15 years of ODM experience
We have a complete manufacturing processand equipment, and can manufacture products according to customer requirements.
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The concerns of ODM customers mainly include:
Product quality
Small TextWorried that it is difficult for ODM to control product quality, resulting in unstable product quality and affecting brand image and customer experience?
Supplier cooperation
Worried that the cooperative ODM manufacturer cannot meet its quality requirements, delivery date, production capacity, etc.?
Product Design
ODMs are required to understand their needs and be able to translate them into viable product designs. In order to meet market demands, customers need new designs and innovative products?
Production cost
Worried that the ODM production cost is too high, resulting in the price of the final product not meeting the market demand and affecting product sales?
Intellectual property rights
Need to protect your own intellectual property rights to ensure that ODMs will not leak their designs or technologies to competitors?
Communication and coordination
Need continuous communication and coordination with ODM to ensure the consistency of project progress and product target requirements?
Product certificate
Worried that the product is not certified, and the product equipment has not been tested?
After-sales service issues
ODM customers worry about ensuring that their products can receive effective after-sales service in a timely and rapid manner, and worry that ODM manufacturers cannot provide after-sales service that meets their requirements.

Keyceo ODM (intelligent device manufacturer) service
Overview of ODM Manufacturer Services:
Product customization design
KEYCEO has strong product design and R&D capabilities, and can customize and design products according to customer needs and requirements.
We have a complete ODM manufacturing process and equipment, and can manufacture products according to customer requirements.
Quality Control
At KEYCEO, every product goes through a series of tests, and every detail is checked carefully. We have a complete life testing laboratory, a complete and standardized quality department and system, so that your product quality has no worries
Supply chain management and procurement
KEYCEO manufacturers have strong supply chain management and procurement capabilities, which can help customers control costs, optimize production processes, and improve efficiency.
Intellectual property protection
We will protect the intellectual property rights of customers to avoid leakage and infringement.
After-sales service
We provide comprehensive after-sales service and support to ensure that the problems of customers when using the products can be solved in time.
Product certificate
We fully implement the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, each process is strictly matched with the quality system, and the advanced supply chain management system runs through the whole process.
We have our own ROHS testing equipment and cooperate with CNAS certification laboratory to ensure that the certificate meets international standards. Our products comply with CE, ROHS, FCC, PAHS, REACH and other requirements.
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R & D team
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Scope of enterprise applicable
KEYCEO is a professional ODM manufacturing factory, spanning multiple industries, such as game industry, medical industry, education industry, office field, etc., and can create customized mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets and other computer peripheral products for customers. Our products not only have excellent performance and quality, but also have beautiful designs, which can be customized according to customer needs and market demands.

Through excellent product performance and good production quality, if you need a customized computer peripheral accessories, then you can consider choosing us, and we will fully meet your expectations.
Types of ODM products
KEYCEO is a professional ODM manufacturing factory, which can create customized mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets and other computer peripheral products for customers. Our products not only have excellent performance and quality, but also have beautiful designs, which can be customized according to customer needs and market demands.
ODM keyboard
The mechanical keyboard is a product that is more suitable for game users than the traditional membrane keyboard. It is equipped with a mechanical switch. The precision-designed mechanical switch makes the mechanical keyboard feel very good, and the sound generated by wiping the keys is also largely optimized. very suitable for gaming experience. At the same time, mechanical keyboards can withstand a greater number of keystrokes and a longer service life, and some mechanical keyboards for game enthusiasts can even provide users with the function of programmable keys.

Our mechanical keyboard panels can be customized according to customer requirements, suitable for use in different industries and different scenarios. Through different panels and key backlight designs, more unique and popular visual effects can be provided.
ODM Mouse
Gaming Mouse Gamers need a mouse that adequately meets their needs, which requires fast response, high levels of light sensitivity and high sensitivity. Our gaming mice are designed with advanced technology, superior quality control, and cutting-edge features gamers demand, such as fast response, programmable buttons, multi-function scroll wheel, and more.

Through customizable design, it can be designed according to different game types and player needs, such as MOBA games, FPS games, RTS games, etc.
ODM Headphones
Gaming headsets For game lovers, gaming headsets are very important accessories, allowing players to fully experience the scenes and sound effects in the game, and better understand the gameplay. Our gaming headset not only has excellent sound quality, but also has a good sound insulation effect, and also has a variety of sound effects, which can meet different sound effect requirements, such as 3D sound effects, surround sound and so on.

In addition, our gaming headsets are equipped with volume controllers and microphones suitable for gaming operations, allowing players to use without restrictions without changing devices.
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We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our headset are current with trends and are of the newest technologies available.
Keyceo ODM service solution
Facing design
Product design is the key to success. If you have the products that have been verified, we cooperate with you and take into account the factors of manufacturing, cost, reliability, testing and other elements, we will provide design guidance to help you identify the manufacturing process in the manufacturing process. Opportunities and accidental challenges.

