2023 new keyboard and new desktop: 75 with a silent keyboard, 75 aluminum lumps, 4k type-c display

After using the ifd68 red-axis keyboard for almost 6 years, it finally withdrew from the stage of history for a very practical reason, that is, the typing sound at night and early in the morning is indeed a bit loud, and it disturbs the family. This year, I have received a lot of codeword work, and overtime is a common thing. Therefore, the mute keyboard has become a just need. Originally, I thought it was very simple, just buy a keyboard with silent red switches, and the only option that came to my mind was cherry pink switches. But I haven't looked at mechanical keyboards for several years, so I don't know that the market has undergone earth-shaking changes.

It happened that a buddy was also playing the keyboard, and he entered the 98 configuration. Although I don't use the numeric keypad, I still like the separation of the f area, numeric keypad, and downward arrow keys in the 98 arrangement. This is what I didn't have when I used the 68 compact arrangement before. So I thought that it might not be necessary to re-enter the 68 configuration, and I could separate several keypads a little bit, which can reduce the visual fear of denseness (84 compact configuration is the most dense fear in my opinion, so I haven’t started it), It can also reduce false touches. But I really can't use the numeric keypad, and I always like to compress the array to the smallest possible size. There are some 68 non-compact arrays on the market, such as Kezhi’s k68, which I thought was the most suitable choice; but gradually I saw the 75 array, and after comparing it, I like it more. There are two reasons: the layout of the 75 non-compact array is more balanced; And the function keys in the f area are practical for mac users, such as adjusting the light, volume, calling out mission control and launchpad, etc. So my choice turned to the 75 configuration instead of sticking to the 68.

On the other hand, the selection of shafts is far from monotonous as it was a few years ago. Domestic manufacturers TTC, Kaihua, and Jiadalong have already become the mainstream, while Cherry is no longer sought after by players. I didn't know about this situation before. I bought a finished keyboard with cherry powder, and I was completely persuaded to quit after just two taps. The spring sound was very heavy, so I returned it immediately.

Another more lively concept is the so-called gasket structure, which is said to have a softer feel and a more hifi sound, which can produce mahjong sounds. I'm not so obsessed with the sound, but if the feel can be improved, it would be really good.

I read the reviews on station b and discussed with my buddies. I bought the Kezhi k75, which is equipped with the ttc mute red v3, which is smooth and quiet, but it is a little meaty when it hits the bottom. This is the commonality of the mute switch, and there is no way. Through Ke Zhi, I was very impressed with the rk satellite switch. Many up owners said that this is a t0-level big key. I have played with very few keyboards, but as far as my own feelings are concerned, it is indeed not embarrassing. I bought the color matching of the game console, and the picture shows the keycaps that will be matched in the future. It comes with oem height out of the box. I am not used to it, so I directly replaced it with the Apple-style 2048 keycaps of the original height. Because I use a mac myself, this keyboard seems to fit well.

The keyboard at home has been solved, and the office also wants to replace it with a 75. Continue to search at rk's house. The more cost-effective one is undoubtedly rk's h81. I chose the version with a white shell and a k-pink shaft, which is nearly half cheaper than the k75. In actual use, the k-pin switch performs very well, soft and easy to follow, and a sharp tool for coding. According to reviews, this is one of the best replacements for ttc gold powder shafts. Later, I bought a set of disassembled k75 gold powder switch on Xianyu, and used it together with the K powder switch. As far as my dull feeling is concerned, the difference between gold powder and K powder is very small. Anyway, I am a non-gamer. I can't understand much. There is a little difference in sound between the two, and the sound of Jinfen is louder. Later, out of curiosity, I bought some Jiadalong's g white pro, which is said to be the best substitute for gold powder. I bought the version with double-segment springs. When it is actually installed and used, it seems to be a little harder than the gold powder shaft, and it needs a little more force to press to trigger. The big keys seem to be good as a muscle weakness configuration. The original keycaps are the OEM height of abs. I am not used to it, so I replaced it with a bald 9009 immediately (the main keypad uses a minimalist white, because the letter keys of the 9009 are a bit gray), and it looks quite comfortable.

