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A Gasket structure keyboard with color and material——Dareu A81 review

Mechanical keyboards are very popular peripheral products now. Sometimes when I look online, I feel that everyone has started to use mechanical keyboards, and the major manufacturers are also very popular now. Dareu is the main peripheral brand of e-sports equipment. After some good peripheral products, Dareu has launched a brand new 75 series Gasket three-mode mechanical keyboard - A81.

The packaging of the A81 keyboard is very trendy, with a silver reflective packaging box. If you have seen the photos of the A81 keyboard on the Internet, you may not be able to imagine that this packaging box is actually like this. There will be a switch label on the front. The switch I use inside this keyboard is a purple gold switch.

All the accessories include an A81 keyboard, 2-in-1 key puller, data cable, plastic dust cover and supplementary keycaps.

The A81 keyboard has two colors of white blue and purple gold. I have white blue, the kit is white, and the keycap is white with light blue-green. It is very small and fresh. The top of the keyboard also has a decorative strip of the same color as the keycap. It matches the keycaps very well. The other keyboard is a purple-gold color scheme, which is brighter and more impactful. The data interface of the keyboard and the win/mac switch are also on the top.

On the upper left side is the mode switching lever. This lever is a bit special. Most of the mode switching levers use hidden levers or knobs, and Dareu A81 adopts an L-shaped style. There is a The edge can be seen on the front of the keyboard, but there is no icon of the current mode on the front. If you want to confirm, you have to look at the side of the keyboard. It will be more convenient to add a mode identification icon on the front of the keyboard.

The 2.4G receiver of the keyboard is placed on the right side of the keyboard, and the receiver is flush with the keyboard. This design is very comfortable.

The name of the A81 keyboard is named after the keys. The 81 keys are actually a 75-arrangement, which is the most common arrangement now. Compared with the full-key position, the keyboard number area and infrequently used function keys are omitted, so that The size of the keyboard is reduced, there is more desktop space, and the commonly used function keys such as PgUp and PgDn are also available. However, the A81 keyboard does not have a knob in the upper right corner like other 75 configurations. Instead, Insert and Del are set in the upper right corner. The arrow keys do not use a misplaced design. Next to it, it is well integrated with the overall keyboard style, and there are icons to explain the function next to the indicator light.

The design of the back of the keyboard is still very distinctive, and few non-aluminum finished keyboards will design the back. Dareu A81 uses a polished method on the bottom case, with 75% of the design text and lines on the top, and 75% of the Keyboard text on the bottom, which is very beautiful. Because the Dareu A81 adopts a trapezoidal design, there is no foot support at the bottom, and there are only non-slip foot pads at the four corners. If there is a foot support, the bottom design cannot be a whole.

As far as the appearance is concerned, Dareu A81 has a good texture. It can be seen from the appearance that the materials and workmanship details are very good. The PBT keycaps also feel very good. I personally think that the color matching is quite fresh, and the comfort with low saturation is very good.

After talking about the appearance, let's take a look at the internal configuration of the performance. The main shafts used by Dareu now include purple gold shaft and sky shaft. Among them, the purple gold shaft is a paragraph shaft. The trigger force of this shaft body is about 45g, and the stroke is 2.1mm. It is a tea shaft as a whole. There is a sense of pressure when pressing, which is easier to perceive than the linear axis, because I used the linear axis before and rarely used the paragraph axis. This purple gold axis can feel the pressing feeling of the paragraph axis, but the sound is close to Linear axis, very interesting. It is worth mentioning that the purple gold axis is so beautiful.

Now the adjustment of the satellite axis is where many keyboard manufacturers work hard. The satellite axis used by Dareu A81 is also purple and gold in color, which is very distinctive. And the adjustment is in place, the space bar is very stable, the consistency of the sound is also very good, and the feel is great.

The PCB board also supports 5-pin shafts, which can be well compatible with various shafts. The RGB backlight is on the top, and the white silicone filling inside can be seen from the transparent PC positioning board.

The Dareu A81 uses a Gasket structure, which is fixed with a silicone sleeve, which can better ensure that the position does not shift. At the same time, two kinds of sound-absorbing materials, Poron cotton and silicone, are used at the bottom, which is rare, but the sound-absorbing effect is indeed very good.

Nowadays, many keyboards support three-mode connection, and Dareu A81 is no exception. I may use different devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones for my daily work and study. Two keyboards can be used at the same time, which is what I really like about Bluetooth-connected keyboards. Dareu A81 switching speed is fast, responsive, don't worry about the matching problem.

However, many friends who play games may be a little worried about the wireless keyboard. They are afraid that the game operation will not follow the high delay. A81 keyboard does not need to worry about this problem. The daily typing does not feel any delay, and the performance in the game is also very good. It is practical The Bluetooth connection delay may be a bit high, but with a 2.4g connection, the delay is almost negligible.

Dareu A81's typing feel is very comfortable, the pressure of 45g is relatively moderate, suitable for daily use of office games, and the sound of the keys is also very pleasant, the sound of the space bar is a bit like a stone sound. The sound of typing other characters is a bit dull overall. Although it is not a popular sound like mahjong sound or stone sound, I personally think it is still very listenable, and the sound is concentrated and not scattered. And the internal filling is very substantial, without any cavity sound and noise.

In the past few days of using Dareu A81, you can feel Dareu's intentions on the product. The price of less than 500 yuan can give you Gasket structure, three-mode connection, backlight RGB, and internal filling full of materials. It can be said that the configuration is full. After all, the 75 series at this price, the competition is quite fierce, but I think the overall quality performance of Dareu A81 is very good. No matter in terms of function, or internal configuration, workmanship and materials are very qualified. Not inferior to higher-priced products, but also better quality and more cost-effective than low-priced products. It is a pity that this keyboard only has two colors, which feels a little less, and I hope that more colors can be made. If there are Lakers fans, I personally recommend the purple gold keyboard. The Lakers color scheme is very eye-catching and handsome.

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