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618 good things recommendation: DIY personalized customization, create your own exclusive mechanical keyboard

Now daily work code words are basically inseparable from the keyboard, how to choose a personalized mechanical keyboard that suits you? When I met Lofree, I found the answer. It changed the previous idea of ​​brand customization by changing the shaft body, and created a new product that supports free customization of keycaps and shaft bodies. Each user can choose the key according to their own preferences. Cap and switch body, to create your own exclusive mechanical keyboard. During the 618 event, I started the Xiaoqiao 100-key tofu-colored red switch + community animal banana keycap combination. Please experience it with me!

Users search for the "Lofree Building" applet through WeChat, and click "GO" to enter the Lofree main keycap selection interface. Users can freely choose the keycap, body, and shaft body to form a set of their favorite style. .

At present, Lofree Luofei has launched 4 models of Xiaoqiao series 68 shell, 100 shell tofu color and cement gray, launching: community animal banana, Alice, puppy who will always love you, migrant worker, street graffiti, cute cat, sausage Party, Ocean Fantasy, Summer Invasion Project, Tiger Cub is busy, UI style bright color, UI dark color, coffee, pharaoh's gold parade, bone art, Mayan symbols, good luck peach blossom, pixel collision, mahjong, tea restaurant, etc. The themed keycaps meet the needs of everyday people for various mood theme choices. With so many themed keycaps, there is always one that suits you.

The Lofree 100-key customized version I bought is in independent packaging, one is the keyboard shaft body, and the other is the keycap. Highlighting the DIY customization feature of the product, users can choose their favorite keycaps and assemble them by themselves, so as to experience the fun of assembly.

Open the box, the keyboard shaft has been installed, the user does not need to install it again, Xiaoqiao supports hot-swappable shaft keyboard, if you have other shaft needs, you can customize the installation at will, the packaging of the keycap is also specially designed , each key is placed according to the order of the keyboard, and the user can install the keycaps in sequence when installing them.

It took more than 20 minutes to install the keycap, and the installation process is very healing. If you are under a lot of pressure, you can unplug the keycap and reinstall it, but it is not recommended to pull the shaft!

The keycap adopts a round retro ball cap design, and the PBT material is durable and oil-free. , The four corners of the keycap are chamfered by 0.65mm to eliminate the cut feel of the keycap, the overall smoothness and burr-free, and the delicate texture is further improved.

Does the effect of installing the keycap look handsome? Special Note: The first time the keycap is installed, it is a bit tight, and you need to press the keycap a little harder. The overall installation is still very easy, and I feel very happy.

Each customized theme is different, and the keycaps have different pattern designs. The one I bought is the social animal banana model: the theme highlights the state of wanting to lie flat in the heart, the tab milk tea coffee switch, the shift key sees an acquaintance who wants to hide in the grass. Fear, the alt and Fn keys are at the end of work, and the fire in the office has nothing to do with me. I love cats more than Xiaoai, and I love high-calorie foods like French fries. Entering into the world of money, too much reflects the inner desire to lie flat portrayal. The space bar indicates that there is still bread and milk, as long as you work hard, you will have one.

The keyboard retains the numeric keypad area, and at the same time takes into account the compact and narrow frame design. There is only the Lofree logo in the lower right corner of the keyboard.

Xiaoqiao adopts a 9° upward tilt shape, which is arc-shaped when viewed from the side. It conforms to the ergonomic design. When typing, the palm of the hand is just right on the keyboard, which is very comfortable and smooth.

The back of the keyboard is not supported by adjustable feet, but is supported by a cylinder, and the inside of the cylinder is just used as a battery compartment. There are four rubber anti-slip pads, which make the keyboard very stable during use and will not slip easily.

The switch of the keyboard is designed on the left side of the back. The rotary switch can be turned to select three gears of OFF, ON, and 2.4G/Bluetooth. The ON gear represents the wired mode, and the 2.4G/Bluetooth gear represents the wireless mode.

The knob switch has a built-in LED indicator with the Luofei logo, which is used to display the status of the remaining power. In the wired mode, the white light is always on. In the 2.4G/Bluetooth mode, the red light flashes slowly when the battery power is lower than 20%, and the power is lower than 3%. The red light flashes quickly, and the usage status is clear at a glance.

There is a Type-C interface next to the keyboard switch, which can be used for wired connection through the Type-C cable. The interface is connected to the hand, and the wire can be hidden along the edge of the keyboard to increase the aesthetics of use.

Open the battery compartment cover, and there is a 2.4G receiver storage compartment. The hidden storage design is ingenious. For users who are accustomed to using 2.4G to connect to the keyboard, this design is convenient to carry the 2.4G receiver. You are not afraid of losing it, and you can take it whenever you need it.

The keyboard does not have a built-in lithium battery, but chooses to use 3 AAA batteries for power supply. It can provide 3-4 weeks of battery life under moderate use intensity, which can meet the needs of most people.

The keyboard has an indicator light at the Caps position, which lights up when the caps is locked, and also flashes when the keyboard is connected and switched. In addition, there is also an indicator light on the NUM key in the numeric keypad area, and the indicator light is on when the keypad area is open. The numeric keypad is very convenient for users who often do data tables and use passwords.

The switch body of the keyboard is Jiadalong G red switch, without any sense of step, the standard 2mm key travel, and the straight up and down linear output are very light and smooth, whether playing games or typing, the feel is good. The keyboard supports hot-swappable switches. If you want to experience the feel of other switches, you can replace other switches by yourself, fully meeting the personalized customization needs of different users.

The keyboard supports Windows/Mac/Android system, and it can be connected to 3 different devices at the same time by using the Bluetooth mode. You can easily switch to the current device through the combination of FN+123. Usually, you only need a keyboard in your home office. The ability to switch operations between tablet, notebook and mobile phone can greatly improve office efficiency.

The Lofree Xiaoqiao series keyboards use PBT keycaps to feel delicate and not easy to oil. It supports hot-swapping, and you can use any shaft you like. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G, and wired three-mode connection modes. It can easily realize seamless switching between multiple devices, and supports a maximum of 5 device connections. For players who like DIY, you can replace the shaft and keycaps on the keyboard according to your preferences, and you can also choose custom theme keycaps to become your own exclusive mechanical keyboard. Hurry up and customize one that suits your personality. Need a mechanical keyboard!

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