Our DFM (Design for Manufacturing) guidance can make your product better operate, have a higher level of customization, have fewer parts, and reduce non -recurring costs to ensure that your product can be established Cost benefits and scale. We will also help perform product verification, test development and value analysis/value engineering.
Mold verification ability
1. Improve production efficiency: By using molds, production efficiency can be effectively improved, production cycle can be shortened, and production cost can be reduced.

2. High precision and good repeatability: CNC machine tools, EDM and other advanced equipment are used for manufacturing, which can ensure the high precision and repeatability of the mold to meet the customer's requirements for product precision.

3. High cycle times: high-quality molds can be recycled for a high number of times, even for many years, reducing investment and operating costs for customers.

4. Improve product quality: Products produced with precision molds generally have higher precision, more stable and reliable product quality, reduce bad losses caused by unqualified products, and better meet customer needs.
Stable raw material supply
1. Improve the efficiency of inventory management: adopting a modern warehouse management system can improve the efficiency of inventory management, reduce errors in warehouse entry and exit operations, and make incoming and outgoing goods more accurate;

2. Realize precise inventory control: Through strict inventory control, the accuracy of inventory can be guaranteed to avoid out-of-stock or excessive inventory;

3. Reduce inventory cost: scientific warehouse management can control inventory cost at a low level, save capital and reduce the risk of inventory backlog;

4. Improve customer service level: through real-time monitoring of inventory status, timely deployment of inventory, to ensure customer supply demand, improve customer service level, and enhance the company's image;

5. Deal with problems in a timely manner: Through good warehouse management, timely discover and deal with possible problems, such as expired products, damaged products, etc., to effectively reduce inventory loss
Strong production and assembly ability
We have four major production lines and sufficient equipment. There are 28 injection molding machines, 1 set of silicone production equipment, 5 sets of automatic keycap all -in assembly equipment, 6 automatic assembly lines (including automatic screw machines), 5 smart laser carving machines, and 1 leather fit equipment.

Those efficient automated production equipment and professional and transparent production processes ensure that Keyceo achieves high -quality products and fast delivery.
Advanced engineering and testing
1. High precision: The mold production adopts advanced CNC machine tools and precision processing equipment, which can realize high-precision processing and meet the requirements of ODM customers.

2. Good repeatability: The service life of the same mold can reach more than thousands of times, the number of cycles is large, and the maintenance cost for long-term use is relatively low.

3. Short processing cycle: The production process used in mold production is more optimized, and the level of automation is higher, so the processing cycle is relatively short, reducing customer waiting time and costs.

4. Low production cost: Mold production is highly automated, and automatic processing equipment replaces traditional manual production, which can effectively reduce labor costs and production costs.
Freight services from the door
"KEYCEO always helps customers to conduct inspections with perfect services, making customers feel at ease about our services and products.

We are close to Yantian, Shekou, Hong Kong ports, so the superior geographical location can support excellent transportation conditions, ensuring KEYCEO to get high-quality products and fast delivery.

As long as our LOGO is printed on the product, we will wholeheartedly, seriously and responsibly, strive to do our best"
Keyceo OEM cooperation process
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Keyboard and mouse brands cooperation cases
Our logistics system covers more than 150 countries around the world.Therefore, no matter where you are in the world can purchase our products, we can provide global distribution service and after-sales service.
KY-K880 ODM Ergonomic split keyboard
Wired Ergonomic Split Keyboard with Pillowed Wrist Rest, USB Computer Arched Keyboard Design for Natural Typing, Split Keyboard Compatible for Windows/Mac, US English Layout. Wired Ergonomic Split Keyboard with Pillowed Wrist Rest.
KY-MK109 ODM Mini Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
Silicone pad sound insulation, detachable mechanical shaft
ODM Mechanical keyboard KY-MK92
With the rapid development of the smart hardware market, mechanical keyboards
KY-M1049 ODM Gaming Mouse DIY
Demand background With the rapid development of the game industry
Water transfer keyboard and mouse set combination
Water transfer keyboard and mouse set combination, comfortable to touch, suitable for gamers, office users and home use
Custom Wooden Design Office Keyboard
Wooden feel keyboard, comfortable feel, suitable for office and home
Waterproof Keyboard
ODM for Global Brand
FULL-SIZED KEYBOARD SIMPLIFIES YOUR WORKFLOW The keyboard features all the standard keys with full-size design – excellent for your daily use.
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Can I develop my own software for OEM and ODM projects?
Of course our engineer team will help you with any idea and give you enough options to realize.
Do you offer ODM projects for gaming keyboards?
Yes, we do. We are focused on ODM projects and able to service you during all the developing and manufacturing stages.
How to start an ODM project with you?
First, we have to get and confirm required products specification based on marketing research and technology capabilities.
Can I develop a special shape design ODM project with you?
For the ODM project the main thing is to be unique in your product shape and its performance. Designer team can do any shape for you.
Do you offer ODM projects for vertical mouse?
Yes, we do. We are focused on ODM projects and able to service you during all the developing and manufacturing stages.
What switches can be used in ODM project?
We can offer you wide range of switches, which generally are Linear switches, Tactile switches, Clicky switches. If you have special request, we are open to discuss it.
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