200 yuan invincible three-mode full key position Gaussian GANSS 3104T

This time I got Gauss GANSS GS3104T, a full-key three-mode hot-swappable keyboard, with an electronic manual

It was supposed to be a white hyacinth, but when I received it in black, it was almost the same. This is a very conventional full-size keyboard, and the appearance is also a conventional board design. All the keys you want are available.

The overall texture is okay, slightly frosted, 36cm, 2 catties

Another difference is that there is a volume adjustment knob on the upper right corner, which can mute the volume when pressed down, but the knob is recessed, and the protruding point on it is relatively small, which is not very convenient to use, but it can still be pressed when pressed. Yes, you can think about finding a replacement knob later, or a small cartoon gadget on it. If I use it myself, the mute frequency may be higher than the tuning frequency, so it doesn't matter.

On the back is the 2-speed foot support, the magnetic 2.4 receiver, and the three-mode physical toggle key. There is an unslotted trace next to it. Maybe it is to add windows and mac switching.

It is also a three-wire wiring slot. It adds a lot of drama to the tyepc cable. It comes with a cover with screws, which is convenient for you to put the data cable inside.

The keycap is made of ABS light-transmitting, two-color injection molding, and the height is also very regular, with a slightly frosted touch, and the edges and corners are slightly rounded, without handle

The one in my hand is a Gaussian powder switch, relatively speaking, the sound is relatively small, between wood and plastic, the trigger force is 43, and it hits the bottom.55

It has the KTT red switch version, the trigger force is 45, the bottom is 55, and the trigger stroke is 1.7, but the sound of the red switch is a bit brittle

Its panel is also buckle + screw, but the buckle is relatively easy to open

The positioning plate is white, and the bottom is the EVA sandwich cotton and the pad under the shaft.

Axis is wolf

The bottom is a layer of sound-absorbing cotton

Then there is the 3000mAh battery. I just found that these keyboards don’t seem to like to make a fixed battery position.

The full size is 200 yuan, and the office is pretty good

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