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3-speed travel adjustment, blood hand ghost T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard evaluation

The optical axis mechanical keyboard has won the favor of many players due to its low latency, long life, waterproof and dustproof, etc. Bloody Ghost, as the main optical axis mechanical keyboard manufacturer, has also attracted the attention of users, and its LK series optical axis has been iterated By the third generation, it can provide players with a more stable feel, faster response speed and longer service life. However, due to the limitation of the structural scheme, the feel of the optical axis is still a little unsatisfactory. How to provide players with a better feel and richer functions has also become the next research and development goal of the Bloody Ghost. Recently, Bloody Ghost released its brand new T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard, which is equipped with a newly designed LT optical axis body, supports adjustable travel, and can provide players with special functions of 3 players and 3 speeds. Next, follow the author Come and see.

Appearance & Details:

The bloody hand ghost T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard has two different color schemes: pixel black and pixel green. The version I got here is the pixel green version. In addition to the keyboard and data cable, it also comes with additional keycaps and key pulls in camouflage colors. Paper jams such as device and instruction manual. (The extra three shafts are required for the evaluation version, but not for the actual product)

This keyboard adopts the very popular 98 arrangement scheme at present. The body size is about: 385mm×138mm×41mm. It provides an independent direction keypad and number keypad to ensure input efficiency while having a smaller body size. , leaving more control space for players to use the mouse, and has excellent performance in terms of space occupation and practicality. The keyboard adopts the army green color scheme as a whole. The darker body and light-colored keycaps match each other. The layout scheme has a good look and feel performance, and the overall recognition is also higher. The keyboard adopts the current mainstream key line separation scheme, and adopts the USB Type-C interface scheme, which has a higher cable compatibility performance, allowing users to easily find compatible cables for connection and use.

There are three status indicators on the upper right border, which correspond to the game mode, number keypad and uppercase and lowercase status respectively. The layout of the indicator lights is reasonable, and the identification is clear, which is convenient for users to check the current working status of the keyboard. The red LT key is a switching button for 3 players and 3 speeds, which can be switched among 3 key strokes and strengths according to the needs of players to cope with different game scenarios.

This keyboard is equipped with a set of light army green light-transmitting keycaps, and the overall design of the keycaps is also very distinctive. The octagonal shape is adopted, and the four corners are all cut corners. The ingenious keycap design also brings a unique visual perception and further improves the recognition of the keyboard.

The design of the bottom of the keyboard is quite satisfactory. It adopts a high and low two-stage layout scheme. With the two-stage support feet, it can provide players with three keyboard inclination schemes, so that most players can find a more suitable input inclination angle and improve the comfort of use. . The top provides a three-way outlet, allowing players to freely adjust the direction of the wire outlet, making the desktop more tidy. On the bottom of the keyboard, we can also see a lot of drain holes, which can quickly drain the liquid in the keyboard to avoid damage to the keyboard caused by liquid intrusion. With the dust-proof and waterproof PCB nano-coating, the durability of the keyboard is further improved, and it can deal with slightly harsh conditions. The usage scenarios are also fearless.

Keycap & Shaft:

The Bloody Ghost T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard is equipped with the latest LT optical axis developed by the Bloody Ghost. The shaft body is a linear feel scheme, providing 3-speed adjustable travel, 3-speed adjustable trigger pressure, and this keyboard has 3 players and 3 speeds. Core functions. The total stroke of the shaft is 3.8mm, the initial trigger pressure is 45gf, the trigger pressure will be slightly reduced with the change of the trigger stroke, the trigger stroke of player 1 is 2mm, the trigger stroke of player 2 is 1.5mm, and the trigger stroke of player 3 is 1mm, which can better adapt to different players. Different games require the use of the keyboard. The linear feel of the red-like axis is light and smooth, the bottom is stable and solid, and the rebound is quick to follow the hand. The overall performance in terms of feel is still very good. Thanks to the characteristics of the optical axis, this switch body has a good quiet performance, and the service life is as high as 100 million times. At the same time, it has a good dustproof and waterproof effect, making the keyboard more durable. The large key part adopts the satellite axis scheme, which feels quite satisfactory, and the control of shaking and abnormal noise still needs to be strengthened. The popular sound-absorbing sponge is also added inside the keyboard to reduce the noise generated when tapping and bring better mute performance.

