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Mechanical keyboards are the most worthwhile category of peripherals. They can not only play games, but also be used in office scenes.

Buying a keyboard is really a bit addictive. Compared with the mouse and keyboard, it is more worthwhile to play deeply. There are two reasons. Listen to my analysis and see if it is right:

1. The price of mechanical keyboard covers a wide range, suitable for players with various needs

Mechanical keyboards started earlier than membrane keyboards. Cherries, for example, relied on patents to gain a firm foothold early. In the past few years, the patent period has expired, and hundreds of domestic companies have released it. , such as the recently launched new customized mass-produced keyboards, aluminum shells and knobs, the previous fashionable gasket structure, and the arrangement has also changed from the original 87, 104 to the current 98 and so on. Ten years ago, there were very few options for playing, either cherry, pirate ship, filco, or high-end Japanese electrostatic capacitors. The circle of customization was too small. Today, customer mechanical keyboards can be bought from tens to tens of thousands, satisfying various budgets and needs. Configured players.

Poor and poor play, rich and rich play.

2. Strong playability and high player participation

According to the Hanwen keyboard, which has been quite popular recently, the module design can be adjusted according to the needs. This is already a mode that anyone can play without using their brains. It may be a popular trend next year!

At a higher level, buy a kit yourself, add keycaps and switches, the price of this kind of keyboard will be endless, and you may not be able to assemble them directly if you buy them. If the switches are not hot-swappable, you have to solder them yourself. , some shafts have to be disassembled and lubricated by themselves...

The happiest thing for the keyboard party is to customize an exclusive keyboard for yourself.

Ideas for choosing a keyboard

Talking about my experience in playing keyboards, I have been playing for 10 years. I bought more than 30 keyboards. The most expensive Matrix Lab kit, followed by Japanese electrostatic capacitors. The keyboards I currently have are mainly domestic brands. Now domestic keyboards are too fragrant. Yes, it's a bit like an Android phone. Foreign keyboards can still play with theirs, and domestic products have completely surpassed them in terms of feel and texture. Understanding the basic principles of mechanical keyboards from all aspects will help you choose.


Class representative: the paragraph axis is pressed down, and the linear axis goes straight up and down. The mainstream axes include paragraph axes and linear axes, and the more popular ones in recent years are the advanced paragraph axes.

1、 linear axis , the tapping is straight up and down, there is no sense of stuttering in the middle, and the sound of tapping is the sound of the keycap touching the bottom. Generally, the linear axis is more used as a game axis, so the key travel is relatively short, and it should be the least mechanical axis. The axis, but it is also the most versatile universal oil axis, I personally recommend the linear axis!

2、 paragraph axis , There is a sense of stagnation during the tapping process, there is a loud sound like green, and there is a quiet sound like tea. The ones that are too noisy are usually replaced with shafts that have no obvious characteristics.

3、 advance paragraph axis , the popularity is not high, the most classic is the foreigner’s Holy Panda switch, the price is relatively high, it is a combination of two kinds of switches, currently mass-produced keyboards are not used much, but there are already many domestic switches of the same type, I believe the future will be will shine.

Some basic parameters about the shaft body:

When purchasing a mechanical switch keyboard, the switch body will be introduced separately. Regarding the parameters of the switch body, what you need to know is:

1. When the operating force and the pressure in grams reach the operating force, the keyboard will recognize the key;

2. The trigger stroke, the distance from pressing the keycap to the operating force point is the distance to recognize the input;

3. The total stroke, the distance from the key shaft to the bottom;

4. Pressure point, the concept of the paragraph axis, when the pressure point is pressed, the paragraph is triggered, the greater the distance from the pressure point to the end, the stronger the sense of paragraph.

Each axis has a pressure travel diagram, and the indicators of this axis can be seen from the picture:

The abscissa is the pressing stroke, and the ordinate is the number of grams of pressing;

The upper line is the downward curve, and the lower line is the rebound curve.

E-sports brands have successively launched their own optical switch keyboards in recent years. The biggest advantage of optical switches is fast response, and secondly, better durability. It is suitable for gaming keyboards, but optical switches are relatively niche. The mold cost is relatively high, and it is often used on mid-to-high-end keyboards.

