Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard

2023-03-09 15:21:41

Innovative chocolate ultra-quiet structure design, more quiet to use, the touch area of the button cap is enlarged, more comfortable and will not be disturbed;

This specification defines the stylish silent chocolate multimedia keyboard suitable for desktop computers and LCD computers, which is based on the USB protocol. 1.1 General description

Dimensions: 443 (L)* 159 (W)*27.5 (H) (including keycap) mm

Number of keys: 105 Keys (US), 106Keys (UK), 108Keys (KR), 109Keys (BP)

Keyboard weight: 550g

Keyboard pitch: 19.0 mm

Button size: 15.9*15.9mm

Interface type: USB Wired

System requirements: IBM or compatible PC with

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10


mechanical properties

Button structure diagram: Please refer to the following diagram

Appearance and size: please refer to the picture below

Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 1


Material specification
Part name Material UL Grade
Key cap ABS 94HB
Conductive film PET silver paste circuit 94VTM-2
Hot pressed Rubber Silicone liquid molding 94HB
Upper cover
Lower cover
Wire rod
All copper wire

Button silicone life test (test condition: 150g full stroke pressure).

8 million times. (Silicone uses a whole piece of silica gel)

MTBF (Mean time between failure) in life test 8 million life cycle.

Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 2

Keycap pullout force, over 1.5kg
Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 3

Definition of Appearance Specifications

Profile Color Keycap color Keycap printing Label color Cable (S/R)

Color of top cover:

Black or other

Color of lower cover:

Black or other

All black or all white White font Black on white All black or all white

Electrical characteristics

Working voltage: 5V

Working current: 100mA

Control IC: RF: SX83073CE

Typical application circuit and application description

Standard circuit (built-in oscillation, omit external crystal oscillator, can use four-core USB cable)


Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 4

Certification supervision and management: CE,FCC,ROHS

EMS: Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive

Contact discharge: 2, 4 KV

Air discharge: 2, 4, 6, 8 KV. Radiation characteristics

Level: 3V/m, 80-1000MHZ

Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 5

Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 6


Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 7


Silent USB Wired Chocolate Keyboard 8


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