Office Keyboard

Office Keyboard

Keyceo office keyboard has a comfortable keyboard design, which can reduce the fatigue caused by long hours of typing. The pressing pressure of each key is uniform, and it has the function of anti-splash,

Multifunctional shortcut keys: Keyceo office keyboard is equipped with multiple function keys, which can be controlled by shortcut keys. Such as volume control, computer lock screen, brightness adjustment, etc. This allows you to easily complete common operations, increasing your productivity.

Lockable WIN key: The WIN key on the keyboard is usually easy to touch or press by mistake, which affects the user's work efficiency. The WIN key of the Keyceo office keyboard is designed to be lockable, which avoids accidental touches and improves user experience.

Durable and Sturdy: The Keyceo office keyboard is made of high-quality materials, all of which are carefully selected, and have higher durability and quality than similar keyboards. It can better meet the requirements of long daily service life. The service life is as high as more than 1 million times, which also ensures the durability of the keyboard.

Low noise: The keyboard sound of Keyceo office keyboard can reach as low as 30dB, which is lower than common office keyboard noise. Whether you are using it in the office or at home, you will not disturb the people around you.

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