Regarding the whole process of stamping of hardware:
Definition of metal stamping forming
Stamping forming of hardware for keyboard and mouse is a stamping processing technology, which uses a die to stamp a metal sheet into a specific shape.
Hardware stamping molding process is mainly divided into five steps:
Design, mold making, material cutting, stamping and post-processing.
1. Design
Design is the first step in the stamping and forming of hardware parts. First, it is necessary to determine the required shape and size according to the function and requirements of the part. These requirements are then entered into computer-aided design (CAD) software, which is used to create a computer model, including material thickness, part shape, size and special requirements.
2. Mold making
In the stamping and forming process of hardware parts, some special metal materials are often used, such as steel, aluminum, copper and brass. In order to ensure the accuracy and consistency of stamping parts, some special stamping dies need to be made. In the process of making molds, CNC machining and precision machining techniques are often used to ensure accurate and consistent production quality.
3. Material cutting
In the process of metal stamping and forming, the metal sheet needs to be cut according to the shape of the mold. Typically, sheet metal is cut into the desired shape by large cutters and then further trimmed using wire cutters to achieve the required precision.
4. Stamping and forming
In the process of stamping and forming of hardware parts, the metal sheet is stamped into the required shape using a mold. During the stamping process, the cut sheet metal is placed on a stamping machine together with a die, and the machine is used to apply high pressure to shape the sheet metal into the desired shape and size. Typically, each stamping produces one part, but multiple stampings can be made to produce multiple parts.
5. Post-processing
After stamping, some additional work is required to produce the final hardware product, including operations such as sanding, painting or painting, embossing or marking. Among them, painting or painting can improve the corrosion resistance and durability of the surface.
The characteristics of metal stamping forming
1. High manufacturing efficiency
Metal stamping is an automated processing technology, which can significantly improve manufacturing efficiency in the case of mass production.
2. Low mold production and maintenance costs
The cost of stamping mold production is low, and the cost of maintenance and replacement molds is relatively low, which makes metal stamping a lower production cost option.
3. High processing precision
The stamping and forming of hardware parts has high processing precision, which can be used to produce complex parts and ensure the accuracy and consistency of each part.
4. Good durability
The products of stamping and forming of hardware parts have good durability and can withstand the requirements of high strength and high pressure, thereby further improving the quality and life of the product.
Metal stamping technology is widely used in keyboards, mice, earphones and other products.
For example, in keyboard manufacturing, hardware stamping and forming technology can be used for PCBA fixing, keyboard structural support parts, such as bottom cover, iron bead, balance sense, carbon sheet inside the mechanical shaft body, etc. In the mouse, hardware stamping can be used to produce battery clips, connectors, carbon sheets for mouse switches, and structural parts for encoders. Hardware stamping can be applied to earphone head beams, speaker structural parts and so on in earphones.
Hardware stamping forming technology is an efficient, economical and high-precision processing technology widely used in the modern keyboard, mouse and earphone manufacturing industry. It can be used to produce a variety of metal parts, and has the advantages of low cost, high machining accuracy, and good durability. The wide application of metal stamping forming technology can meet the needs of modern industry for efficient production and high-performance parts, so it has been more and more widely used and promoted. KEYCEO has a professional hardware team and manufacturing equipment ready to work for your products.
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