1000 inner three-mode aluminum alloy mxrskey ck820 kit

This is the key of Mars mxrskey ck820, 82 keys in 75 layout, gasket structure, accidentally made a challenging color, electric purple, a serious purple that looks like purple, if you want to be neutral, you can choose black

Reel design, with knob, shell is 6000 series cnc aluminum alloy, slightly frosted

The outside of the knob is textured and non-slip, the inside is filled with plastic, and there is a mechanical scale feedback when turning

The side directly behind is the typec port for direct insertion, and there is no winding slot

There are 2 light strips on each side

On the back is a dam design, three-mode switching toggle key and mac, windows switching key, with four rubber strip-shaped pads, just treat it as a first gear, and then come with 2 hemispherical magnetic suction rubber pads, which can be called it second gear

It is a hexagonal screw, so it comes with a small L-shaped hexagonal screwdriver. If you often disassemble it, just keep it.

almost 2 catties

The thickness of the fuselage, for the three-mode keyboard, the obvious difference is that there is no storage compartment for the receiver, so the 2.4 is also free-range.

Unscrew the screws, and the upper shell can be opened. This is a gasket structure, surrounded by silicone pads for cushioning, and a pc positioning board

By default, the sandwich cotton and bottom cotton that come with it are made of eva, there is no pad under the shaft, and a 3000mAh battery is placed, which is not too big, but a tailor-made battery compartment is made for it.

The overall positioning board is fixed quite stably, and the pursuit of effect can be done in one step. The entire sound bag is built. The sound bag contains a poron sandwich cotton and bottom cotton, a shaft pad, and an fr4 positioning board.

The wireless solution is Anrui hs6620, Kaihua shaft seat, I use the default padding, in the video I used the ktt red shaft sent by Gauss GANSS at that time, the keycap is translucent at a high price of 29 yuan, but personally I think purple with purple or transparent purple may be more attractive

There is a slight cavity sound, just that kind of metal resonance tail sound

So use this as much as possible for the entire sound pack

1000 aluminum lump three-mode, scroll design, rgb light is at the lower light position, that is, under the button, you need to pay attention when putting on the keycap

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