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A Collection of Good Things on the Desktop Part 5: Feels overwhelming, and the game code word is correct! Durga K320 White Light Limited Edition Silver Axis Experience Report

I occasionally play games and often code words. I have played tea switches, green switches, and red switches before. This time I want to try the silver switch. I simply bought the Dujia K320 White Light Limited Edition Silver Switch Deep Space Gray 87-key version. The outer packaging is Durga tradition.

Once opened, it is still the same as the old three, the main body of the keyboard, the black coaster not for sale, and the manual.

When I buy a keyboard, I still pay more attention to the protective cover. I personally don’t like dust, so as long as I don’t use the keyboard, I have to cover the protective cover. Every keyboard of Dujia has a protective cover, which is true for obsessive-compulsive disorder patients like me. suitable.

There are also key pullers, two data cables and a Velcro strap in the accessories. The two data cables are Type-c to Type-c and Type-c to USB, because many thin and light books now cancel USB Interface, so whether it is a C port or a USB interface, Dujia has given you a data cable, which is very thoughtful, so don't worry about its interface.

There are 5 rubber feet on the back of the keyboard, which are relatively thick and have a strong grip. They can be placed stably on a smooth desktop. The keyboard has a built-in reinforced steel plate. If you hold it with one hand, it still feels heavy and will not slide easily. , the slip resistance is still very OK.

The embedding trough is through-type, which can lead wires in three directions, which is convenient for routing on the desktop. The keyboard plug is embedded, and there will be grooves to block it when it is pulled by the wire, so the plug will not be broken.

Its foot support is a two-stage structure, which can adjust the keyboard to an angle to make the posture more comfortable when typing. Personally, I generally like high angles, depending on personal preference and comfort.

This space gray version uses black and gray two-color keycaps, which can be said to adopt a contrasting color design, but they are all dark colors, but more textured. Another advantage is that it is beneficial to distinguish the keyboard area, and it is also resistant to dirt; the keyboard is painted with metal craftsmanship, which looks very metallic, and the matte texture is not easy to leave fingerprints and slip.

The layout of the keycaps adopts an ergonomic design with a stepped arc, which is in line with our daily typing habits and increases comfort.

There are four moon-white indicators on the right side, which are capitalization indicator, scrolling lock screen indicator, key lock indicator and custom file call indicator. When corresponding operations are performed, there will be corresponding displays.

The cherry silver switch made by the German factory is the essence of this keyboard. The silver switch is a kind of linear switch that is not very common. It is said that the hand feel is very good when playing games, but people like me who use it for light coding will not feel uncomfortable. The keycaps are made of original high-quality PBT material, and the gaps between them are very small. The keycaps are very thick, and the frosted surface can increase the friction, so that it is not easy to slip when typing. PBT material has a longer life than ABS and has better anti-oil effect.

You can find the keyboard driver on Dujia’s official website. The UI of the driver is a black and orange interface. After the driver is installed, it can automatically identify the connected device.

The keyboard also supports macro keys, and the driver can also customize settings for individual keys. These customizations are a boon for gamers. The operation is more smooth and smooth when playing games, and there are still many ways to customize them. It also supports lighting transformation settings, with many modes.

For gamers, it is very important that all keys have no impact, that is, they do not fight each other when pressing multiple keys at the same time, and these Dujia K320 can do it, and there will be no mutual conflict when pressing multiple keys at the same time. conflict situation. The entire keyboard has a short key stroke when typing, and it can be triggered by light pressing. When it touches the bottom, it will feel very hard, so the hand feel is generally comfortable when lightly pressed, and hard when pressed to the end. It depends on your own typing habits. Those who do not conflict.

Therefore, you will not feel tired if you just press casually when playing games; and when coding comfortably, you have to tap the code word lightly, but not like playing games, otherwise you will be soft after a long time; the skill is Just touch it, and the keyboard response is still very fast, so don't worry about no response when you press it, and the sound of tapping is still low, so you can code like this if you need to be quiet around you. The white light of this white light version of the silver shaft is very soft and not dazzling, and it has a gentle and bright feeling even at night.

In general, if you want to buy a keyboard for gaming and typing, you also need to have white light at night, which is not as gorgeous and chaotic as RGB. To be honest, this Dujia K320 white light limited edition silver shaft space gray 87-key version, Really suitable for you, but also so cost-effective. It’s okay for you to buy the silver switch and experience it. It’s also a very good keyboard, but it’s the first time you use the silver switch and you still need to get used to it. Once you get used to it, you will have a different opinion on this keyboard than the first experience.

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