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A brief review of the Pennefather XK100 keyboard with its own tablet stand

Nowadays, the performance of ARM and other equipment has infinitely approached that of common office computers, and more portable and energy-saving tablets have gradually become common equipment in office scenes. It is a very good choice for young people to use tablets for daily document editing, so the launch of Advanced computer peripherals have also begun to enter the general market, providing more choices for different groups of people.

The Rapoo XK100 keyboard that I bought this time is specially designed for tablets and other mobile devices. Its outer packaging adopts a traditional pizza box packaging design, and the opening is protected by a disposable sealing sticker.

The whole box includes XK100 keyboard, charging cable and instruction manual.

This Rapoo XK100 keyboard is made of all plastic, the outer surface is designed with frosted texture, the overall plastic feeling is relatively strong, the total number of keys is 78, the size is 292mm*155mm*20mm, and the whole weight is about 472g. Pretty lightweight.

Simply from the feel and service life of the keyboard, it can be judged that this keyboard adopts a membrane key design. The classic scissor foot structure design is used under the keycap, which is composed of a snap lock with the upper keycap part. The appearance of floating chocolate is similar to the appearance of common notebook buttons. It is relatively flat and attractive visually, but it is relatively inconvenient for daily cleaning.

The bottom of the keycap uses a silicone membrane with good material as the signal transmission switch. The thickness of the top membrane is moderate and the elasticity is good. The whole key has no abnormal sound during the shaking process, and the pressing of the button is relatively light and quiet. The rebound force is small but the rebound speed faster.

The surrounding corners are also designed with rounded corners, and the bottom is also equipped with four non-slip and shock-absorbing silicone pads, which can further reduce the noise of the product when it is in use.

When used with tablet or mobile phone products, it can be directly placed in the integrated card slot that comes with the keyboard. The thickness of the card slot is about 12.5mm, the length is about 260mm, and the width is about 13.5mm, which can support 9.7 inches. The iPad is placed horizontally, which is suitable for almost all tablet devices on the market. With the 110° elevation angle of the card slot and the moderate keyboard inclination design, it can provide users with a relatively comfortable viewing angle and feel, and the design is relatively humanized.

In its upper right corner, there are also upper and lower case indicators, Bluetooth connection indicators, battery indicator lights and switch indicators, which are convenient for checking the status of the product during use.

The keyboard has a built-in 280mAH lithium-ion battery, which can provide up to 93 hours of continuous battery life. The built-in energy-saving function can also allow the keyboard to automatically enter sleep mode within 10 minutes of no operation, further improving the battery life of continuous use of the product, allowing you to travel for a week It is enough to charge once, which ensures the relative convenience of going out.

The keyboard can only rely on the built-in Bluetooth 3.0 function for wireless connection. It does not support wired connection and 2.4GHz connection. It can support wireless free switching between three devices at most. It only takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and the charging interface of the product is almost Meaning, the old-fashioned microUSB interface is still used.

The keyboard design also provides a convenient Fn function key, which can be combined with the F1-F12 keys on the keyboard to quickly call different multimedia functions. It is biased towards young literary and artistic youth groups. Although it has few functions, it is sufficient for daily use.

If you want to take advantage of the game, the delay of the product is not bad, but when I tested the keyboard, I found that it only supports the 6-key non-rush function, so the experience of the product is not very good in large-scale games, but it is more than enough for office use. .



1. The keyboard design is light and flexible, easy to carry.

2. Long battery life, fast charging, and supports free switching between up to three devices.

3. Good compatibility, can support multi-platform seamless connection, and support shortcut function calls on each platform.

4. It comes with a tablet integrated card slot, which can support the horizontal use of 9.7-inch iPad, and the 110° elevation angle with a relatively moderate keyboard inclination makes viewing and reading more comfortable.


1. The keyboard is not waterproof.

2. The button life is relatively short.

3. Does not support wired connection.

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