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A compact 84-key mechanical keyboard with a nautical theme, the original gray is also pretty good-looking

Where is the magic of the mechanical keyboard? Why did I go further and further on the road of playing mechanical keyboards during this time. I once seemed to think of a sentence, although there are countless combinations of mechanical keyboard arrangements, shafts, keycaps, main bodies, etc., we can always find one that suits us. But I have bought more than a dozen mechanical keyboards, why there is still no more information on the question of the most suitable mechanical keyboard for me.

So, this time, I bought a MT510 PRO multi-mode mechanical keyboard from Rapoo in various entanglements. What I like is the main points of this keyboard, multi-mode multi-device connection, very compact 84-key position The layout and very good battery life performance, coupled with this gray and white color matching nautical theme, my desktop can be different again.

The Pennefather MT510PRO has two styles on the keycap theme, one is a sailing diary, and the other is a cute holiday. From my understanding, the cute holiday should be the favorite of many cute girls. The nautical diary I chose is mainly gray and white, with sailing boats, swordfish, starfish and other marine elements, and a salty sea breeze blows towards my face.

Rapoo MT510PRO adopts 84-key 75% arrangement. Based on my usual experience of using mechanical keyboards, the overall size of this 84-key mechanical keyboard is not much different from the size of the 68-key keyboard I usually use. Obviously, this The keys of the keyboard are arranged more tightly, which has brought a lot of improvement to save space and the portability of the keyboard. However, when using it, it still takes a while to adapt, after all, the layout of the keys has been adjusted to a certain extent.

In terms of keycaps, the Rapoo MT510PRO is equipped with floating keys. Viewed from the side, the mechanical texture is still very prominent, and it is also very convenient to replace the keycaps. This design without a top cover makes the entire keyboard transparent. Sex is better.

As a very cost-effective mechanical keyboard, Rapoo MT510PRO also uses a relatively high-priced CNC trimming process, sandblasting and oxidation process aluminum alloy frame, plus the Rapoo logo on the left, with the overall gray and white color scheme, the keyboard The overall texture came out immediately.

As a mechanical keyboard that supports multi-mode connection, Pennefather MT510PRO supports three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth and 2.4G, and adopts the method of separating the keys and wires; in terms of Bluetooth connection, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0. Two standards, plus 2.4G, four connection methods, up to 5 devices can be connected at the same time, and fast switching can be achieved.

If you have a computer, a notebook, a tablet, and two mobile phones on your desk, you can switch with one button, which is simple and convenient.

I am used to a very simple desktop configuration, so most of the time, I will use the Bluetooth mode to connect. In order to improve the battery life of the keyboard, Rapoo MT510PRO has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery, which can achieve more than 200 hours of battery life when the backlight is turned off. If you work for 8 hours a day, basically there is no pressure on the battery life for a month.

If you turn on the backlight, you can ensure about 25 hours of battery life, and it should not be a big problem for three to five days of use.

To be honest, there is another reason why I chose this Rapoo MT510PRO. Most of the mechanical keyboards I bought before have brighter colors and fancy themes. So this time I chose a theme with a slightly low-key color but rich content. It is also a pleasure to change my desktop to a different style once in a while.

In terms of keycap material, most mechanical keyboards now basically use PBT material keycaps, and the advantages of PBT material keycaps are better hand feeling, better wear resistance and better coloring effect. If the PBT content is higher, Keycaps will also cost more. Obviously, the Rapoo MT510PRO also uses PBT material keycaps this time. The overall keycaps look very natural and comfortable, and the feel is relatively more delicate.

Now most of the keycaps will use the more mature PBT+ sublimation technology when coloring, which has excellent texture, longer life span of the overall keycap, and it is not easy to oil up after long-term use.

Let's take a closer look at the large five-sided sublimated keycaps used by Rapoo MT510PRO. From the details, the fonts are very clear and natural, and the color transition is smooth.