Different types of axes are determined according to each person's subjective preferences. From my own experience, I will give you some suggestions:

1. The paragraph axis is fresh but easy to get tired. The paragraph axis feels very good, especially when typing seriously. When the keyboard brand first introduced the green axis, it used "fresh and crisp paragraph feeling as comfortable as spring". It is really amazing to start using. Avoid using it in offices or dormitories.

2. The linear axis has no characteristics but is not easy to get tired of. The initial use of the linear axis is similar to that of a high-end membrane keyboard. The typing sound is not too loud and there is no sense of paragraph. Most linear axes are advertised as game axes, with short key travel and fast response. If you have the possibility For gaming, direct linear axes are recommended.


Class representative: Gasket is the first choice for customized style keyboards.

After the domestic customized style keyboard became popular, more and more players began to pay attention to the structure of the mechanical keyboard, using two structures to explain the importance of the keyboard structure.

The picture below shows the hull (Tray Mount) with the most mass-produced keyboards. Basic shell + PCB + positioning board. Loose, but the cost of the keyboard is low. Many low-priced keyboards are this solution, and not all of them are not easy to use, but there are hidden dangers that affect the feel.

The picture below is the most popular Gasket structure in the past two years. He uses screws to connect the upper and lower covers and the positioning plate, and the middle positioning plate is supported by rubber pads. The key shaft is more stable, and has a consistent feel, and it is more flexible when tapped. Many of the domestic mechanical keyboards newly launched at the end of last year have similar structures.

The feel of a mechanical keyboard is affected by many factors. The structure of the keyboard is very important. Now, the keyboards advertised by Gasket are basically not too bad. They are only limited to mid-end customized keyboards, and many high-end products of e-sports brands are Just choose your own structure according to your needs and prices.


When you read this post, your budget for buying a keyboard should be above 200. At this price, you can buy a keyboard with PBT material keycaps. In the past few years, PBT was the best among keycaps. Today, it is not as good as in the past. Now ABS Same expensive keycaps.

First of all, you need to know that whether it is PBT or ABS, they are all plastics with different characteristics, and the material itself has little difference in price.

Introduce their differences:

1. PBT is a choice that does not make mistakes. It feels warm and matte, more wear-resistant and not easy to oil, but it is only compared to other materials;

2. ABS, the early keyboards were basically ABS, the texture is relatively soft, and it will be smooth after a long time. texture;

3. PC has the same feel as ABS, but it is not easy to oil. Recently, the translucent keycaps of fashionable PCs will start in the second half of this year.

There are also similar printing processes, etc. I won’t say much. The price is in place. The material of the keycap is secondary, and the main thing is the matching of color matching and personal preference.


Class representative: If there is no special need, buy one with a small keyboard. The most recommended is 98 keys, followed by 104.

Arrangement means the distribution of keys. Initially, the distribution of keys is mainly to distinguish whether there is a small keyboard. The one with number keys is 104, and the one without is 87. In general, when purchasing a keyboard, you must first determine whether you want a number keypad. Office keyboards are recommended to be equipped with number keys. After all, number input will be simple. Pure gamers can choose a small keyboard. If the number keys are used less, they can be discarded directly. Freeing up the mouse on the desktop is more free.

The 104-key keyboard is too large and takes up too much space, but it is the most convenient to use. 87 is to remove the arrangement of the number keyboard.

In the past few years, many new configurations have been launched. My favorite is the 98 key. It was first launched by Leopold in 2016. After the 20-year patent period, many brands have also started to make it. The advantages of 98 are:

1. Equipped with number keys, direction keys, page up and down keys, etc., basically including all commonly used keys;

2. The letter area, direction area and number keys are separated, so it is not easy to make mistakes in touch typing.

Number keys are required, and 98 keys are the most recommended.

The key position of 96 keys is shown in the figure below, which is as convenient as 98, but the three areas are too close to each other, and you will not be able to touch the positions at the beginning.

The 84 configuration completely removes the small keyboard, and still retains the editing area and direction. The compact keyboard without number keys is the best for him. The disadvantage is that the direction keys and letter keys are too close, but there are fewer keys, and it is not easy to press the wrong one. But the overall shape will be messy.

