200 price full-size RGB/hot-swappable/factory run satellite axis achieved——Rapoo V700DIY

The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard I bought a few days ago, the most prominent feature is that the full-key hot-swappable, linear fast silver switch, and built-in factory embellishment have been rolled up to a price in the early 200s. It is a low-cost customized popularization solution, which has the convenience of a mature solution, while taking into account the playability of maximum personalized customization.

The multimedia scroll wheel and metal suspension panel of the V700DIY keyboard reminded me of the advantages of Logitech and Corsair keyboards for the first time, and the texture of the metal silver panel came up immediately.

The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard adopts an overall white color scheme. Usually, I usually choose black peripherals by default. The V700DIY color scheme is indeed more atmospheric, and it is another brand-new feeling compared to the dark system.

Although I had a lot of keyboards at home, Logitech’s G610 and G810 series keyboards are usually the most commonly used. The main reason is that I like the long volume wheel, which is better than the knob-style tuning switch of ordinary keyboards.

This time, Rapoo’s V700DIY is also equipped with this large tuning wheel, and it is also made of metal. The feel and texture are indeed more in place. At the same time, the function switching key can also quickly switch between volume adjustment and backlight brightness adjustment. Personally, I think it is the best solution for the current keyboard wheel.

The set of multimedia keys of the V700DIY keyboard is different from the keyboards I have touched before. Usually the most common multimedia buttons should be light switch, volume switch, multimedia switch and pause switch.

Although the V700DIY is a keyboard that mainly focuses on gaming and e-sports, it still takes into account daily office use.

M key: By pressing it, you can switch between game mode and office mode. In office mode, you can use conventional key combinations according to your daily habits; in game mode, you can activate your own customized key functions in the software.

V1 key: One key to quickly cycle through the lighting effect mode of the keyboard without opening the software.

V2 key: Mainly switch the mode of adjusting the volume and light intensity of the keyboard scroll wheel; the adjustment feel and convenience of the scroll wheel are indeed inseparable from the habit, and now use this V2 to switch the shortcut key of light and volume, keyboard light effect and computer volume can be quickly controlled.

V3 button: One-button mute button, it may be better to distinguish it if it is directly marked with a speaker logo. In fact, the volume can be quickly adjusted through the scroll wheel, and the V3 key can be considered to be bound to another practical function.

The suspension design of the V700DIY is matched with a thick aluminum alloy panel, and the overall weight has reached more than 800 g.

The one-piece feet at the bottom are also equipped with silicone non-slip sleeves on the bottom.

There are 5 long non-slip pads at the bottom of the entire V700DIY keyboard if it is laid flat. It is no problem to use anti-slip with the overall thick and textured desktop, and it can also provide good support in the intense gaming environment.

Usually, I actually prefer the percussion feel of the red switch, so I tend to use a keyboard similar to the red switch in daily use. The silver switch is an enhanced version of the red switch, which is also one of the main reasons why I chose the Rapoo V700DIY fast silver switch this time. one.

This quick silver switch does have lower trigger pressure and shorter trigger stroke than the ordinary red switch, and since this self-developed quick silver switch also provides factory lubrication and adjustment, the overall feeling, especially typing, is very smooth, not There will be a stuck key.

Carefully feel the touch of several buttons, and you can feel that the quick silver switch can be triggered when you press the normal key stroke.

The daily code may not be obvious enough, especially when the game skills are cast, this fast and stable trigger ability can indeed reduce many missing keys.

Rapoo V700DIY comes standard with PBT two-color keycaps. From the above picture, we can see that the RGB lighting effect can be seen from the transparent subtitle part of the keyboard. It’s all called customized DIY, and it’s definitely going to be as hard as possible in the later stage. It can be replaced with a light transmittance or directly with a fully transparent keyboard, and then the overall height can be changed to SA or DSA.

The DIY disassembly and assembly process of the Pennefather V700DIY keyboard is relatively simple, because it is already a semi-customized solution, so the personalized DIY configuration can be worked on in the most conspicuous position. For example, some buttons can be replaced with other switches you like, because the Rapoo V700DIY not only supports the hot-swapping of the switch, but also basically supports the 3-pin or 5-pin switch of other brands on the market, which is the most convenient Maximize and customize the most comfortable and perfect keyboard for you to use.

Quick Silver Axis:

The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard is equipped with self-developed fast silver switches. The overall characteristics are similar to other silver switches, highlighting the short-stroke quick trigger and no sense of paragraph. The focus is on the material, factory lubrication, and tuning.

4mm total stroke, 1.3±0.5mm trigger stroke, 45±10gf trigger pressure;

Axis structure: PVC axis + PC high-transparent upper cover + stainless steel spring + alloy copper sheet + high-density nylon base

I have already mentioned the practical advantages of this self-developed Kuaiyin switch, and it is worth recommending for its own factory lubrication and hot-swappable cost-effectiveness.

With the built-in shaft puller and key puller, the installation and removal of this Kuaiyin switch is very convenient.

In fact, players who like to make customized keyboards must have a lot of various switches in stock at home, especially with keyboards like V700DIY that support hot-swapping, it must be very fast to get started. Take out your favorite shaft body and operate it for a while, replace it with your favorite shaft body at each position, and start operation in minutes.

The backlight effect of the Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard is also very good, which can be adjusted freely according to personal preferences. Through the official software, you can customize the lighting effects to make your keyboard more personalized and unique.

Personally, I feel that this keycap still limits the display of the overall lighting effect. In the later stage, it is decisive to replace it with a keycap with a large light transmittance ratio to fully exert the effect of its RGB ambient lighting effect. As for the types and color settings of the lighting effects, it is really enough. The only thing worth looking forward to is that the follow-up software can add a custom lighting effect module editing function.

If you want to give full play to the full capabilities of this Pennefather V700DIY keyboard, you must go to the official website to download the supporting software for basic operations. https://www.rapoo.cn

Fortunately, the recently released Rapoo related peripherals can use the same set of clients, unlike the previous situation of one hardware and one software. After installing this set of RapooGameDev PC software, I can quickly recognize my V300W mouse, VT9 mouse and V700DIY keyboard. Select one of these to access the detailed settings list for the individual device.

The Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard supports full-key custom key functions, and you can freely set the custom functions and macro commands of each key starting from a single key.

The shortcut combination keys are more practical in office operations, and the macro commands can quickly enter the combination keys for different game needs, and at the same time set the delay and trigger cycle to properly increase the combat power.

Just like solid-state drives and memory, once domestic products enter the game, it will be properly rolled out. Not only the performance is better, but the price is also very good. But it is true that for so many years, players have more and more requirements for mechanical keyboards, and they are becoming more and more strict. Comprehensive configuration and high cost performance are the core needs of everyone at present.

On the whole, the Rapoo V700DIY keyboard can be regarded as a set of simple and elegant appearance design, comfortable hand feeling, excellent keyboard performance, and at the same time taking into account the deep customization and popularization solutions. The most important thing is that the price is positioned in the early 200s.

Advance - an entry-level product that is very suitable for players who plan to further customize in the future;

Retire—it can also be a one-step keyboard for players to pursue cost-effective and comprehensive functions.

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