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Scissor Keyboard
Keyceo Sissors Keyboard including diferent version , wired , wireless , Blutooth , 2.4G+Bluetotoh dual mode. All the mode are base on Ergonomic Design: low-profile keys, full size keys, arrow keys, number pad offer comfortable typing.                                        SHORTCUT AND MULTIMEDIA KEYS - 13 hot keys that lets you conveniently control your media, access email, browser, and favorites by pressing the Fn-key combined with the F1-F12 QUIET SCISSOR KEYS - Scissor key switch that provides a stable key press for comfortable typing, so you don't have to disturb those around you                                                                                  WIRED CONNECTIVITY - Corded USB keyboard with 4'9 feet (1500 mm) cable length that offers a reliable connection for every day or office use. Plugging in the keyboard cable is all the setup you'll need
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and later versions
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