Wireless gaming mechanical keyboard

Wireless gaming mechanical keyboard
Keyceo is one of the leading Wireless gaming mechanical keyboard Manufacturer and the best OEM Wireless gaming mechanical keyboard Manufacturer in China.
Professional keyceo Gaming Keyboard.Colorful Illuminated Keyboard. 4 LED lighting backlit modes, breathing(7-color alternate) Adjustable permanent mixed backlit modes, changeable breathing or permanent lighting mode.
It can be great for playing the game at night even without light. You can also adjust the brightness and breathing speed of the backlit according to your preference,Easy to Operate & Best Gift got Gamer. Automatically enter sleeping mode 10 minutes without operation and backlights off, any key press will awaken and backlights on.
User-friendly, quickly control, no driver needed. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Mac OS, etc.
KEYCEO 2.4G Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard is a computer peripheral that integrates mechanical keyboard and Bluetooth dual-mode functions. Its unique design and excellent performance advantages make it the first choice of many consumers. The following will introduce the advantages of KEYCEO 2.4G Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard in detail. First of all, the keyboard adopts mechanical keyboard technology, which has good feel and tapping feedback. Each key has an independent mechanical axis, which effectively improves the accuracy and comfort of typing/gaming. At the same time, mechanical keyboards have a longer lifespan and greater durability, which makes them economically superior to other types of keyboards. Secondly, the KEYCEO 2.4G Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard can be connected to Bluetooth devices wirelessly to realize wireless operation easily. In addition, it also supports 2.4G wireless transmission technology, which makes the keyboard transmission stable, without delay, and the experience is smoother. It supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices, allowing you to switch freely between work and entertainment. In addition, the keyboard has a very stylish design. Simple and elegant black metal shape, unique backlight design, its appearance is more excellent, with various colors of backlight, showing a unique personality style. Finally, the KEYCEO 2.4G Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard has a built-in set of commonly used multimedia shortcut keys, which can quickly perform operations such as volume adjustment, pause, previous/next song, etc., which is convenient and fast, and improves the convenience of work and entertainment. In short, KEYCEO 2.4G Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard integrates a variety of advantages, including good feel and tapping feedback, multi-mode connection, stylish design, multimedia shortcut keys, etc., making it a leader in the high-end computer peripheral market. It is worth considering and buying by consumers.
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