Keyceo keyboard, mouse, headphones and other product surface processing processes introduction:
The surface treatment process of the keyboard
The whole process of surface treatment process of KEYCEO keyboard, mouse, earphone and other products is introduced.
1. Painted
Part of the keyboard shell needs to be painted. The purpose of spray paint treatment is to increase the aesthetics and durability of the keyboard case. There are two main methods of painting treatment, namely manual painting and automatic painting. Manual painting can ensure that the details are processed according to the designer's requirements, while automatic painting can greatly increase the production speed and ensure the uniformity of painting.
2. Electroplating treatment
mainly for surface treatment of parts such as keycaps and decorative parts. Electroplating treatment is divided into nickel electroplating and gold electroplating in two ways. Gold plating on the keycaps improves their texture and longevity, while nickel plating on the trim improves wear and corrosion resistance.
3. UV printing
can print various simple characters and patterns on the keyboard shell. Compared with the traditional stencil printing method, this processing method is simple, fast, and environmentally friendly. However, when using UV printing, you need to pay attention to ensuring the quality of the ink to improve the aesthetics and durability of the product.
The surface treatment process of the mouse
1. Paint treatment
Similar to the keyboard, the mouse shell also needs to be painted to increase the appearance and durability. The painting of the mouse shell is usually done manually or by machine, and different methods are suitable for different production scenarios. The manual painting method is suitable for small batch production products, while the automatic painting method is suitable for mass production products.
CNC and mirror spark machine and other highprecision mold manufacturing process to ensure perfect product details
HD molds:
Using high-definition mold,clear silhouette, full ofpersonality
Inject brand LOG0
The game also needs tasteand style, and the logo shinesevenly and does not spill light
2. Electroplating treatment
In the surface treatment process of the mouse, electroplating treatment can also be used on some parts, such as the mouse wheel. When gold electroplating and silver electroplating are selected, the appearance, texture and corrosion resistance of the mouse can be improved.
3. Printing
In order to improve the brand influence, aesthetics and personalization of the mouse, KEYCEO will also print on the mouse shell. The printing process generally includes traditional stencil printing and UV printing methods, among which UV printing has become the mainstream processing method due to its higher quality, speed and environmental protection.
Surface treatment process of earphones
The introduction of the whole process of keyboard, mouse and earphone packaging, using all environmentally friendly packaging materials.
1. Paint treatment
Similar to the keyboard and mouse, the earphone casing also needs to be painted to increase the appearance and durability. In the production of earphones, the painting process should not only pursue the beauty, but also ensure the uniformity and quality of the painting.
2. Electroplating treatment
Electroplating treatment in the production of earphones is mainly used on metal parts, such as connectors, earphone covers, etc. Using silver plating or gold plating can improve the brightness and corrosion resistance of the surface of metal parts.
3. Texture treatment
In order to improve the aesthetics of the earphone shell and prevent problems such as sweating, the earphone shell can also be textured. Commonly used texture treatment methods include sandblasting, water stickers, etc., among which sandblasting is better, which can make the earphone shell non-slip.
4. Printing process
The printing process of the earphone shell usually adopts UV printing method to greatly improve production efficiency and printing quality. This printing method can also prevent the printing color from fading, and ensure that the printing quality is not affected by external factors such as temperature and humidity.
The whole process of the surface treatment process of keyboard, mouse, earphone and other products is introduced, including painting, electroplating, UV printing and other aspects. In these surface treatment processes, each link needs to be strictly controlled in accordance with the quality and quality standards to ensure that the products can meet the market demand and user expectations to the greatest extent.
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