KY-M1050 OEM Wireless Transparent Gaming Mouse

2023-03-24 10:26:01

Introducing the Latest Ergonomic Gaming Mouse from KEYCEO - Your Ultimate Gaming Companion!

Are you tired of using the same old mouse that leads to hand and wrist fatigue after just a few hours of use? Do you want a mouse that not only provides comfort but also enhances your gaming experience? Look no further than the latest ergonomic gaming mouse from KEYCEO!


KY-M1050 OEM Wireless Transparent Gaming Mouse 1
Ergonomic design mouse, long time use will not have a sense of fatigue;
Full transparent shell combined with internal lighting, full of futuristic, strong game atmosphere;
Mouse color can be customized according to the needs of buyers, welcome to have theme buyers cooperation theme development;
Adopt high life switch and electronic components to ensure product use experience;
System compatibility by Windows 90/2000/ME/NT Windows XP Windows VISTA 7/8/10/11 Mac.


Our sleek and futuristic design combines a full transparent shell with internal lighting, creating a strong gaming atmosphere that will immerse you in your favorite games. The colors of our mouse can be customized according to the needs of buyers, making it the perfect fit for individuals who want a personalized experience. We welcome theme buyers to collaborate with us on theme development, ensuring your gaming experience is tailored to your preferences.


We've adopted high-quality components to ensure longevity and a seamless user experience. Our gaming mouse comes equipped with high-life switches and electronic components, providing a smooth and precise response every time you click. Furthermore, our gaming mouse is compatible with a range of operating systems, including Windows 90/2000/ME/NT, Windows XP, Windows VISTA 7/8/10/11, and Mac.

KY-M1050 OEM Wireless Transparent Gaming Mouse 2
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At KEYCEO, we've always prided ourselves on advancing with time and maintaining a business philosophy of perseverance. We've produced computer peripheral accessories for over ten years, catering to premium buyers in more than 120 countries worldwide, including supermarket chains, brand owners, and system integrators. Our dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in our products, and we're confident our latest ergonomic gaming mouse will exceed your expectations.


Whether you're an esports professional or a casual gamer, our gaming mouse is the ultimate companion for enhancing your gaming experience. Say goodbye to hand and wrist fatigue, and say hello to a whole new level of gaming. Choose KEYCEO, your ultimate gaming companion.


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