79 yuan full with volume king three-mode hot-swappable side RGB rk71

The first keyboard I entered the key circle was a dual-mode rk that cost 30 to 40 yuan. After that, I received a few triple-mode keyboards for 30 to 40 yuan. As far as I can tell it can use Bluetooth, it looks okay, so I bought it.

The price/performance ratio on the small yellow croaker is still there

Because the Xinmeng 68 received two days ago faced the ready-made set of short keycaps in the hand, there were a few keys that could not be pressed, and it was a tea switch. I thought the entire linear switch, so I saw the rk 71.

As a result, good guy, Jingdong’s new 99, Jingdong Baitiao new users have a discount of 70-80, so some cute 18 yuan wallets are mailed, black and white, black tea and green switches are also very complete, the most popular if you are not a new user A volume of 20 yuan, and the price ranges from 52 yuan to the most expensive 79 yuan. As a new machine, it is still three-mode, and it can also be hot-swapped. The price is already considered good.

But second-hand was actually sold for 99, so I spent a huge sum of 79 yuan to buy a new one

With a rusty sword drawer and a data cable that seems to be a bit aging, looking at its quality inspection certificate, I think it is very good

The light-transmitting ABS keycap with a crisp sound, plus this cute little padding and a metal positioning plate, actually experienced the joy of being close to the tea switch. For a red switch, the sound is really broken.

So it is definitely necessary to change the keycap, and when you turn around, you must put something under it, especially because the holes on both sides of the space have to be blocked.

It looks okay from the front, quite satisfactory, but the back is designed with a very unsightly e-sports game style as long as you mention the game.

There are no feet on both sides, and a magnetic pad is given for the second gear.

There is a magnetic 2.4 receiver in the middle of the back

One on both sides is a mode switch and the other is a switch

There are two RGB lights on the side, but the keyboard light is a white light, but this is not important, as long as it can emit light, although the brightness is average, it is enough

The axis is Constant, the stroke of 45 is2

Huge 1000mAh battery, at least with a battery

Obviously this seems to be clearing inventory, but the price is really interesting

After changing a row of keycaps, I feel that the sound and feel are a little better, and I will add something later

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