A desktop for college students keen on value for money

In fact, I never thought that I could have such a comfortable desktop at first, things are added slowly Because there is not so much money at one time

For example, electric toothbrushes and screen hanging lamps are bought after seeing a good price. It feels like a trap of consumerism hahahahaha

But the hanging lamp is really elegant

Let me briefly talk about my desktop first, because the price is here, so I can’t hide the wires well, and the location of the school’s sockets is a bit unreasonable, so I can only try to make them all in one place, which is also reasonable Tie the cords together as much as possible rough and simple

On the left is the item storage place, some commonly used medicines, throat lozenges are put together, as well as my laptop hard drive and adapter, my daily razor and toothbrush It's the first time I use the electric motor, the vibration is so powerful, the sound is so loud, but it's really clean

The middle part is the main entertainment area, a small speaker that may be used, but in fact has always been dusty, a mechanical keyboard, and a mouse, all of which were purchased at the lowest possible price. Hahaha, they are all listed here. The price, in fact, every time you buy something of great value at a low price, you will be very happy.

However, the paint on the mouse is seriously peeling off now, so it is estimated that it needs to be replaced. It's going to cost money again, why can't I keep my money?

On the right are some small ornaments, which have similar functions to the left, and I still have my small earphones~w820nb, the experience is still very good, only more than 200

The drawer below holds my notebook. I usually only use it for going out and editing videos. After all, I am used to Apple’s fcpx, and the efficiency of video editing is really high [Sweating Funny][Sweating Funny][Sweating Funny] Apple Computer's productivity is really hammered, it is to cut videos

In the last semester, I was still an Apple family bucket, mobile phone, tablet, watch, computer, but I really can’t stand the bad experience of the entry-level fruit phone

I'm using Guo 12, it's hot, the battery life is poor, and the local language doesn't work

So resolutely, sold all (except the computer), and now k40, buds3, millet bracelet 7nfc transition first

Wait until Double Eleven, but it’s basically Redmi’s k50u, MIUI is still ok

I originally had a switch and a backup machine, but the frequency of use is too low, so I just sold it today

about my computer, 10400f+1063

It was equipped in March this year, and it cost about 4500. The ASUS board and 600w power supply were a bit more expensive. The 1064 was bought at 950 at the time, and the price was too expensive. The other prices were purchased from Xianyu and pdd. There was no activity at that time, and now I feel that the purchase is a bit expensive. I used a lot of Jingdou, but buying early and enjoying it can also comfort myself

But what is uncomfortable is that after the configuration, there will be a 12th generation itx board, which is more cost-effective, and the 12th generation i3 is too strong

In fact, what do you think of my thinking? As a college student, although I have a little income, in fact, most of it still depends on the living expenses of my family, so I always hope to spend less and save more, but because I like digital, So hope to have a colorful experience. 

I just have no money, mainly

The key is the sense of accomplishment from saving money. This feeling of saving money for one or two yuan is actually very fulfilling, but in fact, I didn’t save a lot of money. After all, I usually spend money lavishly. It’s a weird phenomenon to plan carefully and be sensitive to numbers on the Internet, but in reality, it’s a big money hahahaha~

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