What Is The Best Wired Gaming Mouse?

2023-06-26 10:55:22

There can be several factors when looking for the best gaming mouse for your setup. You will want one that has just the right weight that you are used to, fits your hand size, and is suitable to your preferred grip type. And that’s only the design part.

When it comes to the mouse’s performance, it should have a high polling rate with low click latency. And of course, it should complement the kinds of games you like to play. 


Introduction And The Use Of A Wired Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is not just any regular mouse, but it is designed specifically for gaming purposes. This means you get enhanced features and performance as compared to a regular mouse. These improvements are particularly in precision, speed, and customization as well – so you can adjust your mouse buttons as hotkeys for all the different types of games you play.

Now, with a wired gaming mouse, you can typically gain instantaneous response times at a much lower cost than wireless ones. You don’t need to concern yourself to maintain signal strength and eliminate the tiniest of noises that can ruin the connection. And what’s even better is you can rid yourself of the worries of batteries or charging (which can involve wires, revoking all wireless benefits anyways).


What Is The Best Feature Of A Wired Gaming Mouse?

Although, wireless mice have gained some traction over the years, however, there’s no denying of more than a few advantages of wired gaming mice, such as: being more budget-friendly while still offering bang-for-the-buck performance at a very low cost. 

And there’s no hassle of always having spare batteries just so you can peacefully enjoy long gaming marathons or have uninterrupted productivity sessions while you go into “the zone”. 

With that said, here’s our list of the top 4 wired gaming mice – mid-tier edition. We will focus on the mice that provide the most value for money, so you get absolute performance without breaking the bank.


What Are The Conditions Of A High-Quality Wired Gaming Mouse?

The conditions of a high-quality wired gaming mouse might vary depending on personal preferences. However, here are some popular conditions that are must-haves in a gaming mouse:

1. Sensor Quality – a good sensor offers reliable and precise tracking.

2. Responsiveness – it is typically measured in polling rate and DPI.

3. Polling Rate – 1,000Hz is the most common polling rate for gaming mice.

4. DPI – the DPI sensitivity can be varied from a few hundred to several thousand on the fly.

5. Comfort – Long gaming sessions demand a comfortable gaming mouse.


Our Favorite Top 4 Wired Gaming Mouse

Ahead are some of our top picks for wired gaming mice. These will help you decide on a mouse that most suits your preferences. Whichever mouse you pick, don’t miss one critical point while ordering them – make sure the seller is trustable, so you get a high-quality product and exactly what you ordered. 

To find out if your supplier is trustworthy, you can look at some of their stats such as industry experience, products sold, overall brand image, etc.

For example, Keyceo has over 14 years of industry experience and has an annual output of over 12 million units. The company has its headquarters in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and sells its products to over 100 countries and regions around the world.

What Is The Best Wired Gaming Mouse? 1

1.KY-M1007 Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse


 · DPI 10,000

 · Sensor PMW 3325

 · 7 Total Buttons

 · Polling Rate 1,000Hz

 · Weight 150g



Comfortable and ergonomic design

The braided cable is resistant to tangling and damage

Great sensor performance with a maximum tracking speed of 10,000 DPI



×Weighs over 150g

The KY-M1007 Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse is a great value-for-money investment that features a high-precision optical sensor with over 10K DPI and a stylish LED light on the back that can be customized just how you see fit.

What we like about this product is its braided cable that is resistant to tangling and damage. We have all been through the struggles of tugging at the mouse cable just when we are about to slam an insane headshot. 

It has 7 buttons and customizable software, so you can program and set the button hotkeys according to your gaming preferences.

Although, the mouse is a bit weighty and will take a bit of getting used to; however, being the budget option, the M1007 is well worth its cost-to-price ratio.


2. Razer Basilisk V3

What Is The Best Wired Gaming Mouse? 2



 · 4.7 Stars – 4,394 Ratings

 · 26K Optical Sensor

 · 11 Programmable Buttons

 · Weight 99.9g

 · Price ~ $55



Plenty of buttons

HyperScroll tilt wheel

Great sensor performance



×Bulky and might not fit in laptop bags


The Razer Basilisk V3 is a mouse for all types of gamers. The 11 programmable buttons will help you set up shortcut keys in role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, or even multiplayer games like DOTA 2. 

You might think that it, being bulky and weighty (99g), might not make it suitable for FPS games. However, that’s not true – the 26k DPI sensor along with Razer Focus makes it highly admirable for nailing headshots. 

The multifunctional scroll wheel has both left and right tilt inputs. But what we really like about it is its ability to switch to a much faster free-scrolling mode from a regular notched mode. 

Its software detects how fast you’re scrolling and automatically switches between the two modes. The quick scrolling makes for a graceful bunny hopping, so you can dodge incoming fire in shooter games such as Apex Legends or COD.


