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360-day long battery life, brand-new appearance design, Dujia K620W mechanical keyboard is born for wireless!

618 bought this mechanical keyboard, and I have to say that I am very satisfied, so I would like to share it with you! The Internet is a virtual world, a perfect paradise and a dark hell at the same time. In reality, the distance between people is sometimes so close, but the hearts are thousands of miles apart. The spiritual emptiness cannot find sincere comfort. But the words typed on the keyboard made many people who had never met pour out their hearts and filled the emptiness in their hearts.

Nowadays, the keyboard has become a necessary productivity in the work. An easy-to-use keyboard can greatly increase the speed of typing, thereby improving the efficiency of office work.

The author recently chose a mechanical keyboard on the Internet, and after seeing a dazzling array of product pages, I couldn't help falling into a tangle: which one is better to buy? Which one is more suitable for me? After thousands of choices, I chose the latest K620W from Durga, which made Uncle V fortunate to experience this Durga keyboard for the first time, which can meet the needs of work and games at the same time.

Out of the box: K620W mechanical keyboard accessories are very complete, including plastic keycap dustproof cover, USB to Type-C charging data cable, receiver expansion adapter (USB female port to Type-C female port), key pull device, shaft puller, 2.4G wireless receiver, and Option and Command keycaps that match the MAC system.

The adapter can be combined with the data cable to form a USB extension cable, so that the 2.4G receiver can be as close as possible to the keyboard, so as to avoid interference and cause high wireless delay, which is very suitable for some scenarios with high interference in the wireless environment.

The author thinks that the color scheme of "Island" is a hard-line style. It uses a multi-color matching scheme of dark gray, green gray, dark green and white. ESC, Enter and space bar are white, and all characters are also white. It is low-key and calm. With a touch of liveliness. Another dark, light blue + white keycap and panel "echo" theme color matching is more refreshing.

The keyboard adds a transparent twill acrylic grille panel in the indicator light area. The function buttons corresponding to the indicator lights are caps lock, Win key lock, loading onboard memory, and charging indication. As a decorative panel, this detail adds style to the keyboard.

For three-mode keyboards, the wireless receiver is generally designed to be hidden in the keyboard. The magic of the Duga K620W mechanical keyboard is that the storage compartment for the 2.4GHz wireless receiver is placed next to the foot support on the right side of the bottom, so that there is no need to find a special place to put it. This little receiver is gone. It uses sliding operation, just slide the top cover off.

The author's requirement for the keyboard is that it must have a foot support, and the Dujia K620W mechanical keyboard adopts a two-stage type, which is exactly what I want, so that the height of different gears can be selected for different situations. The default one is the non-slip bracket, which not only supports and prevents the keyboard from being placed on the desktop, but also protects the bottom of the keyboard from being scratched. The other two gears can be adjusted freely, and can be adjusted according to your own usage habits and scenes. The angle adjustment of the three gears is very user-friendly.

Dujia cooperates with Jiadalong to launch a customized shaft - crystal shaft. This series of shafts belongs to Jiadalong CAP shaft and is optimized on the basis of it. After in-depth tuning by Dujia, it feels smoother and more comfortable. Durga's custom switches include: custom red switches, custom tea switches, custom silver switches, and custom mute red switches. The author considers both office work and playing games, so I prefer the universal tea switch.

The customized shaft body adds a silicone pad and sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom to achieve the effect of sound attenuation and shock absorption. It feels crisp and light when used, and has good resilience without that kind of sluggish feeling. If you have to code but can’t make a sound at all, you can actually touch the keycap when you can code, the response is very sensitive, lightly code, press the keycap a little distance and there will be a response.

Duga K620W mechanical keyboard can realize automatic recognition of Windows/Android and MacOS/iOS dual systems, and supports wireless three-mode connection, so whether it is for dual system users or MAC users, this is simply an extra choice.

The keycaps of the Duga K620W mechanical keyboard are all made of PBT two-color keycaps with the height of the original factory. Everyone knows that the keycaps made of PBT can also ensure long-term use without oiling, and avoid the secondary investment of replacing the keycaps in the future.

As a wireless keyboard, Durga K620W has great requirements for battery life. The keyboard has a built-in lithium battery. After being fully charged, it is calculated based on 8 hours of heavy use a day. It can be used for 360 days in Bluetooth mode and 200 days in 2.4GHz connection, but for most people, it will be on standby most of the time. Or off mode, so this keyboard really lasts only one charge a year.

DURGOD's new K620W three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard not only supports hot-swapping, but also improves battery life, and also supports automatic recognition of the current Windows/Android and Mac OS/iOS dual systems, and its appearance design is also quite bright.

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