KEYCEO-Design, Manufacturing And Development Services Of OEM keyboard and mouse brands.

ODM , It means Original Design Manufacturer

Why choose KEYCEO to carry out your ODM project ?

 (1)No concerns about the tooling issue

a.  We have a high quality R&D team.

While witnessing the rapid development of this industry with the trend of the times, our team has made long-term exploration of the industry, and accumulated experience from it. We constantly pursue innovation, and always provide the best products for customers with professional R&D capabilities and excellent research and development results.

b.  We will cooperate with the best mold companies in this field to develop products according to market demand, so you don’t need worry about tooling quality and time needed.

(2)No concerns about the product quality

At KEYCEO, every product goes through a set of testing, every detail will be scrutinized.

We have the complete life test laboratory, complete and standardized quality department and system, so you don’t need worry about the quality of yours.

(3)No concerns about the certificates of product

We fully implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, each process is strictly matched with the quality system, and the advanced supply chain management system runs through the whole process.

We have our own ROHS test equipment, and work with CNAS qualification lab to make sure the certificate comply with international standards.

Our products match the requests of CE, ROHS ,FCC , PAHS ,REACH and so on.

(4)No concerns about production capacity

We have the industry-leading automated production equipment, such as

2 set of automatic keycaps assembly equipment group

2 set of automatic electronic component insert machine

6 major production lines and ample equipment. Owning 28 injection molding machines, 1 set of silica gel production equipment, 5 sets of fully automatic integrated keycap assembly equipment, 6 automatic assembly lines (including automatic screw machine), 5 sets of intelligent laser engraving machine etc., to meet our buyers’ delivery requirements.

Continuously exceed customer expectations,  

Be creative and forge ahead.  

Walk hand in hand with you to help the electronics manufacturing industry, and to accelerate the world's innovation and manufacturing era,  

We are looking forward to working with you to create a better future!


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