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2022 June 18 | "Regular layout" mechanical keyboard subjective recommendation collection

"Game Competitive Direction" mechanical keyboard purchase recommendation collection, I sent it before

Because of the explosive growth and involution of mechanical keyboard products, if this year’s mechanical keyboard recommendation is still like a few years ago, the method of “recommending one product at one price” is neither reasonable nor able to meet everyone’s needs, so this time we are still on the product. The classification has been subdivided, and there are recommendations for general layout, game-oriented keyboard and compact layout. In addition, we will continue to update popular layout topics such as 75% layout and 980 layout, as well as our super pit: "Axis Completion Plan". Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to us!

In this issue, I recommend the mechanical keyboard content of "regular layout", mainly 80% and 100% layout of ANSI standard (that is, 87, 104, 108, etc.) and recommend different products for you from different price points. At the same time, we will put the 100-yuan keyboard with a price of less than 200 yuan in the 100-yuan mechanical keyboard recommendation, and this issue will not list it separately. First of all, it is still our current saving reference table, which lists the recommendations of various layout products at different price points. Next, we will give you further analysis according to the price points!

Key words for purchase: hot-swappable, cost-effective

First of all, it is the 200-350 yuan range where the fight is fierce. This price should be the most concerned and the latest confused price for newcomers. I will recommend some domestic cost-effective products and entry-level models of some flagship products.

The first is Black Canyon X3 and X5, which will never be absent every time. This is an entry-level dual-mode 2.4G wireless wireless keyboard, which is equipped with Kaihua’s own custom BOX shaft body. It should be noted that the X3 and X5 The standard version does not support hot-swapping, if you really like this keyboard and need three-mode hot-swapping, you can refer to the upgraded version of Black Canyon X3pro and X5pro.

Secondly, it is still the Dareu A87 single-mode version that we have recommended many times. This switch hot-swappable keyboard is equipped with Dareu’s independent sky switch/purple gold switch that feels very good. At the same time, the workmanship and texture are relatively solid. The current price has reached three In the early 100s, I personally think it is still the best choice for wired hot-swappable 87 keyboards.

Next is the best choice for a three-mode wireless keyboard within 350 yuan - the GPro yellow switch version of the HELLOGANSS HS87T powered by AA batteries. If you want to choose other switches, you need to add some budget, but even if you choose TTC The final price of the Lieyan red shaft will not exceed 500 yuan, which is very fragrant.

Then there is the AKKO3087/3108 series with a lot of theme options. This series of keyboards has AKKO independent switches and some TTC gold switches at a price of less than 350 yuan. , Doraemon and other themes, as well as more joint color schemes to choose from.

There are also our old buddies - Gauss GS104/87C and IKBCC87/104 series of love pit idiots. These two cherry-axis keyboards that have been sold for many years actually have no major advantages and disadvantages. They are better than the mean and stable, within 250 yuan You can roll. Finally, there is the outdated brand Geely Duck. This year’s Geely Duck’s discount is still quite ruthless. Here we recommend the Geely Duck Ducky9087 equipped with a BOX shaft, which can be bought for about 179 yuan. In addition, the price of the former mid-to-high-end product DuckyOne2 is also good.

Shopping keywords: three-mode, shaft body

This year’s 350-500 yuan price fight is also more intense than in previous years. At this price, you can easily buy a domestically-made three-mode hot-swappable keyboard with an excellent feel, such as the HS87T/98T/108T of HELLOGANSS just mentioned. Most of the themes and shafts are basically in this price range. In addition, the Dareu A87 three-mode model and AKKO’s 3108RF dual-mode model are also in this price range. I won’t repeat the nagging here. Interested friends You can buy it.

The new brand worth mentioning at this price is this year’s super dark horse Royal Axe. As a mass-produced three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard equipped with a TTC gold powder V2 shaft body, the Royal Axe R108 has rolled the price to 499 yuan, becoming In addition to this year's "buy switch, get a keyboard" spokesperson, plus the recently launched Royal Axe R87, these two keyboards are very cost-effective for players who like gold powder switches. If you don’t like the gold powder switch and just want to buy a three-mode keyboard with good cost performance, then X Fish also has a large number of Royal Axe keyboard kits after the switch is removed, only in the early 200 yuan.

Shopping keywords: structure, feel

Continue to increase the budget. The price of 500-700 yuan, which was the main battlefield of domestic three-mode hot-swap in previous years, now places more emphasis on structure and feel. standard.

At this price, the A87Pro launched by Dareu not long ago should be the most recommended. As the "ultimate version" of the classic A87, the structure of the A87Pro is closer to the 87-key version of the A98. The A87Pro adopts a new fence-type Gssket structure, which provides a soft and consistent feel. It is equipped with the Sky Switch V3 and the brand-new Zijin Switch Pro. Due to the new product, there is not much discount, but as a three-mode Gasket keyboard with full handle, the price of 599 is also very worth buying.

In addition, there is also the plagiarism that has been sprayed by us all the time. Although the three-mode Fuling CMK87 at this price is a product that is deeply involved in "plagiarism", it is true that the large key feel and the overall texture of the keyboard are online, and it can be obtained immediately. It is indeed quite capable at the price of 600 yuan, and players who do not have a brand cleanliness can consider it.

Finally, there is Dujia's K620W, which is also a product with a very good overall texture - the overall workmanship is meticulous, and the large keys feel at an excellent level. The customized CAP crystal axis equipped with Jiadalong is also worth experiencing. Of course, the price is a little bit more expensive, especially the 104-key version has broken through 700 yuan.

Shopping keywords: texture, features, theme

When it comes to the more high-end price of 700-1100, whether the keyboard is hot-swappable or not, and whether it has three modes is not so important. Consumers often pay more attention to the brand, texture, and keyboard theme design of the keyboard. added value.

The first is the self-proclaimed "keyboard artist" Amilo. The Amilo VA and MA series are good products and have many classic theme colors such as cherry blossom/mountain top/sea rhyme. This year we recommend Amilo more. Luo Mengdie (starting at 739 yuan), Amilor Huadanniang (starting at 869 yuan) and the just-launched Amilor Warrior Soaring (starting at 939 yuan). It should be noted that this year, in addition to its own static capacitance V2 shaft, Amilo also introduced customized shafts of TTC and other brands in some new products, which enriched everyone's needs for feel.

KeychronQ3, Q3 still belongs to the core selling points of the previous price range-Gasket structure, metal casing, hot-swappable, VIA programmable, etc. It is only because of the cost of CNN's aluminum casing that the price of Q3 has come to a higher level To sum it up in one sentence: Q3 can not only meet the customized entry needs of most users, but also meet the follow-up long-term use.

There is also Leopold, who is called the big L by players, Leopold FC750R/900R is also a very good choice. Of course, Leopold will basically not participate in discount activities such as 6.18, which is dozens of times cheaper than the daily price. One dollar.

At a higher price point, there are basically no particularly suitable mass-produced keyboards. Most of them are products with some customized attributes, and there are even fewer 87/104 configurations. We have included two products in the table—— Rui Smith R87 and Amilor Sword2.

Ruijiang R87 adopts CNC metal body and anodic oxidation process. The comprehensive feel and quality have surpassed the level of many customized products; Amilor Sword2 is Amilor's customized muscle product. Metal CNC body and anodized process with a variety of themed keycaps.

These two keyboards are considered to be of excellent overall quality, but the overall price/performance ratio is average. Everyone has the right to watch the excitement.

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