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Global sourcing HK Fair 11-14th.April,2023

2023-04-20 16:39:10

The keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used input devices for computer users, which can not only improve the operating efficiency of the computer, but also allow the user to use the computer more comfortably. In order to show our latest technology and products to global users, we will participate in Asia Hong Kong Global International Exhibition. At this exhibition, we will present the most cutting-edge keyboard and mouse products, and at the same time demonstrate our R&D strength and brand strength, so as to open up the international market and enhance brand awareness.


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Exhibition introduction: Asia Hong Kong Global International Exhibition is an internationally renowned exhibition, attracting computer technology companies and related service industry companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition has been widely recognized for its professional and international quality, and it is an important platform for exchanging technology and business cooperation. With the continuous innovation of computer technology, there will be numerous new product releases and new technologies unveiled every year, gradually becoming the focus of attention to the development of computer technology.


Company introduction: We are a company focusing on the research and development of computer accessories. Our products cover all common computer accessories, including mice, keyboards, headphones, speakers, etc. We have been committed to providing the best computer accessories products to users all over the world, and always maintain a leading position. Our products are all made of the latest technology and high-quality materials, which can ensure better use effect and comfort in busy work and entertainment life.

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Knowing about the Asia Hong Kong Global International Exhibition, we think it will be a good opportunity to display our latest research results and products, so as to attract more customers and business partners. We will display a series of new keyboards and mice at the exhibition, allowing users to operate computers more conveniently during production and daily use. These new keyboard and mouse products have the following features:

1. Ergonomic design Our designers fully consider ergonomics during the design process to ensure that each keyboard and mouse is reasonably designed to make users more comfortable to use.

2. One-stop solution We will launch a one-stop solution, the components, appearance and functions of each product can be combined freely to meet the different needs and preferences of users.

3. Application of the latest technology Our latest keyboard and mouse products apply the latest technology, including optical assist, photoelectric induction and dual-mode wireless, to make the user experience more smooth and free, and improve production efficiency.

4. High durability and quality assurance We have carried out high-standard quality monitoring, testing and inspection on the production process of each keyboard and mouse to ensure that every user can have the most efficient product experience when working or playing.

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We will also show more product features and application scenarios to help users understand our company's strength and professional performance. In addition, we will publish more information and information, keep in touch with users and business partners at any time, and ensure that our products and services always meet customer needs. Expected effect of the exhibition This time, we will participate in the Global International Exhibition in Hong Kong, Asia, and we will expand the company's popularity in the Chinese and international markets by displaying our latest products and technologies, and establish closer cooperation with potential customers. We expect to obtain the following benefits from the exhibition:

1. Establish business contacts We expect to establish business contacts with professionals from different regions at this exhibition to open up new markets.

2. Promote company brand We want to show our strong brand strength by showcasing our latest research results and products, so as to gain more attention and recognition.

3. Increase market share We expect to expand the company's popularity in the Chinese and international markets and strengthen cooperation with potential customers by participating in the exhibition. Conclusion As one of the most important business platforms in the field of network and computer technology, the exhibition is extremely important for the development and presentation of our company. We believe that this exhibition will be a very valuable opportunity. We will continue to innovate, improve product quality and performance, and provide global users with more high-quality, convenient and efficient computer accessories products and services.

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