3. Razer DeathAdder V3


What Is The Best Wired Gaming Mouse? 3


 · 4.6 Stars – 629 Ratings

 · 30K Optical Sensor

 · 6 Total Buttons

 · Weight 59g

 · 750 IPS max speed

 · Price ~ $55



30,000 CPI – very low click latency

Rated to last for more than 90 million clicks

8K Hz HyperPolling



×Less number of total buttons

×The cable might retain some kinks from the packaging

Razer DeathAdder V3 is a swankier version of the budget edition DeathAdder V2 (V2 is a tremendously popular choice for budget shoppers). As compared to the V2, the Razer V3 is slightly longer with a shell that is taller and more curved. 

The more obvious change is its weight – it weighs only around 59g instead of 82g. This makes the V3 preferable for fast-paced shooter games as nailing flick-shots would feel almost effortless (no weight dragging you down doesn’t have to mean you won’t need hundreds of practice hours to nail those shots). 

Adding to the suitability of the DeathAdder V3 for FPS gaming is the 30,000 CPI. The lift-off points are calculated with greater precision, so you never miss a shot. 

However, what we want to talk about is the 8K HyperPolling technology. The mouse communicates its position to the system around 8,000 in a second. This serves as a near-zero input latency, so your tiniest mouse movements are executed faster than an instant. 

The only real drawback for us is the number of side buttons – there are only 2. You will have to decide your hotkeys more carefully for these buttons. There were also a few reported cases of the cable retaining some kinks from the packaging. 


4.Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite Gaming Mouse



SpecsWhat Is The Best Wired Gaming Mouse? 4

 · 4.4 Stars – 6,479 Ratings

 · 18K DPI

 · 1,000 Hz Polling Rate

 · 17 Total Buttons

 · Weight 122g

 · 250 IPS max speed

 · Price ~ $60



17 Programmable Buttons

Recommended for MMO titles

18K DPI still makes it suitable for FPS gaming



×Bulky and weighty design


With 17 programmable buttons and 12 side buttons, this mouse is recommended for MOBA and MMO titles. These games require too many commands to be executed almost simultaneously to nail sick combos, so you will need these buttons within the reach of your dominant thumb.

Popular titles include Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, DOTA 2, etc. – with customized hotkeys, you can spam Invoker’s Meteor-Blasts with Tornado-EMP combo as many times as you want without missing a beat.

Coming to some performance specs of the Corsair Scimitar, it has a max DPI of up to 18,000. This allows you to find your perfect sensitivity level for your gameplay style; meaning, with this high accuracy you can take this mouse for a spin in FPS titles as well. 

Furthermore, the 1,000 Hz polling rate serves as minimal latency between your input and its execution on the screen. 

The drawbacks are related to the buttons (saw that coming, didn’t you?). The number of buttons is also a double-edged sword as it will require a bulky construction to fit all these buttons. Additionally, there’s not much spacing between the macro buttons. Although, you can adjust the 12 side buttons, thanks to the patented key slider control system.


How Do We Choose And Test The Best Wired Gaming Mouse?

As there are numerous gaming mouse options in the market, choosing the best mouse can become a daunting task. However, we are here to make this task slightly easier for you. To choose the best gaming mouse, we start by considering its popularity and positive reviews among the general public, but we know that’s not enough.

So, we take things a step further and choose the mouse for its suitability for gaming. This can be from their DPI, sensitivity, polling rate, responsiveness, number of mouse buttons, weight, and more. 

Then we list our choices for you for different game types. For example, you’ll need a lighter and faster mouse for FPS gaming. However, in RPG games, some extra weight can be overlooked if it means you get extra mouse buttons to perfectly time all your gaming combos. 



Now, we will recap some of the key insights from the above article, so you can have a closer look at the bottom line for the wired gaming mice mentioned above. 

Starting on the list is our graciously balanced entry of M1007 from Keyceo. Keyceo’s products are known for their high quality and competitive prices and the M1007 is no exception. And on the off-chance, you managed to run into a snag with your product, the company has a strong commitment to customer service and offers a wide variety of warranty and support options.

Moving on, the best-wired gaming mouse for you will primarily depend on how you plan to use it. 

If you’re into FPS gaming, you will want a lightweight with high DPI, so you can quickly move your mouse and get accurate aims. Razer DeathAdder V3 with a 30K optical sensor and 8K polling hertz would be the recommended one for you.

On the other hand, if you’re into MMO gaming, you will want a wired gaming mouse with several buttons, so you can quickly execute numerous skills and commands to excel at these games. The Corsair Scimitar offers 17 programmable buttons with 12 buttons that can be adjusted to your grip.

Finally, if you want the best of both worlds – a wired gaming mouse that you can use for every type of situation without sacrificing performance, design, or quality – the Razer Basilisk V3 is a balanced and highly popular mouse in the community.

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