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98 configuration + small screen Royal Axe L98 mechanical keyboard

Yufu launched the new L series product L98/L75 at the end of last year. I have a special liking for the 98 series, and I will naturally not miss this distinctive new product. I bought this keyboard when the price was right recently.

Although it has been a while since the product was launched, this time I still want to write about the feeling of using it in the recent period

The packaging of the product is all black, which looks quite high-end. The appearance of the keyboard is outlined with simple lines on the front, making the color in the middle very conspicuous, and at the same time, it has a sense of mystery.

Royal Axe L98 has three colors of Moon Rock Gray, Sharp White Blue, and Ivory Yellow. This time I chose the more stable and versatile Moon Rock Gray color.

The accessories for the keyboard include an aviation plug-in cable. Key puller, shaft puller. Several replacement keycaps and 4 replacement switches.

L98 makes the four corners of the keyboard into rounded corners, so that the keyboard does not look so rigid. The decorative strips on both sides of the keyboard are also the iconic elements of the Royal Axe, but this time the decorative strips on the L98 are made of plastic. The orange Esc key adds liveliness and playfulness to the gray-black keyboard, and there are several orange replacement keycaps to choose from.

The function indicator lights of the keyboard are assembled in the decorative strip on the left: the fonts and indicator lights are not large, but the brightness of the lights can be seen clearly.

On the side of the decorative strip is the mode switching switch of L98, the dial feels clear and can be operated blindly.

L98 adds an RGB light strip on the lower side of the keyboard, which makes the monotonous keyboard chin uniquely recognizable.

Royal Axe L98 is equipped with a separate switch key and 2.4G wireless receiver storage, and the power interface is collected on the upper right side. This position is also convenient for one-handed operation.

This time, the L98 shaft uses the RGB version of the TTC giant's heart shaft. The trigger pressure of the shaft body is 42+-5gf, the trigger stroke is 1.2+-0.3mm, the total stroke is 3.6-0.3mm, and the service life of the shaft body is as high as 100 million times. The axis of TTC Giant's Heart is a linear axis, and the linear axis generally has the advantage of fast response speed, so it is more suitable for playing games

The upper cover of the giant's heart axis is changed to a hollow structure, equipped with a TTC condenser, and the light is focused to the top of the upper cover through the condenser, which increases the luminous flux by 56%, bringing a more advanced RGB lighting effect. In the picture, you can see that the brightness of the light emitted by the giant's heart axis is obviously higher than that of the gray wooden axis on the right

The internal structure of the keyboard adopts the most popular GAEKSET structure at present. It adopts a transparent PC positioning board. The internal gasket design and the bottom filling integrated silicone pad fit closely with the internal parts, reducing noise and ensuring a more pure and comfortable keyboard feel and sound.

The internal axle seat is a TTC five-pin hot-swappable axle seat, which supports most three-legged and five-legged axles on the market.

The L98 uses ASA-height PBT ball caps, and the key caps are printed with combination key functions on the side, which is very convenient.

In terms of RGB lights, thanks to the transparent positioning plate and high-efficiency condenser, the brightness of L98’s RGB lights is very satisfactory. Through the driver, you can also customize the lighting settings or download and share the scheme

The most characteristic element of this mechanical keyboard of Royal Axe L98 is the 1.14-inch LCD screen—this screen displays the date, power, connection system and connection mode by default.

You can also set the screen display content through the driver of Yufu, you can draw by yourself, you can upload your favorite GIF, and you can also download pictures and GIF uploaded by others through the driver.

You can also turn off the screen if you think it is a waste of power to turn on the screen. In fact, the L98 6000ma battery can already provide enough battery life.

This Royal Ax L98 mechanical keyboard, the hardware configuration of the keyboard is full of sincerity, and I like the matching effect of the color matching and the desktop very much. Friends who want a small keyboard with a numeric area should not miss it

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