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618 digital goodies that can be done for less than 1,000 yuan——IQUNIX F97 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard

Written in front of the words:

Everyone, I am Daddy! Long time no see, let's rock together!

618 is coming soon. As a Shanghai citizen who missed 520, I have been working from home for two months. I haven’t lost any work. Taking advantage of the major e-commerce activities on 618, I must give myself a compensation , as a person who likes digital products, I will definitely not miss this good opportunity. Besides, during the home office, the wired keyboard at home is really uncomfortable to use, which really affects work efficiency. After getting the 1K budget approval from LD at home, I searched for a Fan, I am dazzled, and I have the habit of buying familiar and not raw. The IQUNIX OG80 wormhole in the office is very good. I chose this IQUNIX F97 Roaming Guide wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard. Let’s come together Check it out!

Simple unboxing:

The outer packaging of the IQUNIX F97 Wandering Guide is still a pure black cardboard box. The silver hot stamping is very conspicuous and looks very atmospheric. Very conscientious, basically belongs to the ceiling of the industry.

Let’s take a look again: the overall feeling is very good, the cool black style is the same as the wormhole model, it is very suitable for boys who like mechanical products.

You can also look at the product information on the back of the box, including all-aluminum body, mechanical shaft body, Type-C interface, PBT keycap, key line separation, full key without punching, and the product size is 372*123*42mm. The overall feeling is very strong, everything that should be there is available, revealing the full sincerity of the manufacturer.

The switch body, backlight type and connection method I chose are printed on the side. This time I chose the gold powder switch of the TTC switch. This switch body should be similar to the red switch of CHERRY. It is light and fast to knock, and the key is not noisy. , Don't worry about the opinions of the people in the same room.

The aluminum factory is worthy of the name of a big factory. The materials are exquisite, and the box feels heavy in the hand. Open the lid of the box, and finally see the real one. In fact, there is not only a dustproof bag outside the keyboard, but also a dustproof cover, and the cushioning foam pads around it provide stable protection for the product.

After taking out the keyboard, there is a positioning box made of sponge material below, in which various accessories are placed neatly and orderly, including: key puller, wireless receiver, manual, warranty card, shaft puller, USB extension module, cleaning brush and four I was pleasantly surprised by the replaceable keycaps.

Let’s take a family portrait. Compared with the similar products bought before, the accessories of brushes and shaft pullers are generally not given away, and the quality of the aluminum factory is obviously better.

To be honest, when I first got the cleaning brush, I didn’t find its true face. It uses a push-pull opening method. When not in use, the brush head can be hidden, which can prolong its service life and make storage more convenient.

What attracts me most is its appearance. The off-white tone is very fresh, and it looks very cartoony when matched with the theme of comics and aerospace; desktop.

The back of the F97 roaming guide is a whole piece of aluminum plywood, which is very textured in the hand, because it uses a built-in battery, and there is no battery slot on the back, which looks more integrated and complete.

The F97 Roaming Guide has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery, equipped with a low-power wireless module, which can bring a longer battery life in Bluetooth mode, and turn off the keyboard RGB light. Even if it is used for 8 hours a day, the battery life can reach 260 days. Compared with the 20-day battery life of the previous F96 series, it has been greatly improved.

The small black dot in the middle is the mode switching switch, which allows me to switch between wired and wireless modes at will. Of course, the wireless mode is definitely the one I use the most, so that I can not be bound by wires, and the desktop is cleaner.

The overall style of the IQUNIX F97 Roaming Guide is in line with its theme - Roaming! The keyboard is full of aerospace elements, including rockets, space suits, lunar rovers, satellites, etc. It is very cartoony, and the overall design style is more classic, I like it very much!

Compared with the 87-key model, this F97 roaming guide has an additional numeric keypad, which is very practical. The 96% compact layout makes the size 30% smaller than the standard version of the ordinary 108-key keyboard, but for this reason, four The arrow keys are integrated between the large and small keyboards, and it may be necessary to fully adapt to the operation.

The keycap of this F97 is made of PBT material, which is made of thermal sublimation process, which has better wear resistance, and is not easy to fade after long-term use, and is more beautiful and durable. The feel is also very good.

All-aluminum alloy body, thick aluminum plate, assembled with bolts, the workmanship is very high-end. The round feet are like two backgammon pieces, one big and one small, and they also have the function of anti-skid. Such foot pads make the keyboard and the desktop form an included angle of 6°. With the curvature of the keycaps, it is more in line with the curvature of the human hand, and it is indeed more comfortable when typing.

On the upper left side of the keyboard of the F97 Roaming Guide is a wired interface, which uses a Type-C interface and connects the data cable that comes with the box to become a wired mode. This F97 roaming guide keyboard supports three connection methods: wireless, wired, and Bluetooth. The latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology in Bluetooth mode has lower latency and lower power consumption.

When the cable is plugged in, the indicator light between the G and H keys will flash, indicating the current link status. When the link is successful, the indicator light turns blue, and you can start using it.

In terms of switches, the F97 Wandering Guide provides Cherry and TTC switches. Finally, I chose TTC’s gold powder switch. It is also very good for daily coding. The ultra-light trigger pressure of 37g and the paragraph-like feel are very suitable for typing late at night. , and will not disturb the roommates, very NICE.

The full key supports hot-swapping, you can change the shaft body at will, customize the player's favorite, and customize the sound, feel, and color that belong to you.

experience feelings:

F97 supports the separation of keys and wires, 96% of the layout, not counting games or code words, is very comfortable; three connection modes (wired, wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.1) are very convenient, and it can also charge the keyboard battery in wired mode. Laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones can all be used.

Although it is a bit more expensive than the matte version, the RGB version looks much cooler. At night, when I look at this kind of radiance and tap the keyboard briskly, I suddenly feel that the extra money is worth it. up.

This effect is like ripples rippling all around, stirring up waves in my heart, I really have nothing to say!

Let's take a look at other RGB dynamic lighting effects, which are quite colorful. With different colors and dynamics, I can also create my own personalized desktop. After seeing the effect for my buddies, my mouth is watering all over the place.


IQUNIX F97 Roaming Guide is not only a product with outstanding appearance, but also a conscience keyboard with complete functions and convenience. Full-textured materials, low-key color matching, excellent workmanship, 96% layout, full keyboard function, and three-mode connection methods all reveal the sincerity of the manufacturer.

In terms of hand feel, the feeling of gold powder is better than that of the red switch, which makes me write lightly in the middle of the night. If you want to talk about the shortcomings, it may be that you are not used to the use of the arrow keys. I believe that it will get better soon!

Therefore, this IQUNIX F97 Roaming Guide is a very comprehensive good keyboard worth starting with!

Well, that's all for today, see you next time!

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