The ROG in the picture below even omits the F area, but retains the arrow keys, which belong to a special arrangement and are specially designed for game use. Gamers save desktop space, and the mouse will not easily touch the keyboard. It is very friendly to gamers. .

Gaming keyboard brand selection: E-sports keyboards are handsome in appearance, with a strong sense of atmosphere. The key switches trigger the keys with short travel and fast response. The current popular brands ROG, Razer and Corsair, and other brands have also launched some e-sports style keyboards, but they are still not as popular as these three. .

As a high-end e-sports equipment brand of ASUS, ROG has become popular in the e-sports circle not long after its establishment in 2006. The eye of faith has penetrated into the bone marrow of players. ROG loyal fans raise their hands!

This ROG Dragon Knight 2 adopts a split modular design. The number keys can be removed and placed on the left side of the main keyboard to reduce the impact of mouse activity on the right side of the keyboard. This generation of Dragon Knight has upgraded dual-mode and ROG self-developed RX light axis. As ROG's flagship keyboard, the Dragon Knight is additionally equipped with four custom keys and a control wheel.

The two optical switches developed by ROG have a stable feel and fast response. The two linear segments meet the needs of different players. With the PBT version of the keycap, the feel is delicate, durable and non-greasy.

The keyboard is also equipped with a magnetic hand rest, and the ergonomic design is also excellent. ROG Dragon Knight 2 can be regarded as the strongest existence among the current e-sports flagship keyboards!

In addition to the installed accessories, the peripherals of CORSAIR are also amazing. The K100 is the flagship keyboard of CORSAIR. The light effect of its peripherals is absolutely top-notch. With its own OPX optical axis, the life of the axis and the response speed are very good. , The keyboard comes with six programmable keys, four multimedia playback keys, a volume wheel and an iCUE control wheel. With its own iCUE software configuration, you can finely customize the functions you need.

ROG Ranger RX is currently the most cost-effective optical axis. The optical axis is generally used on mid-to-high-end gaming keyboards. The active price of the Ranger RX can be within 800 yuan, which is a very suitable price to experience the optical axis. In addition, it also has TKL Mechanical red switch blue switch, three-mode and wired options, rich styles.

Ranger also has a palm rest model. The design of the magnetic palm rest is reasonable to avoid the discomfort of using the keyboard for a long time. Ranger is the mainstay of ROG keyboards, and it is also the top selling style among gaming keyboards. It is the choice of players.

As the big brother of ergonomic peripherals, Logitech has continued to launch new products for so many years. When RGB first became popular, they quickly launched new models. It can be said that they are the hardest-working brand in the industry. Logitech has a rich product line, and you can choose it at any price. product needed.

Logitech is taking the thin and light route in the top gaming keyboards. The ultra-thin design of G913 has a different texture. The five customized keys and knobs have comprehensive multimedia functions, and the simple design of RGB lighting effects provides a good sense of atmosphere for the game. In addition, this is also the royal keyboard of CSGO Komori.

In addition to being thin and light, the design of Logitech's low-profile switch is also very fast, including paragraph and linear feel, which is in line with the preferences of various people.

Customized style brand selection

If you are not sure what type of keyboard you need, I would first recommend buying a brand with a customized style. At the moment when the keyboard is rolled inward, they may be the best choice. This type of keyboard is not incapable of playing games, but the style does not look electric enough. In fact, it is also very suitable for playing games!

1) The material and structure are good, and the configuration of domestic minority keyboards is bold and unrestrained. The gasket structure was fashionable last year, the knob is fashionable this year, and the transparent keycaps will become fashionable in the second half of the year. Playing these brand keyboards is basically a low-end customized keyboard. you are pleasantly surprised;

2) High cost performance, the price of domestic keyboards is four to five hundred, which is not cheap, but the price of customizing a set of the same configuration is about the same;

3) The participation is high, most of them are equipped with hot-swappable switches, and the shells are rich in color, and the keycaps and key switches are particularly easy to change. Buying a few sets of keyboards, switches and keycaps can be exchanged for each other. feel.

