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99+1 key, is this the perfect arrangement in your mind? ——Evaluation experience of cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

For mechanical keyboards, there is always a contradiction that is difficult to solve, that is, if you want full-size full-key functions, the size of the keyboard must be very large, which will inevitably take up too much desktop space. However, if the layout of the keyboard is simplified and some functional areas are cut off, although the space occupied is reduced, many keys require a second level to be opened, and the operation will be too cumbersome.

Therefore, in order to solve this problem, all kinds of strange arrangements were born. There are 98% of the noisy ones, 96% of the overcrowded ones, 80% of the small keyboard area is cut off, and even only the F area or the small keyboard area is reserved. 75% of , retain some functions and 65% of the arrow keys, etc. It can be said that the current arrangement is not unexpected, only impossible. (The picture above is from zF)

Then, as Aunt Zhang's keyboard warrior, I should have touched the keyboard enough, but today's arrangement, to be honest, is the first time I have seen it. This product is the RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard from the cheap donkey, and its configuration is a very special 99+1 key.

Not much to say, let's take a look at the actual performance of this keyboard.

The packaging of this cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard is very simple, with plain gray characters on a white background and a schematic diagram of the keyboard body on the front.

The lower right corner is marked with product features such as RGB lighting effect, Gasket structure, and three-mode connection.

When you open the package, you can see the keyboard body and related accessories. There are not many accessories, including manuals, shaft pullers, key pullers, and power cords.

When you open the sealed bag, you will be attracted by the unified color scheme of this keyboard at first sight. The black shell, black gray keycaps, and black characters make it have a high sense of sensory consistency, which is very eye-catching.

And when the line of sight shifts to the sides, the decorative strip extending from the orange-yellow bottom case adds another impact to the visual experience.

I have to say that the appearance design of this cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard completely hit my heart, that is, the sense of design is revealed in the simplicity, and small surprises are infiltrated in the plain, which is expected but unexpected. Unexpected.

At the beginning, I also said that this cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a special 99+1 arrangement. From the above picture, it can be found that the Home, End, PU, ​​and PD keys are removed, and the Ins, Del, Scroll, and Pause keys are retained. . Through such simplification, the column arrangement directly reduces two columns and reduces a part of the space.

Due to the reduction of space, the relative three light positions have also been re-arranged.

And the +1 in that 99+1 is the infinite metal roller. After trying it, the gears are clear and the hand feels solid. It is a good helper for properly decompressing.

In order to facilitate wiring, you can see the Type-c power cord interface and the mode switching button at the end.

Turn it over, the back of this cheap ass RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts an orange-yellow color scheme, which is in sharp contrast with the front.

The foot support is adjustable in three stages, making it easy to find a suitable striking angle.

The 2.4G receiver is magnetically stored at the bottom of the keyboard.

In terms of the switch body, this cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard uses Jiadalong G white switch PRO2.0. I think this switch should be familiar to players who like mechanical keyboards. After all, the Jiadalong white switch can be regarded as the originator of light pressure grams.

In terms of hand feel, the G white 38g trigger weight makes it very light to tap, coupled with the smooth moisturizing blessing, it is very suitable for young ladies who code for a long time.

The large key position uses a traditional steel satellite shaft, which is fixed very firmly after shaking, and the inside of the dummy shaft is lubricated.

In order to obtain a better percussion feel, this cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard also incorporates the now very popular Gasket structure, that is, the inner tank is suspended by a leaf spring to improve the comfort of soft bullets.

In addition, the positioning plate of this keyboard is also made of very professional FR4 material, which has a larger deformation and better support effect.

Of course, in addition to the feel, excellent noise reduction measures are also essential. This time, the cheap ass RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard has added an integrated sandwich silicone at the bottom, combining the sandwich cotton with the pad under the shaft to offset the cavity sound of the shaft hitting the positioning plate.

Let's take a typing sound test to see the actual sound performance.

In terms of keycaps, this keyboard adopts a distinctive CSA height. Compared with the traditional OEM and original factory, the keycaps this time are more like half-height ball caps, so you may need to get used to the feel. .

However, in terms of workmanship, this keycap performs quite well, and the PBT material of the two-color injection molding also makes it excellent in color performance and durability.

In order to improve playability and flexibility, the keyboard has added a new hot-swappable shaft seat, and the insertion angle of the shaft body has been increased to prevent damage to the shaft seat.

In terms of connection, in order to meet the needs of players in different scenarios, it adopts three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless. I tapped it after connecting, and the stability and low latency are good, and there is no major problem.

In addition, this keyboard also supports Mac/Win dual systems, which can quickly switch systems through a combination of keys without worrying about the trouble of adaptation.

Finally, in terms of lighting effects, the keyboard has a variety of RGB lighting effects with different effects, but because the keycaps are not transparent, some are not obvious.

Through the use of these days, I think the performance of this cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard is quite good.

First of all, in terms of configuration, for people like me who don’t use Home, End, PU, ​​and PD keys at all, and occasionally use calculator and screenshot keys, the combination of 99+1 is simply tailor-made and a perfect match. And the texture of this keyboard itself is also very solid. The black-orange color of the outer body, the metal textured infinite knob, and the dark engraved CSA keycap make it maintain a high degree of consistency in appearance. In terms of feel, Gasket structure, Jiadalong G pro2.0 white shaft, FR4 positioning plate, sound-absorbing cotton and cushion pads are all available, and the configuration is full. Finally, this cheap ass RS2 2.0 also has functions such as three-mode wireless connection, RGB lighting effect, Mac/Win dual system, and full-key hot-swapping.

It can be said that this cheap donkey RS2 2.0 three-mode mechanical keyboard is good enough and comprehensive enough. After using it for a while, I couldn't find anything to be picky about. Coupled with its price positioning of around 500, I can only conclude that it is really fragrant!

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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