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78g lightweight Rapoo VT9 dual-mode gaming mouse with 160-hour battery life and more durability

I. Introduction

As an indispensable peripheral accessory, the mouse has always occupied a large position in the market. My needs and requirements for the mouse also lie in the mouse's lightness, comfortable grip, and sensitive control. It would also be excellent if it is equipped with colorful lights. Fortunately, I experienced the Rapoo VT9 lightweight wired and wireless dual-mode gaming mouse, and the overall experience feels good. Dual use of wired and wireless dual-mode, 78g lightweight design, 160-hour long battery life, and high cost performance of 299 yuan, all show that the Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode gaming mouse is more fun to play.

Two, unpacking

The Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode gaming mouse is also matched with the V1P wireless charging module and the V10C speed gaming mouse pad, which can be used more flexibly.

The overall outer packaging is also exquisite, simple and beautiful. The front of the mouse package is a rendering and an introduction to the brand specification and model.

The functional area of ​​the mouse is introduced on the back of the package.

Open the box, the interior is neat and orderly, and the deep black mouse sits in it.

The whole package contains a mouse host, a USB converter/USB receiver, a paracord power data cable, a quick use guide, a pair of anti-slip buttons, and a pair of foot stickers. Complete packaging, more convenient and comprehensive use.

3. Appearance design and detail display

Looking at the entire mouse, the overall lines are relatively smooth. The black main tone style also belongs to the category of games. The scroll wheel and function keys are decorated with gray, and the Rapoo logo all highlight the natural and decent overall design.

It is worth mentioning that the Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode mouse is a cost-effective gaming mouse. It has built-in V+ wireless gaming technology and has four advantages: ①Low power consumption, using Nordic low power consumption chip+ Rapoo independently developed an intelligent power-saving algorithm; ②Low latency, 1 millisecond response speed comparable to wired experience; ③Long distance, thanks to the blessing of intelligent wireless transmission chips, coupled with dynamically adjustable transmission power, to achieve 10m+ wireless transmission performance ;④Anti-interference, FPC independent antenna, adaptive signal enhancement, frequency conversion gear adjustment, no fear of multi-device interference in complex environments.

The weight of the whole mouse is about 78g, lightweight design, thin and light shell, using ABS material design, abandoning the punching method, the movement is light, sensitive and more durable, and the symmetrical ergonomic design can support grasping, pinching and lying down. Various lying positions can always maintain a comfortable grip, even if you play for a long time, your fingers will not be too tired.

The built-in Omron 5000w crisp touch button micro-movement ensures the hardening speed of the trigger, the click force is more uniform, and the rebound feel is crisper. And with a 50w sub-scale touch roller, the fast response can also prevent accidental touches.

When in use, the Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode gaming mouse is equipped with 7 programmable keys, and the driver can be set with a variety of extended functions. Through the driver software, the DPI button function can be set to realize seven-level DPI value one-key adjustment. And built-in original 3399 game optical engine; 50-20000DPI adjustable range, 50G acceleration, 650IPS tracking speed. Everything is used for an enjoyable experience.

The overall area distribution on the back of the mouse is well defined. Moreover, Teflon is used on the foot pad, which brings faster and smoother operation movement under low friction, precise operation without resistance, and more wear-resistant. The package is also equipped with spare foot pads and key anti-slip pads, which can fully guarantee the control and smoothness of the mouse.

Design a red and green sign on the mouse switch to identify the switch status at a glance.

The bottom is a hidden magnetic absorption storage and wireless charging module expansion compartment. Because of the magnetic design, you can open the compartment by pointing your finger at the bottom and pressing it for storage and replacement.

The top is also equipped with a TYPE-c wired charging port, which makes the use of dual modules more convenient.

Along with the mouse, there is also a pair of V1P wireless charging module, the small size of 34*4.15mm, as the exclusive use of VT9 series, 5V working voltage, 5W output power (W) Max, less than 350mA charging current ( mA), about 3h charging time. An effective wireless charging module can get rid of the shackles of wires.

Also included is a pair of V10C speed gaming mouse pads, with high-density woven cloth surface, which improves the friction recognition and friction feeling of mouse movement, and enhances the hand feeling of controlling the mouse; 5mm soft thickness, exquisite seaming technology, wrist touch can be used when using It has a comfortable touch, can be bent at will, and is not easy to cause the fabric to fall off and loose threads after long-term use; the rubber base is highly efficient and non-slip, and it can maintain stability even when the mouse is manipulated intensely in the game. Using it together can better feel the smoothness of the game process.

4. Charging and battery life

In terms of charging, the Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode gaming mouse can be directly charged by cable. The included 1.8-meter paracord power and data cable is lighter and softer, and it will not feel dragging when playing while charging. The charging efficiency will also be higher.

Wireless charging is becoming more and more easy to control. With the wireless charging module, you can directly place the mouse to charge when it is idle, which is worry-free and fast, and is not bound by wires.

In terms of battery life, the Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode gaming mouse adopts the newly upgraded low-power wireless technology, and with the built-in 800mAh cycle-charged lithium battery, it can achieve a wireless battery life experience of up to 160 hours. The overall battery life is still very good. not bad.

5. Use and summary

It is said to be a gaming mouse, so it is inevitable to open my long-lost game to experience it and feel the deep feeling of control.

After adjusting the appropriate speed of the mouse, the control is still very smooth and accurate throughout the game, and it is also very comfortable to hold, basically there is no delay, and it can be reached with one touch, and it can be killed at any time.

On the whole, the Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode gaming mouse is a cost-effective wireless gaming mouse with online configuration and online appearance. It is also comfortable and sensitive to control. With ease. The only pity is that there is no colorful game lighting design.

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