I thought that after joining the two rk brothers, they would stop when they had a suitable keyboard in their home and office. But during this period of time, due to watching station b more, I have been subjected to various temptations, and I feel very poisoned. One of the poisons that cannot be avoided by key rings is aluminum lumps. Originally, I rejected Altuotuo, because the mainstream is single-mode wired, and I have been using Bluetooth to connect to the macbook; in addition, Altuotuo is too heavy to move; the more important reason is that Altuotuo is really expensive, those famous ones There are thousands of kits at every turn, which is really a bit discouraging. But rationality is still no match for temptation, not to mention that there are some rational reasons to support a handful of aluminum lumps. First of all, the keyboard used in the office does not need to be moved. The desktop is generally quite simple, and it is not impossible to accommodate a helix. In addition, the magic geek, the volume king, even pushed the nearly 2kg aluminum Tuotuo m1 to the The price of 399 is simply unreasonable. So I rushed. The matching gold powder switch is comfortable, and it is not the same feeling as the plastic keyboard. There are many people on the Internet who are dissatisfied with the inner tank configuration of m1, and have provided various modification plans. Maybe what I got is the configuration after the official upgrade, and I really don’t know much about it. Apart from adding a layer of Teflon tape between the upper and lower covers to eliminate resonance, I didn’t make any other modifications. . It seems to work quite well, at least for a novice like me, it is already super good. In terms of workmanship, it also strictly exceeded my expectations, which may be mainly because I have not seen anything in the world. Anyway, I'm a keyboard user, not a gamer, which is fine. After trying several sets of keycaps, I finally felt that minimalist white looked the most comfortable.

At the same time, the display has been replaced with a 4k type-c power supply, so that one cable can solve the signal transmission and power supply of the macbook. ,Adapter cable. Put a new keyboard and a new monitor together and you have a new desktop for the new year. Hope to bring more efficiency to the work.

Originally, the keyboard can be used according to the factory settings, but I still have a small dissatisfaction with the mute switch, that is, the bottoming is a bit fleshy, far from the crispness of ordinary red switches or gold powder switches. After checking some information and the evaluation of station b, some up said that the mute shaft should be placed on a metal positioning plate, preferably a non-gasket structure, otherwise it will add meat to the meat. As soon as I thought it made sense, I joined Moji Hakka’s other volume king mg75, 75 configuration, steel hull, which perfectly met my needs. But after actually getting started, I found that it was not the case. First, the feel continues to be fleshy. Although there is a slight change compared to the gasket of the PC positioning board, the bottoming flesh still exists. My delusion that it will become less fleshy is completely shattered; second, the noise is very loud, and the gasket is more sufficient I underestimated the contribution of the filling to improve the sound quality. Muting does not require a good sound, but at least it needs to be really noise-cancelling. The mg75 did not do this. Therefore, the mute shaft is still used on h81 and k75. The mg75 was given to a friend.

Another problem is that the mute effect of ttc mute red v3 is indeed excellent and feels smooth, but the spring is of regular length and the pressure is 45 grams, which is still heavier than the 37 gold powder I am used to. When switching between the two keyboards Time, there is not a small change in the feel. It was found that ttc's ice static shaft and gold powder shaft use the same specification spring, both are 22 mm long, and the pressure grams are also the same. So I wanted to change to Bingjing v2, but this axis is really expensive, even Xianyu costs 3 yuan more, so I can only take a compromise, that is, replace the letter area and a few common punctuation points with Bingjing, and the rest Continue to use Mute Red v3.

Since the original set of Mute Red has to be disassembled to two keyboards, it is not enough, and the rest of the keys (mainly the f area) are topped with Mute Peach. In addition to the rustling sound of peach, the mute effect is not worse than these two models of ttc.

After changing the main keypad to Bingjing, the typing experience has indeed improved slightly. Of course, what kind of feel each person likes is a very personal thing. I hope to unify the pressing feel of several keyboards with the feel caused by the spring of the gold powder switch, but considering the price and the existing switches in the hand, etc. factors, so a compromise solution was adopted. Overall, the desired effect has been achieved.

I'm just an ordinary keyboard user, not a gamer, so there are still many things in the key ring that I don't understand at all, and I don't plan to learn. The current configuration is very comfortable for me, just use it.

In addition, I also saw some beautiful tables, and the photos are really attractive. But back to reality, it is impossible for my desk to be simplified to that degree of separation. After all, the commonly used things are kept at hand and can be used in actual work. Generally speaking, it’s not too messy, but it’s okay to look at.

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