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3-stage variable speed, multi-scene one-key switching, Shuangfeiyan 3 players 3 variable speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98

As one of the efficient human-computer interaction tools, the keyboard is gradually subdivided according to the different needs of the users. In recent years, the mechanical keyboard has captured a large number of loyal consumers with its comfortable feel and precise control, and even many people A variety of keyboards will be equipped for different scenarios of daily office work and gaming e-sports.

And for users like me who want to be able to change the button mode according to the usage scenario and don’t want to buy the keyboard repeatedly, what they need is a keyboard that can freely switch the trigger key travel, but there are only a handful of such products on the market and The price is expensive, and I have been suffering from the lack of suitable products. Until I got the 3-player 3-speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 from the bloody hand ghost of the veteran peripheral manufacturer Shuangfeiyan. After using it for a period of time, the user experience is very good.

Solid workmanship, enough room for DIY

In addition to the pixel green in my hand, the T98 also has a pixel gray color scheme. The key position adopts the mainstream 98-key design, and the overall layout is compact. The most eye-catching one is the red "LT" key in the upper right corner.

Both the keycap and the keyboard shell have been finely chamfered, and the keycap is made of two-color injection molding process, which has good light transmission.

The logo of the Shuangfeiyan bloody hand ghost series is printed in the lower left corner.

The box also comes with a 1.3mm thick sublimation PBT keycap. This material is not easy to oil and affect the appearance even if it is used for a long time. The official will launch more styles in the future.

The back is a Type-C connection port, with a three-way cable management slot, which is convenient for users to choose the cable routing direction according to the desktop layout. It is worth mentioning that the T98 keyboard only supports wired connections. Although the wired mode is more stable and efficient, if the wireless connection can be added, the daily office can be more concise. I hope that a multi-mode version can be launched in the future.

The keyboard has its own tilt angle, and it can be placed on the desktop to rest your hands comfortably. Of course, it would be better if there is a palm rest.

In addition, the foot support on the back can also provide two levels of height, and a non-slip foot pad is added to the foot pad to avoid operation displacement.

Comfortable handle, quiet design

The keyboard adopts Shuangfeiyan's self-developed LT optical axis, optical trigger structure, and the key life is as high as 100 million times. The feel is similar to the red switch, the pressing is refreshing, and the control is excellent. You basically don't need to get used to it, and you can have a good experience when you get started.

While ensuring the feel of the keys, the noise control of the keyboard is also very good. The rebound point and bottom point of the optical axis are controlled by TPE soft rubber, which can effectively eliminate the noise generated by typing on the keyboard. The keys are soft and quiet, which is also suitable for office and home gaming environments.

Game office, one key switch

The biggest highlight of the 3-player 3-speed optical axis mechanical keyboard T98 is that the LT key can switch 3 gears to trigger the stroke with one key. The 1st gear has a 2.0mm stroke, the 2nd gear has a 1.5mm stroke, and the 3rd gear has a 1.0mm stroke.

Each stroke has its own exclusive light effect, showing blue light, yellow light, and red light respectively, and the status of the keyboard is clear at a glance.

However, the fixed light effect means that some RGB fans lose the fun of custom lighting, and the keyboard does not support adjusting the brightness of the light, nor can it turn off the backlight.

Among the three key strokes, the long key stroke can effectively reduce false touches. This gear is suitable for daily office codes. The excellent typing effect of mechanical keyboards is incomparable with membrane keyboards. The silent design is not afraid of disturbing others.

The two-speed short key travel is suitable for fast feedback in e-sports games. Generally, only a few buttons are commonly used in games, allowing you to preemptively strike in the game and bring a smooth gaming experience.

Applicable to multiple scenarios, cost-effective choice

Shuangfeiyan Mechanical Keyboard T98’s three-level trigger key travel allows users to easily enjoy 3 key modes without changing the keyboard, which is suitable for players like me who don’t like tossing, and the shaft core comes with a silent design, which can greatly reduce the friction during use. It is a product with a very excellent comprehensive experience.

If the lighting adjustment function and wireless multi-mode version can be added in the future, it will definitely be a big killer that sweeps the market!

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