Triple connection Mechanical keyboard

2021-12-08 11:49:12

Now high end mechanical keyboards are very popular in the market recently.

Especially the keyboards with hotswappable keys function. Today I am going to show you one of our hot selling mechanical keyboards

with this function to you. Our KY-MK59.

These are the components of this model. 


Triple connection Mechanical keyboard  1
Triple connection Mechanical keyboard  2

Here is the top cover of the keyboard/bottom case/the battery/ PCBA board

middle part of the keyboard/the hot swappable switches, you can take out the swithces atime if you want and it still working/ PBT keycaps/screws/ the key pullers/Rubber pads on the bottom

Durable raisers with rubber pads/ USB NANO receiver/ TYPE C cable.

First connect middle part with PCBA board ,  and then install the switches, then it will look like this, 

and connect the battery with the PCBA board, and then we connect this whole part together with the bottom case, and then we install these scwews 

And put the keycaps on the keyboard. Lastly, we put the rubber pads on the bottom case of keyboard.   That's all the process how to instatll the keyboards with hotswapple keys function. This is all for how to install the keyboard. 

Triple connection Mechanical keyboard  3


Triple connection Mechanical keyboard  4

Then let's see its function of this model.

It's with PBT keycaps, different colors available. here're another two samples of our this keyboard for your reference.  besides this, we can also produce the keycaps base on customers designs.

And this model is with RGB backlit,  2.4G + BT + Wired one triple modes. It's with multimedia function. Full keys anti-ghosting

That's all for today's products information, Hope you will like it. Thank you.


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