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A brief review of DAREU A87 PRO three-mode mechanical keyboard

As the former king of top-notch black and peripherals, no one understands Dareu's leap in the past few years better than the host. From the exploration of the ancestor A series to the full rollout of the A+ series, Dareu is gradually transforming into an "old boy" of peripherals that runs at the forefront of the market and closely meets the needs of players. Even though there are still some unresolved voices in the player base, among those of us fans who are black fans or road fans, Dingwai is already a self-deprecating nickname, which the host never thought of.

Today's Dareu mechanical keyboard can be called full-fledged. A87, A84, A100, A98, A104 are fully covered and have different characteristics. Lian Po feels old. This year Dareu timely upgraded the pioneering work of the A series, and the A87 PRO three-mode mechanical keyboard was born.

The appearance of the A87 PRO (three-mode) generally maintains the design of the ancestor version, but the color matching is not as rich as before. The first release only has two options: the Sky version and the Black King Kong. The sky version is still the inner sky, which is also a set of A87's iconic themes. Black King Kong is a combination of black, white and orange, which is suspected to be a trans big carbon. The landlord chose the sky version.

Apart from the appearance, the A87 PRO (three-mode) can be said to be a comprehensive upgrade in other aspects, especially the Gasket solution is used to replace the original tray structure, which feeling is also the first point that should be mentioned. And——you thought it was a Gasket like A98? In fact, it is the new "fenced Gasket" of the ship. This structure is adjusted on the basis of the A98 rubber sleeve support type Gasket, and is replaced by a unique one-piece fence silicone interlayer, which has the functions of shaft plate support and sound-absorbing filling. From the perspective of mass production, the fenced Gasket is easier to assemble, and avoids the use of small gaskets, and the overall structure tends to be more stable.

After dismantling, it can be seen that the support gasket and the sound-absorbing silicone interlayer are actually designed into an integrated structure. The material is milky white silicone with a specification of 25duro (hardness), high toughness and softness, which ensures the supporting force and improves the wrapping and filling properties of the interlayer, making the interior of the keyboard more closed, so as to eliminate the friction caused by the key shaft and the shaft plate as much as possible. noise, making the keyboard tapping sound more pure. At the same time, the fence-type spacer structure makes the shaft plate have better cushioning capacity in the horizontal aspect.

The positioning board made of PC is still the same. The board also has a large number of slots and holes to optimize the mechanical properties. The surface is granulated to prevent scratches and improve the appearance.

The style and structure of the chassis have been changed, and a cover plate is added to smooth the ribs at the bottom and the cavity formed. The upper part of the cover plate is fixed with four screws, and the power supply composed of two lithium batteries is 4000mAh. Hidden under the cover. After the overall smoothing, put a layer of silicone pad on it to buffer the shaft plate, and then further reduce the cavity sound through the dual structure of the silicone pad and the cover plate.

The launch of the A87 PRO is also the debut of the brand new DAREU customized switch—Zijin Switch PRO. Although the owner chose the sky switch because of his preference for linear switches when playing games, he added a little Zijin switch PRO to match it later. PRO.

The iterative update of the Zijin switch is similar to the rhythm of the sky switch. The appearance of the PRO version is similar to that of the Zijin switch V2 version aka the color through version. The upper cover is still made of transparent yellow PC material, which ensures the backlight effect; With a purple nylon base, how should I put it, the theme color is more "purple gold"; the gold-plated contact spring and the nominal life of 80 million times remain unchanged.

The main difference of the PRO version is that the fence shaft core and high-density gold-plated spring are upgraded. Compared with the previous V2, it brings more stable stroke dynamics, more consistent pressing feel and better durability, so the changes in parameters are larger. In terms of data, the trigger pressure is about 45±8gf, which is significantly lighter than the 60±5gf of the previous two generations; the trigger stroke has not changed much, but the total stroke has increased from the previous 3.3±0.3mm to 3.8±0.2mm, and the feeling of bottoming out Closer to routine, easier to adapt to. The whole is smooth, brisk, stable, with good feedback and good balance. The feel is already top-grade among the second-stage silent switches of C-tea.

