Wireless Presenter Clicker

Wireless Presenter Clicker
Keyceo is one of the leading Wireless Presenter Clicker Manufacturer and the best OEM Wireless Presenter Clicker manufacturers in China. 
keyceo Wireless Presenter Remote Rechargeable Presentation Clicker, Hyperlink, Volume Control, Laser Pointer, Stylish PPT Clicker for Power Point Presentations, Support different color keyceo POWER POINTER PLUS: Is our latest high functional and high quality presenter remote which supports page up, page down, full screen, black screen, open hyperlinks with a click on the remote and control the volume as well. Covered by our 1 year warranty policy.
WIRELESS: Connects through USB which allows you the range of 100 feet to walk around with the remote in your hand. The USB is magnetically connected to the remote when not in use, so no worries about loosing the USB receiver.
RECHARGEABLE: Allows you to always be able to use your presentation clicker without needing to ever change the battery. Comes with a USB charger.
STYLE: Zetz Power Pointer Plus is the first presenter remote who brought style quality and professionalism together. Either you are a teacher a professor or director showing a presentation, the look of the remote will add it all. The bright rubber buttons will makes it easy to identify and feel the button your are about to click. Comes in an elegant carrying pouch for convenient use and storage.
AIR MOUSE: Use this as your mouse in the air for presenting non power point applications with easy to use functions to select, click and navigate the screen.
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