Introduction to the entire process of keyboard keycap character laser carving craftsmanship:
Overview With the increasing popularity of computers, keyboards have become an indispensable part of our daily work and life. Among them, the characters on the keyboard keycaps, as the core part of the input, are crucial to the user experience. The ways of engraving characters on the keycaps are also becoming more and more diverse, and one of the more common ones is to use laser technology to carry out character engraving. The whole process of laser engraving of keyboard keycap characters will be introduced in detail below.
Process flow
1. Raw material preparation
Before laser engraving of keycap characters, corresponding raw materials need to be prepared and pretreated. Usually, the raw material is ABS and other materials. In order to enhance the stability of the material, it needs to be processed by injection molding and other methods. During injection molding, it is necessary to use different molds for different keycap sizes and shapes, so as to ensure that the produced keycaps meet the specifications.
2. Screening
After the keycaps are made, each keycap needs to be screened to ensure that it has no damage, suitable size, smooth surface, etc. If there are flaws, they need to be ruled out.
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3. Surface cleaning treatment
:Before laser engraving processing, it is necessary to clean the surface of the keycap to remove dust and other blemishes on the surface. This process is usually done by mechanical wiping, which involves the use of varying proportions of surface cleaners.
4. Laser character radium engraving
The cleaned keycaps enter the laser processing room for laser character radium engraving. In this process, the surface is processed by laser points, and the required characters are radium-carved on the surface of the keycap, and expressed in grayscale or bitmap. This process requires corresponding laser precision and stability to ensure the clarity and accuracy of characters. Laser engraving is a relatively complex and high-tech step in the keycap production process, which requires corresponding professional technical support and equipment.
5. Inspection
 After the laser engraving is completed, corresponding inspection and testing are required. It is necessary to check key parameters such as character clarity, offset, and gloss to ensure that the manufactured keycaps meet the requirements.
6. Packaged
After the inspection work is completed, the keycaps can be packaged. During the packaging process, the keycaps need to be classified and packaged according to the laser engraved characters and their uses. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the protection of the sur
The keyboard keycap laser engraving process is a production process with high technical requirements. It is produced through multiple steps such as injection molding, cleaning treatment, and laser engraving, and requires corresponding professional technology and equipment support. During the production process, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of raw materials, rigorous production, and quality inspection to ensure that the produced products meet user needs and wear-resistant life standards.
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