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A beautiful all-rounder—Experience of Pennefather V520RGB Alloy Edition Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

With the rise of domestic mechanical switches and the increasing recognition of domestic switches by players, domestic mechanical keyboards have already broken the monopoly of German CHERRY MX switches. Domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers have launched independent switches. Infrared silver switches have been launched on V530 and V800RGB mechanical keyboards. Its feel is closer to CHERRY MX green switches, and the trigger is faster, leaving a very deep impression on people. It is 2022, and the Rapoo V520RGB alloy version mechanical The keyboard finally comes out again with the infrared silver switch, and this time in addition to the switch body, the V520RGB alloy version also brings new features such as IP68 dustproof and waterproof, 360-degree surround RGB light strip.

The outer packaging box of the Rapoo V520RGB alloy version continues the consistent style of the Rapoo V series products, the main position is the product rendering, and the bronzing font on the right side clearly indicates the product model.

Out of the box, in addition to the main body of the keyboard, the box also includes a key puller and product manual. Although there are not many accessories, they are enough.

The Rapoo V520RGB alloy version is based on 104 standard key positions, and adopts a floating narrow frame design without a palm rest. The black keys are matched with a silver-gray panel, which looks very simple and elegant, saves space and is easy to clean.

The keyboard panel is an integrally formed steel plate, and has been metal sandblasted. The upper right corner is the embossed logo of the Rapoo V series and the LED indicator light with a small aperture, which looks very tough.

The edge of the keyboard adopts CNC trimming technology, which is round and not sticky. It is worth mentioning that the bottom of the keyboard has a 360-degree surround RGB light strip. This effect is very exciting.

The shaft is an infrared silver shaft independently developed by Rapoo, which is another innovation in the field of Rapoo mechanical shafts. Unlike traditional mechanical shafts that rely on the physical contact of metal reeds to judge whether the signal is on or off, the infrared silver shaft relies on infrared The sensor is used to judge the on-off of the signal without physical contact, thus achieving good waterproof performance and improving the corresponding speed. At the same time, it also avoids the failure of the button due to contact wear and tear, and the life span is as high as 50 million times. There are reinforcing ribs on both sides of the shaft body, which makes the keys more stable and does not shake, and increases the triggering speed to a certain extent. The shaft supports hot swapping, and if a certain shaft fails, it can be replaced separately, which greatly prolongs the service life of the keyboard and reduces maintenance costs.

As we all know, due to the complex structure of the mechanical keyboard, it is very afraid of liquid inflow. With the support of the infrared silver axis, the Rapoo V520RGB alloy version has achieved IP68 dustproof and waterproof characteristics. Drinks have been spilled into the keyboard, and the keyboard can be rinsed in water when the keyboard is turned on. It is very convenient to clean up. It can be described as a technological breakthrough in the field of mechanical keyboards.

The keycap is made of ABS material, using two-color injection molding + laser engraving technology, the characters have good light transmission, the surface has a certain frosted feeling, the hand feels delicate, and it is not easy to oil.

The large key position adopts the satellite axis design, which makes the key very stable, with a crisp hand feel and a clean rebound. They all adopt the satellite axis design, which is quite conscientious.

There are two vertical feet and five rubber feet on the back of the keyboard, which greatly increase the anti-skid performance of the keyboard.

There are also two drainage holes on the back of the keyboard for quick drainage of inflowing liquids.

In terms of wires, the Rapoo V520RGB alloy version uses rubber wires with a length of about 1.8m and an anti-interference magnetic ring, which makes signal transmission more stable.

The Rapoo V520RGB alloy version supports RGB illusion backlight, and has 19 built-in lighting effects, especially the 360-degree surround RGB light strip. Since the Rapoo V520RGB alloy version adopts a drive-free design, the lighting effects can only be switched by pressing the buttons, but the functions that can be realized by the buttons are very powerful, including the brightness and speed of the backlight, especially the button lights and the backlight of the light belt can be turned on and off independently .

Fn+PrtSc: switch 19 lighting effects in turn: wave (right, left, up, down, spread, gather), single point, neon, cross, aurora, key response, ripple, breathing, starry, constant light , radar, automatic ripple, horse racing, fireworks

Fn+Pause: switch 6 custom lighting effects in turn: preset crossfire, racing, real-time strategy, NBA, League of Legends, call of duty button modes

Fn + up and down cursor: increase/decrease backlight brightness, support 5-level adjustment

Fn + left and right cursors: reduce/increase backlight speed, support 5 levels of adjustment

Fn+Home: switch backlight color

Fn+Esc: Turn on/off the keyboard backlight

Fn+Ins: Turn on/off the LED strip backlight

The author personally prefers the wave mode. Of course, if you are used to this gorgeous ambilight, you can try the starry mode, automatic ripple mode and firework mode. Relatively speaking, the color saturation of these modes is not so high, which seems Relatively elegant.

The feel of the infrared silver switch is similar to that of the CHRREY MX blue switch, with a clear sense of transition and click sound. It can be said that the switch body is closest to the essence of a mechanical keyboard. The sense of confirmation is obvious, and it is more suitable for games such as MOBA and RGB with non-continuous buttons. The trigger stroke is 2mm, which is faster than the green axis trigger, and the segment trigger pressure is 55gf. With the cool RGB lighting effect, it is very exciting during the game and can meet the needs of most players, especially the custom lights. It only lights up a few buttons that need to be used in the game, so that players can focus more on the game. The lack of driver support makes it impossible to set button programming (macro), which is a bit regrettable for a few professional players who like to set macros.

Although the Rapoo V520RGB alloy version is positioned as a gaming keyboard, it does not lag behind in the office. The feel similar to the green axis is very comfortable and decompressed, the rebound is crisp, and the fingers are not tired, just like walking in the clouds and flowing water, making codewords a pleasure. Of course, if you think the RGB lighting effect is too eye-catching, you can turn off the RGB backlight and light strip. The F key functional area has commonly used functions such as mail, home page, calculator, search, volume adjustment, and playback control. Use Fn + the corresponding button to realize the corresponding functions. Don’t ask me why volume adjustment and playback control are also office functions. I often go to work. Everyone who fishes knows.

The Rapoo V520RGB alloy version of the mechanical keyboard has an excellent feel of the infrared silver switch, and the faster trigger speed is more suitable for gaming. The RGB backlight and lights have left a very deep impression on people, and it is also IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Blessing, as a mid-range mechanical keyboard, can be described as a beautiful all-rounder. Obviously it can rely on appearance, but it relies on strength. Of course, there are some regrets. The V520RGB alloy version does not have driver support, that is, it cannot customize the programming of the buttons. It is recommended that Rapoo can make further efforts in the software. In addition, the infrared silver axis supports hot swapping. Looking forward to the follow-up The shaft body can be opened for sale separately, which can reduce the maintenance difficulty and cost of the user after the warranty expires.

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