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618 What to give as a gift? Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard custom model is given to the goddess

I have always had a good impression of the Luofei series of products. Their products have a very high aesthetic and are very unique in the peripheral circle. The high-value keyboard can not only fit the table, but also improve productivity. The keyboard works better.

Just after 6.18, my girlfriend complained to me that the keyboard is broken recently. I want a small and convenient one, and it must be good-looking. For girls, the appearance is productivity! I thought of Luofei. Recently, their family launched a new product called Xiaoqiao. In order to adapt to the aesthetic style of different people, it is specially customized. You can change the shaft body, keycap and arrangement by yourself. I will choose it for my girlfriend. , As a result, she chose to choose and found that each one looked good, and even wanted to buy two sets. In the end, due to economic reasons, she chose this combination of Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard + puppy building + Jiadalong yellow axis. Girlfriend Still looking forward to seeing this keyboard.


There are two packages when you get it, one is the Luofei Xiaoqiao body, but without the keycap and switch body, and the other is the switch body and 68 keycaps.

Open the package and see the shaft body and keycaps, as well as three AAA batteries, and the data connection cable for the manual. I have to say that Luo Fei has always been relatively complete in terms of accessories.

Looking at the empty host, my girlfriend said that I would definitely put it together for her, and I wanted her to build it.

Let’s take a look at Jiadalong’s yellow switch first. As a well-known domestic switch manufacturer in China, it has always had a good reputation. The structure of the yellow switch’s shaft is stable and smooth, and there is no strong sense of blockage. Moreover, the shaft body adopts a linear feel, and the pressing force is not very large, so the service life is very long. The installation of this customized Jiadalong yellow shaft is very simple, just snap it in directly, with a little force, but you must pay attention to the position of the pins to avoid being bent.

After installing the 68 yellow switches, you need to install the keycaps according to the key position table. The keycaps are made of ABS material, which feels delicate and will not be oily after long-term use. It is very comfortable to type on.

After installing the keycaps, you can see the whole picture of Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard. The color matching of this puppy is really good-looking. I can't help but want to keep it. By the way, I matched it with my desktop and got a look from my girlfriend.

Cough cough...... Luofei Xiaoqiao has the LOFREE logo on the front, and a cylindrical body on the back with a 5-degree arc, which makes typing more comfortable.

On the left side of the back is a three-mode switching button, and there is a Type-C interface, and on the right side is a detachable battery compartment, which contains a 2.4GHz adapter and a No. 7 battery installation position.

I have to say that the Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard has so many playability, it is really suitable to start with one.


After I gave it to my girlfriend, I taught her how to use and connect. After installing the battery, one is to connect to the computer using Type-C, the other is to connect to the computer through a Bluetooth adapter, and the other is to connect to the computer via Bluetooth. She uses 2.4GHz to connect to the computer most of the time.

Whether it is a wired connection, 2.4GHz, or Bluetooth connection, it is very stable, and there have been no disconnections or freezes. My girlfriend thinks it is pretty good to use.

However, she does not play games. In terms of typing experience, the Jiadalong yellow switch is also a very good choice for girls. The pressure is not very high, and the feel is close to the red switch. The snapping sound of the green axis will not affect other people when used in the office.

When I use it, I feel that its stability is very strong, there is no feeling of loose typing, and the rebound is very good. I highly praise it. I occasionally play games with it, and the feel is not inferior to the red axis at all.

Finally, let’s talk about its typing comfort. I think its 5 radians have reduced my typing burden. I’m used to propping up the keyboard feet, but girls often don’t think that there are feet on the keyboard. It is designed to tilt up, so that the code words will be much more comfortable than the keyboard lying flat.

Its 68 series design makes it not very heavy and long, and it is more convenient for my girlfriend to carry it. Girls’ bags are generally relatively small, so it can also be put into my girlfriend’s small backpack, which is very light.


Luofei really pays attention to appearance and design. Its design is not only suitable for girls' dormitories, but boys will also like it when they see it. The customization of Luofei Xiaoqiao's 68 keys greatly enriches the playability. You can choose the shaft body and keycaps according to your own control over the appearance, and create your own products. Luofei leaves this choice to the user, and also has The way of three-mode connection is more convenient to use. Friends in need may wish to take a look at this Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 customized keyboard.

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