Looking at the inside of the keycap, the ribs of this keycap are really too dense. It is conceivable that this keycap has invested a lot in detail costs. The workmanship of big factories is often reflected in places that cannot be seen. It seems that This sentence still makes sense.

In fact, apart from the configuration and keycaps, the most important thing that determines the feel of a mechanical keyboard is the shaft. This time, Rapoo MT510PRO did not use the third-party company’s shaft body, but adopted the self-developed linear fast silver shaft. After I have used the keyboard for a period of time, my feeling is that the spool feel of this keyboard is not very different from other professional switch manufacturers. At least in my opinion, the rebound of this fast silver switch is still strong. Feedback is also more comfortable, if the average game player, basically can be perfectly adapted.

From the parameter point of view, the trigger stroke of the Rapoo linear fast silver switch is 1.3±0.5mm, and the trigger pressure is 45±10cN. From this set of data, we can see that this fast silver switch belongs to the part that can fire quickly. , The advantage of a relatively short stroke is faster typing and more accurate game input.

If we carefully observe the positioning board, we will find that the shaft body and the satellite shaft have long-running traces, so there is no need to worry about the poor use of the shaft body for a long time when using it, but it is right.

When choosing mechanical keyboard lights, many friends will choose and match them according to the style of their desks. For some e-sports style desks, I definitely recommend mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting effects. If it is a simple table, I would prefer to recommend a mechanical keyboard without a light version or a monochrome light version. From the perspective of lighting effect, the ice blue lighting effect backlight system equipped on Rapoo MT510PRO, the overall lighting brightness is not high, and it is not easy to become a source of light pollution in the bedroom even at night, and the ice blue lighting looks more concise and elegant. If you want a little light and don't want to be too complicated, then I think this lighting effect is more suitable.

In the choice of lighting mode, Rapoo MT510PRO provides switching of 6 lighting modes such as constant light, breathing mode, and curve mode, and we can also control the speed and brightness of the light independently. If you are a player who loves to play, Then we can also customize the lighting settings through the software.

Rapoo MT510PRO also has a very good function, which is to support 84 keys without conflict in wired mode, and any 6 keys without conflict in wireless mode. So, if you are a gamer, I suggest you use it in a wired environment, which can ensure more accurate skill output while reducing input delay. If it is an ordinary office code word, then the 6-key no punch in the wireless mode can basically meet the daily needs.

Open the back, we can see that the Rapoo MT510PRO adopts an integrated design, and there are cushions on the four feet. To be honest, the overall weight of this mechanical keyboard is much heavier than what I usually use.

In terms of details, the material on the back is handled very well. There is no partial color cast of the material on the entire back cover. The design of the concave toggle switch is also reasonable and not easy to touch. Adjust the keyboard height appropriately.

The two height adjustments can basically meet the daily input needs of most users, and there are different height options for games and offices.

In other respects, Rapoo MT510PRO also comes with its own driver application. We can perform personalized operations on the backlight and macro operations of the keyboard according to our own needs and preferences, and we can also upgrade the firmware of the keyboard through the application later.

As a player who has experienced many mechanical keyboards, the Pennefather MT510PRO is actually not a mechanical keyboard with outstanding features, but if we combine some elements of this keyboard, we will suddenly find that this keyboard It will also be what some friends are looking for.

First of all, I personally think it is very good, that is, this keyboard is equipped with 84 keys in 75% arrangement, the rationality and practicability of the keys are very good, and the space saving is very obvious;

Secondly, this keyboard uses an aluminum alloy frame. If you consider buying an aluminum alloy and don’t want to spend too much, then this keyboard can be your entry-level model;

Furthermore, the experience of the keycaps and switches of this keyboard is relatively good, there are not many problems, and the quality of Rapoo’s own switches is gradually catching up, it is worth a try; coupled with the blue and elegant lights, it can always attract The attention of some small partners;

Finally, in terms of price, the starting price of 349 yuan, plus the three-mode multi-device connection and macro settings, basically the price/performance ratio is already very good. So, do you love such a small, feature-rich nautical-themed mechanical keyboard?

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