Keychron has become popular abroad, and now it is focusing on domestic customized keyboard brands. Their keyboards have a unified design style. At first, Keychron provided MAC users with additional replacement keycaps and adapters, and many brands also rushed to imitate them. In fact, Keychron is a domestic company, a brand that sells top-notch domestic keyboards to foreign countries.

Keychron has the K series that takes the mid-range mechanical keyboard route, which is also the original OEM version of a certain company. The sales volume is more than 1W+. It is conceivable that the quality is also passed. The Q series is Keychron's high-end customized series, as a mass-production customization. The workmanship of the finished chemical machinery and kits is very good.

For customized keyboards, the internal design of Gasket is particularly important. The shock-absorbing and soothing feel is matched with Jiadalong’s domestic shaft and aluminum shell. Keychron is also known as a mass-produced customized brand. If you are a keyboard novice If you want to experience a customized keyboard, it must be your good choice.

iQnix initially made aluminum desktop peripherals, and then began to make mechanical keyboards. His keyboards often use aluminum casings. Five years ago, aluminum tuotuo was still a toy under customization, so people in the circle called him aluminum factory, aluminum The factory is positioned as a mid-to-high-end brand in China, and the price of the keyboard is relatively expensive. His family has its own brand style. Its three popular 80 series, F97 and this year's new ZX75, the product line is simple and has its own characteristics.

This year's new ZX75 adopts 75% configuration, without a small keyboard but with an editing area. It is equipped with a knob that is fashionable in the second half of this year. The plastic shell is matched with a translucent decorative strip to enhance the overall design of the keyboard.

ZX75 is equipped with a hot-swappable switch body, which is full of playability in the later stage. The keyboard has several small designs, which reflect the details of iQunix. The 75% layout is the most practical style without a small keyboard.

The owner of the cheap ass must be an interesting person, who dares to use such a domineering name. Although the brand has become popular in the customization circle in the past few years, in fact, the brand of the cheap donkey has existed in 2014, from the mouse to the headset, and then to the keyboard. At the moment when the big brothers in these industries are so stable, they still launched very Products with brand colors have gradually formed their own style.

This RS2 has an off-white shell, which has a very retro texture. The two-color keycaps are harmonious and beautiful. The Jiadalong shaft feels stable and comfortable. Many friends on the site have exposed it to the sun. You can refer to it. It is really beautiful on the desktop!

The 99-key configuration is suitable for both office and games. The three zones are separated and the physical switch is used to reduce mis-pressing. The three-mode + 3000mAh supports wireless battery life for more than one month. MAC+WIN dual system support.

Only Amilo can keep pace with big F and big L in China. Amilo has been quite successful in the country-style keyboard. His keyboard has added a lot of country-style elements, and each style has its own story. , exquisite printing and excellent feel, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is the big brother of domestic mass-produced keyboards.

This Chang'e is a new product of Amilo that will be launched soon. The image of Guofeng Chang'e was created by Mr. Li Huan, a famous trendy art illustrator in my country. The combination of PBT+ABS+sublimation printing keycaps perfectly shows the keyboard printing. It is not so much a keyboard. , rather a work of art.

There are as many as 13 kinds of switches to choose from, including his electrostatic capacitive switches, which can meet all your needs for the keyboard feel. Amilo is also completely unambiguous in the keyboard workmanship. Double silicone sound-absorbing filling avoids cavity sound, hot plug The shaft puller is convenient for later replacement.

minilo is the first 65% compact 67-key keyboard newly launched by Amilo. At the moment when small keyboards are fashionable, small-sized keyboards are the favorite of many game and desk enthusiasts. minilo is divided into dual-mode static capacitors and wired hot-swappable Two models, the electrostatic capacitor model supports Bluetooth 5.0 and wired, equipped with Amilo electrostatic capacitor V2 shaft body, does not support hot swapping, and the wired single-mode model is equipped with the Zhen series BOX mechanical shaft body jointly launched by Amilo Kaihua, and Support shaft hot swap.

Minilo's appearance ranks at the forefront among mass-produced small-size keyboards. The overall color matching is harmonious and comfortable. The hardware is equipped with a sound-absorbing structure, which reduces the cavity sound and improves the feel.

