30 yuan Xianyu picks up and leaks Eva zero-themed keycaps, the quality is super good!

As mentioned earlier, I recently bought a keyboard kit for the GK980+. The shaft body adopts the gold powder shaft v2. The keycaps were originally programmer keycaps from Pinduoduo. When I was wandering in Xianyu before the goods arrived, I saw this Eva zero keycap again. Free shipping is only 30 yuan, with the mentality of giving it a try. Just get one.

I was not very hopeful at first, because the seller's description was spelled out from a garbage bag, although the spelled out has not been used. And looking at other platforms, the new ones cost around 100 yuan, and even the second-hand ones on Xianyu cost more than 70 yuan. But when I received it, it was amazing. It can be described as excellent value for money.

At the same time, I decisively removed the installed programmer keycap and replaced it with the keycap of the eva zero machine. He really is a man who loves the new and dislikes the old...

The theme keycap of EVA unit zero adopts the body design in the Japanese animation "Neon Genesis Evangelion" as the theme. The appearance design is very anime-style. With the unique blue, white and black color scheme, it presents a very cool effect . Secondly, the pattern of the keycaps is also very exquisite.

It's just that compared with this cool keycap, the packaging is a plastic bag. Of course, 30 yuan can't complain about anything.

In terms of material texture, PBT material should be used, and the texture is good. The surface of the keycaps is smooth, but not slippery, and the feel is very comfortable. The gap between the keycaps is also very suitable, and the keys will not be stuck when used.

The surface workmanship feels very good, but the burrs on the back of some buttons are still obvious.

Although it is said to be pieced together from garbage bags, there are still some additions that should be made. There are a total of 123 keycaps.

There is also a place where the button is found to be not very stitched, and it still feels warped when pressed hard. But... (it's only 30 yuan, it's only 30 yuan, it's only 30 yuan) can be tolerated.

The feel of the keycaps is very important. This EVA zero machine keycap is of XDA height. I am used to the height of OEM, I always feel that XDA is not smooth when I use it for the first time, and typing with flat hands is very tiring.

Later, I found a way, which is to use the keyboard pad that has been eating dust for a long time, and then open the keyboard feet to increase it, so that it can be used smoothly.

In addition, because of the large and full design of the keycap, the elasticity of the keycap is very good when in use, and the feedback of the key is very obvious. With the gold powder switch, the noise when pressed is not too much, giving people a very comfortable feeling. typing experience.

It is a real profit to buy the keycaps of the Eva No. 0 machine in this wave. Unfortunately, the seller also has other two models. After selling a total of more than ten sets, they are all sold out. Otherwise, continue to buy back for collection. Well, this time the content is shared here. If you like it, please give me a like and follow. Thanks for your patience watching.

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