The official rating of the large keys has been carefully tuned and specially lubricated. The actual measurement is smooth and firm, and there is almost no shaking or looseness. Individual reasons are not ruled out). The only problem is that the rebound of the sky switch V3 equipped with the sky switch version is soft, and the impact of this is magnified on the large keys, and quick pressing seems a bit awkward. Fortunately, the purple gold switch version does not have this problem.

Although, the poster still likes to use the linear axis for playing games, so when changing the axis, the sky axis of the main key area is retained, and the F area, function area and direction key area are replaced with the purple gold axis PRO, which is equivalent to making a simple partition. Then I would like to mention that the hot-swappable base of A87 PRO (three-mode) is made by Kaihua, and its durability is very good. You can play with peace of mind if you change the shaft normally.

A87 PRO (three-mode) supports three-mode connection - not to leave this here, but to consider that the wired version of the A87 PRO has been available on the market a few days ago, so a parenthesis is added to show the difference. Through the slider on the left frame, you can quickly switch among the three modes of 2.4G wireless, wired, and Bluetooth 5.1. It supports connecting multiple devices and is effectively compatible with Win/Mac dual systems. In addition, the 2.4G wireless receiver is cleverly designed under the right frame, which is very convenient to take.

The standard 4000mA lithium battery "professional counterpart" solves the battery life problem caused by the above three modes. Compared with the power supply capacity of the commercially available wireless mechanical keyboard of about 2000mAh, the A87 PRO (three modes) is "promising". The official claims that it can be used for 4 hours a day without charging, can last for more than a month with the backlight turned off, and can be used for at least a week with RGB turned on, and comes with smart sleep, which can effectively extend the battery life under low usage intensity.

The full-key RGB is nothing to talk about now, but compared to the old A87, this is an out-and-out upgrade item. After all, the old A87 is still ice blue monochromatic light, and the launch of the PRO version can be regarded as a complement to the A-series 87. Arranged on the surface of the lighting effect. Although the ancestral opaque PBT keycap still plays the role of a pig teammate, but with the blessing of the PC positioning board with frosted glass special effects and the high-transparency shaft cover, the RGB atmosphere can still be seen, and if it is not good, just change the font transparent thing.

Above, the upgrade items are basically introduced, and then the regular programs include unboxing picture appreciation, dismantling comments and so on. The shell is generally similar to the old A87, with slightly different details. Naturally, the frame of the upper cover is not magnetically attracted, but is connected by tenon and tenon around it, and there are no screws to fix it.

The upper edge has three-way outlets, and the chassis is further simplified.

Straight edge design on both sides, three-mode slider dotted on the left side, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth logo printed on the side, and wired connection in the middle of the slider.

The indicator light is placed in the empty space between the direction keypad and the functional area, indicating uppercase and lowercase letters, battery status and connection mode respectively.

The keycap is still a set of sky, the top surface has a strong particle reflective effect on the light, and it is delicate and slippery to the touch, which is unique to the PBT material. Among them, Xingyue Backspace, Rainbow Enter, and Ribbon Space, the three eternal theme customizations, adopt the dye-sublimation process, and the rest of the default printed keycaps are two-color molding.

Accessories include a keyboard cable, a tool for pulling keys and shafts, a dust cover, and printed matter. You may think it is unnecessary, this time the standard printed replacement keycaps are no longer included.

Overall, Dareu A87 PRO (three-mode) has widened a big gap with the old A87, which belongs to a comprehensive iteration of reborn. Fence-style Gasket structure, three-mode connection, full-key RGB, hot-swappable, brand-new Dareus customized shaft, large-capacity lithium battery life, and detailed design compatible with the new structure, full of buffs, fully benchmarked against the flagship of the three-mode A98 bit. The starting price is 599, and e-commerce activities have dropped significantly. Considering the performance, appearance, workmanship and playing experience, the author personally thinks it is worth buying. The first disadvantage is that the rebound of the large keys of the sky switch version is weak; the second is that the PBT is equipped with a cap for shading. Now that the full-key RGB and light-transmitting custom switches are already the mainstream of the iron, we still insist on letting players pay for it by themselves. The word Toushu landlord is really a bit incomprehensible.

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