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10,000 mAh Gasket mechanical keyboard, who does this keyboard want to hang?

Maybe the domestic keyboard manufacturer Heijue wants to make a keyboard that has what other people have, what others don’t have, and everyone has it, which is cheaper than others. Aluminum alloy casing. I have bought the Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard for a while, and I have been using it for coding in the past month, and I will talk about its outstanding features.

Mechanical keyboards with a 98-key layout became popular last year, and mechanical keyboards with a GASEKT structure will become widely known in 2022. In 2022, many domestic keyboards will launch 98-key layout keyboards with a Gasket structure. It can be said that 2022 will be a particularly powerful year for domestic keyboards. Followed by a price cut.

104-key, 98-key, and 100-key plane comparison, size and layout comparison at a glance. I have always been obsessed with keyboards with 98-key layout. The reasons for liking the 98-key layout are:

Align the F1 to F12 of the 104 key and the 98 key, and you can see that the 104 key is longer than the 98 key by about four-fifths of the small keyboard, about 6cm. Both layouts have partitions.

The 100-key layout is more compact, but there is no partition, which saves more space, but it is easy to accidentally touch it in actual use, and it takes a while to get used to it.

The 98 keys are both partitioned and space-saving. There is almost no adaptation period required for the transition from 104 keys to 98 keys.

So I personally hope that more and more keyboards with 98-key layout will become the mainstream.

The 98-key layout of Heijue Ak966 does not have the rigidity of 104 keys. The keycap and base are embedded design, which is integrated and more aesthetic.

The screenshot above is from the Heijue AK966 official banner product rendering. The location of the Heijue AK966 Gasket silicone sleeve is shown in the figure.

Why do some keyboard players "don't buy non-Gasket"? What's so great about the Gasket structure?

Gasket literally translates to the meaning of gasket, so Gasket can also be called gasket structure. In a word, the internal parts of Gasket do not use hard materials such as screws (easy to transmit vibration and sound), but through the internal structure Fixed, while cushioned by the Gasket silicone sleeve, dilute vibration and sound.

Therefore, the linear shaft will perform better on the Gasket structure, such as the red shaft, silver shaft, sky shaft, gold powder shaft, etc., as well as the standard Kaihua ice cream shaft of the Heijue AK966. The better the shaft body, the Gasket structure. The better the performance, on the contrary, for example, when a shaft is struck, the sound of the spring rebounding is louder. Whether or not the Gasket structure is used has weakened this defect.

PS: Unlike other keyboards on the market, Heyjue AK966 uses three layers of Poron cotton instead of silicone pads. Compared with silicone pads, Poron cotton works better and costs more.

Kaihua MX ice cream shaft adopts double-side wall shaft core design. Compared with the traditional cross shaft core, the shaft cavity is not easy to enter dust.

Xiaogu prefers a linear axis, and does not choose a nonlinear axis. The Kaihua ice cream axis is linear and quiet, and the experience is comfortable.

Kaihua ice cream shaft trigger key travel: 2mm

Trigger pressure: 55g

Total key travel: 4mm

Bottom pressure: 70g

There is a soft "da da" sound when the keyboard keys are pressed. The large key of the ice cream switch is equipped with a satellite switch as standard, and the space bar is used as a large key, and the sound is the loudest. The space bar of AK966 is slightly louder than other keys, which belongs to the mute tuning.

There is no stuttering in the middle of the key stroke feedback, no spring echo, the stroke is not jerky, and the adjustment is good.

Of course, AK966 is also equipped with a full-key hot-swappable function as standard, which is compatible with three-legged and five-legged shafts. If you want to change other shafts for playing experience, it is also very convenient. You can just use the free shaft puller to pull it out. .

※ MDA sublimation keycaps with super comfortable touch and super good workmanship

Heijue's AK966 belongs to MDA height. Among several heights, MDA belongs to the high type, between OEM and SA. On the fully surrounded design (non-suspension) keycap, the height of MDA is more appropriate, and the height of the keycap The inclination is also reasonable, and there is no discomfort when hitting the keycap.

There are very few keycaps that look better in real life than in photos. This set of keycaps belongs to this type. It’s okay. My photography skills are too bad. I took a few photos that always failed to capture the actual effect. I prefer the contrasting color design. The light green of the trio, this keyboard should look great with all light green keycaps. The keycap is the medium for human-keyboard interaction. A good keycap can provide a hand feel. I removed the keycap of the AK966 and looked at it. There are no burrs as a whole, and the entire keycap has a fine and frosted texture. MDA keycaps should also be a kind of ball caps. The overall shape is relatively flat, and the keys have little fluctuation, which is suitable for use as a typewriter.

PBT keycaps and ABS keycaps, except that ABS keycaps are superior in terms of light transmission, are not as good as PBT sublimation keycaps in other aspects. For long-term use, PBT sublimation keycaps must be used.

As can be seen from the toggle switch on the left side of the keyboard, AK966 is a three-mode keyboard that supports Bluetooth, wireless, and wired. For wireless keyboards, stability and zero delay are the first, followed by battery life. Generally, the lithium battery with RGB wireless keyboard is about 4000mAh, and the lithium battery of the wireless keyboard without light is about 500mAh. Heijue AK966 directly uses a 10000mAh lithium battery. It can be used continuously for 50 hours when the light is on, and 1200 hours when the light is off. . I've been using it for a month, playing for about an hour a day, and haven't charged it yet.

I prefer the blue monochromatic lighting effect in the picture above, and I can switch various preset lighting effects through Fn + number keys.

It’s been a long time since Heijue’s keyboard package was unpacked, and Heijue’s packaging box has finally been upgraded. It’s packed in a gift box, and there’s a small window on the front for peeking.

· Keyboard*1

· Data cable*1

· Shaft puller*1

· MAC Supplementary Keycaps*4

· Kaihua new shaft tester*1

· Metal Knobs*1

The edge of the keyboard at the palm rest position has been trimmed to avoid pinching the palm.

With a dust cover, the dust cover is thick and hard, and the quality is good.

It is an annoying thing to remove the keycaps to clean the keyboard, so the dust cover is an indispensable accessory for the mechanical keyboard. Usually cover the dust cover, and you only need to clean the dust cover every day.

The new Kaihua shaft is amazing, especially the shaft in the upper right corner, which is called the deep sea silent linear shaft. It is very quiet when I try it on the shaft tester. It may be Kaihua's next king bomb shaft.

There may be typos in the article, please forgive me

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