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618 which keyboard to buy? These stylish keyboards are worth a look

Hello everyone, this is Bird Terminator.

618 is coming again, and many people are holding tickets and want to update their peripherals. Especially in the current keyboard, there are still many very individual products. Today we will take a look at which individual mechanical keyboards are worth buying.

In recent years, Dujia has released many very individual new products, and has also led the trend several times. The main upgrade of the K330w Plus this time is the use of a hot-swappable shaft.

Last time I shared with you the K330W in ice cream color, but this time I chose the mint color, which is still very good-looking.

In terms of accessories, Dujia still provides a very comprehensive range. In addition to the adapter that can be used to extend the receiver with the cable, its shaft puller is also very easy to use.

The wireless power switch is in the upper right corner. As for switching between 2.4G and Bluetooth, you can use the fn keyboard shortcut, which is very convenient. The keyboard has a built-in 3600mAh large battery, and the power consumption has also been greatly optimized. Based on 8 hours of use per day, the battery life can reach 180 days under 2.4G, and the Bluetooth mode is as high as 240 days. It only needs to be charged two or three times a year.

The keycap is also where Dujia has been investing heavily. He has always made PBT with two-color injection molding, so there is no need to explain this.

As for the switch body, domestic hot-swappable switches are compatible with each other, including keycaps, so the advantage is still very large, because you have a lot of choices such as brand feel to play at will.

The K330w Plus itself uses the well-known Jiadalong switch, which should be familiar to friends who often play keyboards.

The shaft puller given by Dujia is very useful. It is relatively large and hard enough. It saves labor and time to pull out the shaft. I have also tried several hot-swappable switches, all of which are perfectly compatible with this keyboard.

The 2.4G wireless receiver also has a storage compartment in the keyboard body. This is a very good design and must be maintained.

The indicator light is arranged in the upper left corner of the keyboard, which is also very space-saving. The outer frame of the entire keyboard is very narrow, which is very practical for friends with tight desktop space.

In other aspects, it is the same as the old non-hot-swappable K330w, including the very powerful driver, which is completely universal. For users, this hot-swappable design can be compatible with more usage requirements, and it is very practical. And Dujia has always been at the forefront of the trend in terms of appearance design and color matching, and details such as workmanship materials and drivers have always been costly.

As the flagship keyboard, Corsair K100 basically has everything. The right-hand metal volume roller, the left-hand multi-function dial, built-in palm rest, a row of 6 macro buttons, and the self-developed optical axis are full of personality.

Even the three sides are surrounded by a full circle of lights. Some friends don’t like the row of macro buttons on the left, because it takes a little time to get used to it. You can also take a look at the K70 RGB Pro.

If you like a mid-to-high-end wireless three-mode keyboard, you can try the Razer Black Widow Spider V3 Pro.

There are not many mid-to-high-end wireless three-mode keyboards with lights. The Razer BlackWidow Spider V3 Pro is also equipped with a palm rest and a metal volume wheel. The battery life can reach 129 hours in Bluetooth mode with the lights off. If performance is required, the 2.4G mode can enable a return rate of 1000Hz. The switch body can choose the yellow switch or the green switch developed by Razer, which has a first-class feel.

When it comes to keyboard with display screen, many people may think of Soul Eater Golden Scorpion Ultimate Edition, but after all, it has been discontinued for some years. If you want to pick a recent keyboard, SteelSeries' Apex Pro is also a very individual one. Self-developed electromagnetic shaft, the trigger stroke of each button can be adjusted individually, which is already unique enough.

And the LED display in its upper right corner can support the import of custom GIF, although only black and white, but still fun enough. Some people abroad even use the official API interface to directly compile a small game on it, which is pretty good enough.

I like the color of the keycaps of this keyboard very much. Many classic models of GANSS are designed by the boss himself, which are practical and full of personality. For example, this 108D, the keycap color matching left a deep impression on me. Compared with the standard 104, there are 4 more buttons in the upper right corner. It is also very easy to use some commonly used functions through the driver. The keyboard is wired and Bluetooth dual-mode, and there is a USB HUB on the side, which is also very practical.

Another thing that impressed me very much is that GANSS originally used the Chinese name Gao Si, but it collided with Ultraman, and all the searches were Ultraman...

It was Dujia's FUSION that led the wave of 68 series and retro color matching. The one I picked is a slightly darker steam gray color scheme, and there is another retro white that is closer to the style of the previous FC era with white and gray as the main background color, while the space and ESC are designed in orange. Also very nice. Wireless three-mode design, battery life up to 30 days, 5 original switch handles to choose from, leading the trend is worth remembering.

Having said that, if you want to be fully personalized, you must take the road of in-depth customization, but most people can't play, don't know how to play, and can't enter the circle. If you pursue some individuality within the limited needs, it is still possible.

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