsulation form such as CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, etc; Can be used for glue solidifying, circuit board thermal aging, PCB maintenance, etc; Power supply AC110V/ 50Hz AC220V /60Hz Those electronic assembly machine are help factory improved the quality and produce speed . 
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