220 Dayang started with the not-stinky JZ750 Beijing-made keyboard.

Two days ago, I saw a Beijing-made keyboard that can be bought at 224 on the website. Decisively bought two, and then returned one. Just this month, JD.com members have 5 free door-to-door visits, and the privilege of receiving goods has not been used yet.

False group photo. The 2.4 receiver is plugged in by me

Let me show you the comparison between this new keyboard and the old Pennefather mechanical keyboard in my hand.

It can be seen that the design of this keyboard is relatively small. Although it is framed, the overall size is similar to the size of the 87-key keyboard in my hand before, but it is a little higher.

941g weight

The old keyboard weighs 871g

Although the number of cases is less, the weight is actually more than the eighty-seven keys.

On the top is a three-stage switch and a type C charging interface.

Press and hold the FM and B keys to see the approximate power. The more power, the more the backlight will be bright.

This is the multimedia button. But if you look closely, you can see that it is not installed in the middle. probably a little bit side to side

This should be a design problem. In addition, the key travel of the multimedia buttons is too hard. When the whole keyboard is pressed down, the entire keyboard is prying.

Let's talk about the old and new keyboards, the biggest difference. The original Pennefather V500's keyboard with the space bar is a balance bar structure, so after pressing it down, it will move unbalanced left and right.

There is a main body in the middle of the space bar of this keyboard, and the two sides are similar to sliding. The mechanism can ensure that the top and bottom are the same, so after pressing it, it will not deviate left and right.

Let me talk about why this keyboard does not have a very bad smell after opening it. You can see the keyboard, and there is no one-time sticker on the outer packaging. In addition to the name of the second-hand owner, I guess this keyboard has been obtained by the previous buyer. It has been blown with a hair dryer and dried, so the smell is not very big. . In the end, when I was shopping on JD.com, I had a habit of using JD.com’s own Jingfen APP to place an order. I could probably get an additional 8 yuan discount, but I actually didn’t get it.220

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