The LT optical axis adopts a structural scheme similar to that of the MX axis, except that the trigger structure is changed to a light sensor component. Through intelligent light potential calculations, it can accurately identify changes in the amount of light, and cooperate with the extremely short stroke of the trigger reset to achieve a fast trigger response, allowing players to move faster. Always one step ahead. The internal axis adopts the dust-proof wall scheme, which is waterproof and dustproof, and also makes the pressing feel more stable. The upper and lower sides of the axis are respectively added with TPE soft rubber structure, which reduces the noise caused by bottoming out and rebound, and improves the feel while also It also has a more silent percussion performance. The transparent shaft cover adopts a large buckle scheme, which is very reliable in firmness. The fully transparent scheme can also allow the light to achieve better refraction and scattering effects, and improve the look and feel of the keyboard light.

The keycap adopts OEM height ABS light-transmitting keycap, open character scheme, character size is moderate, wider font can also bring better light-transmitting performance. The overall workmanship of the keycaps is acceptable, the burrs on the corners and the spouts are treated relatively cleanly, and the large key positions also provide rich reinforcement ribs to improve the strength. With a relatively dry and delicate touch, it can also bring better hand feeling performance to the players. The 25 camouflage keycaps provided are PBT material keycaps with OEM height. The surface is treated with sublimation technology, which feels delicate and refreshing, and is more oil-resistant and wear-resistant, which can bring better hand-feeling performance to players.

Keyboard backlight:

The bloody ghost T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard provides three backlight modes, which correspond to the special functions of 3 players and 3 speeds respectively. The blue light state has a standard 2mm stroke, the yellow light has a 1.5mm stroke, and the red light has a 1mm stroke, which is convenient for players to identify the current state of the keyboard. status, the switching of different light colors can also bring players a better sense of immersion, and gradually enter the full blood state of the game, and the feeling of releasing the keyboard seal. The overall brightness of the light is moderate, and the look and feel is soft and natural. The gaps of the keycaps can also be completely filled by the light. With the keycaps with transparent characters, the overall look and feel is still very good.

Use test:

The bloody hand ghost T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard provides a full-key no-stroke solution and a game mode, which can avoid problems such as key conflicts affecting operations caused by rapid clicking on multiple keys or some combination keys that cause game suspension and exit, which can further guarantee players Bring a smoother gaming experience. In daily use, we can use the default 2mm, 45gf button scheme, which feels light and smooth, stable and solid, and it is easy to input continuously for a long time. At the same time, it has a good mute performance, which is enough for daily use. In terms of game performance, the 3-player 3-speed adjustable key travel and trigger force design also allow players to easily switch between different usage scenarios and different game types.

For example, in "CS:GO", the author adjusted the key stroke to 1.5mm. The low-latency feature of the LT optical axis makes it easy to realize various subtle operations. , Quick stop, continuous jump and other agility skills are also more handy to use.

For example, in games such as "Warcraft" that require a higher hand speed, adjusting the key travel to 1mm can achieve more key operations at the same time, and the full key no-stroke solution can also avoid fast There is a problem that the key command fails during operation. The shorter key travel also makes the release of skills faster, allowing a series of command operations in one go, providing a better operating feel and gaining certain advantages in the game. The one-button switchable adjustable key travel design also allows players to quickly adjust the key travel and trigger force according to different games and personal preferences, and find the most suitable mode setting for them, which greatly improves the user experience.


The bloody ghost T98 optical axis mechanical keyboard adopts the current popular keyboard arrangement, which achieves a good balance between space and function. The LT optical axis feels soft and smooth, stable and crisp, and the noise control is also very good. It has a good user experience. The core 3-player 3-speed function also allows players to quickly switch according to usage scenarios and game types, eliminating the trouble of replacing keyboards and switches, and the experience is still very good. At present, this keyboard has been officially released, the official price is 599 yuan, and there are multiple discounts during the 618 period. Players who want to experience variable key travel may wish to pay attention.

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