A design with a little warmth is more suitable for the office: Dujia Hi Keys mechanical keyboard sharing

Foreword: Mechanical keyboards are now basically polarized. For example, the design of Luo Fei is very beautiful but more feminine. To be honest, I am a big man who is embarrassed to use it in the office. For another example, the designs of Dujia and Jianlu are basically very masculine. Most of them are sharp-edged, neat and backbone designs, which are easy to use and beautiful, but lack a little warmth. I have used a lot of Duga mechanical keyboards before, and I feel that some core changes are missing in the design, so that even the new color schemes give people a feeling of deja vu, and the edges and corners always give people a feeling People are as cold as a keyboard.

It wasn’t until recently that I started using the Duga Hi Keys wireless dual-mode mechanical keyboard that I felt that Duga has really changed. The design is slightly neutral, with a little warmth, and it is more suitable for offices or users who like neutral styles.

Durga Hi Keys is available in two color options, silver white and dark blue. The silver and white overall adopts a combination of gray and white tones. The dark blue version is relatively brighter. The body is blue, and the keycaps are blue, gray and yellow. platter.

Judging from the keycap characters, Duga Hi Keys has also been optimized this time. For example, the two system keys ALT | CMD and CTRL | There is also good compatibility.

In addition, the edge of the keyboard is also designed with a bread-like curvature, which not only reserves corners, but also gives people a sense of rounded curvature. The power switch key, Bluetooth 1, Bluetooth 2, and 2.4G dual-mode wireless gear switching knobs are all made of electroplated silver, with a good texture. The ESC key is also slightly decorated, giving people a unique feeling of custom keycaps.

From the back, in order to increase the comfort of the keyboard, the design of the foldable feet is still retained, and the pitch angle can be adjusted in two directions. As for the 2.4G wireless receiver, this time it is stored in the upper right corner of the back of the keyboard through the magnetic cover. If you take the keyboard out for use, you don’t have to worry about the small receiver being easily lost if you carry it alone.

As for the design style of the back, this time it is more individual, and the huge DURGOD yin consciousness carving is also very recognizable.

As for the type-C charging port, it adopts a design directly centered on the top side of the keyboard, which is also more direct. In addition, there are some decorative printing elements on the outside, which not only improve the recognition of the keyboard, but also make the overall look more style.

As for the key column, Dujia Hi Keys adopts the current mainstream 84-key classic design without a numeric keypad, and is relatively small and more practical.

However, due to the specially designed keycaps, which are more like small square bread balls, the gap between the keys will appear to be a little larger than the ordinary 84 keys, but the overall keyboard size has not increased.

Of course, this is not a disadvantage, because firstly, a little distance is opened, and it is less likely to touch adjacent keys by mistake when typing quickly; secondly, the non-transparent keycap and the gap between the keys are larger and the backlight is larger. The effect boom is more pronounced. It is a little regrettable that currently, Durga Hi Keys only has a white light version, not an RGB version.

As for the key switch experience, Dujia Hi Keys is equipped with Kaihua domestic key switches, and there are linear mute red switches and paragraph brown switches for option. Personally, I prefer the essential oil of the tea switch, because the feel of the tea switch can make people experience the fun of the mechanical keyboard better. The sense of tapping and the slightly loud feeling will make typing as exciting as playing the piano. sense of rhythm.

The actual experience feels great. As for the keycap, this time it is not a two-color PBT frosted keycap, but a sublimation process is used on the PBT material to increase the moistness of the product.

The surface of the sublimation keycap is very smooth, which is better than the matte texture. The disadvantage is that the characters cannot be permanently smoothed, but relatively speaking, the quality of the sublimation keycap is also trustworthy. It should be used for three to five years. What a big deal.

In addition, from the perspective of accessories, the wireless dual-mode mechanical keyboard of Dujia Hi Keys is different from the previous product design concept. It neither has a key sender nor a hot-swappable shaft design that is currently customized. It seems that this time it is a return to basics and a better understanding of the voices of most users. Because there are many office-going friends around me who use mechanical keyboards for office work, they don’t actually play with the keyboard to change keycaps or switches, and they mainly buy it once and for all.

As for the battery life, we are concerned, the current wireless keyboard charges fast, and the battery life is very impressive. Durga Hi Keys is rated to be fully charged in 3.5 hours, and the battery life can last up to 9 months with the backlight turned on, and up to one year without the backlight turned on, so it can be said that charging once or twice a year is enough.

In short, if you want a slightly neutral and warm mechanical keyboard, Dujia Hi Keys is not bad, not only good-looking, but also very easy to use!

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