Royal Axe is a brand of an old foundry. In 2022, Royal Axe will go from being unknown to the fourth place in sales of 618 keyboards. It can be seen that everyone recognizes the brand. There are three series of R/Y/K in his family, and the arrangement is also distinguished. Equipped with large and small keyboards, the three models have different shapes but all have a sense of design, and the color matching is also very bold.

The Y series is a new product launched by his family. The four colors have their own characteristics, hot-swappable + three-mode + two-color injection PBT keycaps + physical switches. The popular elements make him use them all over the place.

It is also the hot Gasket structure in the past two years this year. The internal shell design is very good, and it feels very customized. At first, Royal Ax only used TTC gold powder, but now there are two shafts of fast silver and gold powder, which are currently domestically produced. Pretty good shaft body in the shaft.

Dujia is a well-known domestic peripheral brand. At the end of the glory of the cherry switch, he attracted many players by virtue of its excellent design and texture. "Good student". K610W and K620W are the new models launched by Dujia at the end of last year. The two fresh colors are matched with the Jiadalong shaft body that has been deeply adjusted by Dujia. The four crystal shafts continue the cherry version, and the feel is further improved.

With silicone pads and sound-absorbing cotton, the cavity sound of the keyboard is greatly reduced, and the feel is softer and smoother. There are not many styles of Dujia, but the color matching of each model is very recognizable, and the recognition of the key ring is very high.

Heijue is an old brand of computer peripherals. It was founded in 2009. Its R&D and design capabilities are quite good. Since last year, it has continued to make breakthroughs in the field of customized keyboards. AC067 is a three-mode aluminum shell keyboard, with a compact design of 65% without F area and small keypad area. It is colored in Yuanfeng blue, and the overall keyboard looks very delicate and high-end.

In addition to the Gasket structure design, this keyboard uses Heijue's own blueberry switch, the linear 35g feels light and flexible, and is suitable for office games. Full key supports hot swapping, and the DIY shaft replacement is highly playable.

Miwu is a company in Xiaomi's ecological chain. It designs and produces office accessories, keyboards and mice. At the same time, it is very easy to use. Miwu has made great efforts on the keyboard this year, and has successively launched two large series of POP and ART. This Z830 belongs to the ART series. The design inspiration comes from the FC and NES hosts in the 90s, and the color matching is harmonious and beautiful. , full of sense of design.

Miwu has a good grasp of details and textures. This keyboard adopts the now popular Gasket structure, and the consistency of the hand feel and the control of the cavity sound are very good. The PBT+ sublimation keycaps are not sprayed, and the overall cost performance is very good.

In addition, at the end of the year, Miwu’s Wang Zha will be launched soon, and the jellyfish switch + light-transmitting shell keycap is definitely one of the most noteworthy keyboards this year.

Dareu is an old brand of computer peripherals in China. When WCG was booming, he even became the only designated mouse and keyboard in China. With the rise of customization in the past two years, he has also embarked on the road of customizing the keyboard.

The A98 is one of the models with the highest sales volume in Dareu. The 98 is equipped with good office games. Friends who have used Dareu should feel it. The tuning of Dareu is very good. The percussion feeling is very close to customization, and the hand feel is very Excellent, if you want to experience a customized keyboard, you can start here.

The dismantling diagram of A98 further proves that Dareu uses solid materials and is worthy of an old brand of more than 20 years. A98 Double Eleven can have a better price, and I personally prefer the sky axis. If you don't know which series of shafts is suitable for you, you can go to the video website to search for the brand + model to judge.

The Titanium K850 Caixishi keyboard has two theme colors of "black and white", and is further divided into "ABS keycap and PBT keycap" versions according to the material of the keycap. The large key adopts the design of satellite shaft + balance bar, and further lubricates the shaft body, which greatly improves the balance, comfort and accuracy of the large key when tapping, and also controls the noise well . The 98-key compact layout brings high efficiency and comfort during input, and there are 16.8 million color RGB light effects, which support custom lighting, music rhythm and macro definition, etc.;

It was really unimaginable in the past to get a single-mode hot-swappable RGB mechanical keyboard at a price of less than 200.

Summary: In fact, you can buy a very good three-mode keyboard for about 500 yuan in domestic keyboards. If you don’t have brand beliefs, this price is basically enough to meet all your needs. If emmm is not enough, then add more.

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